My Dreams - #1

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My Dreams - #1

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My cage is removed and we are lying side by side. I am running my hands all over my wife and she is masturbating me. Rubbing my balls, stroking my cock, teasing, then slow, then fast, then something else. I'm thinking it's been forever and this is all so wonderful.

And she's talking to me telling me that she has not decided if I get to orgasm. She asks me if I want to and I tell her more than anything. She keeps teasing me with touching and what she says and I keep telling her how good it feels and to please let me cum.

She has me tell here how close it is and I tell her ongoing exactly where I'm at as she keeps reminding me she hasn't decided yet. And then when I tell her I'm about to cum - SHE STOPS! She uses her hands to hold my waist away from her so I can't even rub my cock against her. It is sitting free touching nothing one stroke away from cumming.

I'm staring at her and begging her to cum. She strokes my hair, tells me she loves me. She tells me to focus on the love, on our love for each other. To let go of the lust and focus on the love. She holds my head against her breasts, strokes my hair, and helps me calm down.

Once I've fully calmed down we're talking and she starts talking about locking me up again and wondering how many weeks we should wait. As she talks she starts fondling me again. She's talking about putting me back in the cage with no sex, no orgasm, and waiting weeks for another chance. And all that time her hands are getting me harder and harder.

She once again takes me up to the edge and the entire time is talking about how she might let me cum this time, but might not. She tells me I need to beg if I want to cum. So I beg and beg as she continues to tease. And again just at the last moment, SHE STOPS.

It is so intense this time that I start to cry. She holds me tight and tells me that she loves me. She tells me to let it out as I continue to cry.

Once I settle down she looks at me and says that my reaction is one of the most intense sexual experiences she has ever had. And she then asks if we can do this one more time - my choice. That I will not get to cum but it will make her happy.

It takes me a couple of seconds to work up the courage but then agree. She then starts fondling me again while whispering that I won't be allowed to cum. That I'm going to the edge and then back in the cage. And she then tells me to beg to cum.

I'm pleading and begging her to let me cum. I have tears dripping from my eyes and she licks them up. We are both telling the other how much we love each other.

I then tell her directly I'm about to cum. I let her know she needs to stop - and she does. I collapse in her arms and am sobbing, my entire body shaking. My mind is a million emotions of love for her, interrupted lust, the most intense sex we have ever had, and the depths of love she shows by doing something that is both so hard for me and so intensely arousing.

Once we wind down, she locks me back in my cage and tells me it will be at least 2 weeks until I'm let out again. She asks me if I'm ok with that and I reply "yes - I love you."

What does this mean?
First off, I think this would be among the ultimate tease & denial sessions. So for me it would be emotionally intense, very frustrating, incredibly arousing, and in total amazing.

But for my wife, I'm not sure she could do it. Denying me to the point of tears, where I am begging to cum - I think she would then let me orgasm. If she could do this and enjoyed it enough to do something similar in the future, then I think she will have made the leap to using chastity & denial to maximum effect.
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Re: My Dreams - #1

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Very poetic and evocative!
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