Chastity Anniversary Surprise Part III

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Chastity Anniversary Surprise Part III

Post by carolina cyclist » Mon Sep 14, 2015 6:34 pm

Adam was lost in his music. As he was standing there unable to move he went through a full range of thoughts and emotions.

What does my Princess have in mind?

Who has she invited?

What will she let happen if someone asks to play with the Steelheart?

During this time, he also thought of the many times he had enjoyed sucking on her toes and that evening last fall when she took him completely by surprise when she asked him if he thought he was sucking another man’s cock. Even though Becca had told him hundreds of times that he was the only person who would ever “make LOVE” to her...he secretly hoped she would come to the realization that having sex with another man would be just that…having sex. He also thought about how incredibly powerful it would be if Becca forced him to have sex with another man! Again his thoughts roamed and his cock desperately tried to escape the Steelheart:

Did she invite women with their husbands or dates?

Did she find that one man she was willing to bring home?

Suddenly the pressure changed in the closet and Adam hoped it was time to get out. He felt a hand caress his chest and tweak his nipples and knew it was his wonderful Princess. The music went away first and only the headphones were removed. Becca moved up and whispered in his ear. “I know this collar will make it difficult but shake your head yes or no to each question.”

“You are my LOVE and I never want to do anything that will jeopardize our LOVE, right?” Adam nodded a yes.

“You know I said I will NEVER share you with another woman, right?” Again, Adam nodded yes.

“Do you want to know what is going to happen for the rest of the evening?” Adam nodded yes multiple times.

“If there is only one guest in the family room and it is a man, are you okay with it?” There was no hesitation to the nodding yes.

“You know that I would not have anyone in our house that was not able to prove he is a good man, is clean, agreed to treat you with respect as my husband, and is only interested in sex, right?” Yes, Adam shook his head again. Becca had read through some cuckolding stories online and was definitely not looking for that type of interaction. She simply wanted to have sex with another man and see just how far Adam was willing to go with this fantasy of his.

“Good, you may get to live out another one of your fantasies tonight, if we all agree. Either way, I will have sex with Dylan tonight. Are you going to be okay if that happens?” Not only did Adam shake his head yes he also strained through the gag to say yes.

“Whether or not you get to actually suck on his cock, you do know that every time he cums tonight inside me or all over me you will be cleaning it up, right?” Again, a brief yes nod was given.

“Great, you know that I will reward you beyond your wildest dreams after he leaves?” She did not wait for the answer and walked out of the closet.

Dylan had set patiently in the family room but had taken it upon himself to strip naked. Becca was a bit startled by his actions but couldn’t help but smile. He was stroking his cock, which was slightly thicker than she thought and was every bit of 8” long. She was not sure she could handle all of it but was willing to try.
Becca looked at Dylan and smile as she slid out of her mini skirt and removed her blouse…leaving on her bra and panties.

“I hope you don’t mind…I made myself comfortable? I hope I don’t need to get dressed and head home.

“No, you do not need to get dressed…things went much better than I expected with Adam. He knows your name. He knows that, at a minimum, you and I are going to have sex. And he knows my expectations of cleaning up any cum that leaves your body. Should we have a little alone time first?”

Becca walked over and sat down in her favorite position on the love seat and motioned for Dylan to stand in front of her. As she stared at his raging erection and looked him up and down her entire body quivered with excitement and she felt a surge of her juices through her panties. Becca reached out and let her lips slide over the head of Dylan's manhood.

Dylan thought he remembered how much more pleasurable having a woman suck his cock was but he couldn’t believe how much more exciting the feeling was in his cock. He knew he could last for hours and had purposely not had an orgasm for the last 3 weeks. He wanted to make sure both Becca and Adam got all they wanted.

After several minutes of Becca working on his cock, “I told you I can go all night. If you want Adam to experience his first taste of another man’s cum…let’s get him out here. Now that I am hard, it will last quite awhile. I guess I am blessed in that regard. I promise, you are going to have multiple body rocking orgasms tonight…most of them from me!”

Becca stood up and said, okay. She went over to her mini skirt, reached in the pocket, and tossed the keys to Dylan.

“Are you going to let Adam out of his chastity cage tonight for me to play with?”

“Maybe later. I don't want him distracted. By the way, I am going to hold you to your promise of multiple orgasms...AND... if you let me down…I may just lock up your COCK!” a devilishly evil smile on her face.

Dylan’s eyes went wide and a grin flashed across his face. He knew she was both playing and serious at the same time. The thought of being submissive to a woman was his fantasy and if this went well, Becca would have a second key to hold after tonight.

“Why do I believe you would do just that? I knew you were a true Domme at heart!” With that, Dylan turned and headed for the closet.

Adam’s mind had been racing since Becca left him again. She had left the earphones off so he could hear everything that was happening out in the family room and knew this Dylan was going to be entering the closet to get him any second. He then felt a huge hand grab his balls and squeeze.

“Your Princess is a wonderful woman. I am a bi-sexual man who simply wants to have a great time with her and maybe you. We are all going to have fun tonight. I am here to fuck your wife because she wants it as much as you want it. I am also here to play with you and fuck you as well! Do you understand?”

Adam muttered a yes through his gag and shook his head as much as his locked collar allowed.

“Great, when I unlock you completely you will do as you are told, understand?”

Dylan began by unlocking Adam’s feet from the spreader bar, then his hands, removed the gag, and finally unhooked the collar from the hook on the shelf. He left the collar and blindfold on for the time being. Dylan grabbed the Steelheart and simply said, “Walk”.

He led Adam out to the family room and asked, “Are we playing down here or somewhere else?”

“I prepared the guest room for us. No offense but I don’t want you in the bed I share with Adam.”

“No offense taken…lead the way.”

Becca sauntered in front of Dylan shaking her beautiful ass in his face as she walked up the steps in front of him. She used the guest bedroom as her playroom and it was fully stocked with clamps, ropes, bondage restraints, dildos (which probably would not be used tonight), and many other fun toys. Once they made it into the room, Dylan asked:

“So, are we going to continue where WE were or…”

Becca was way ahead of him. She grabbed Adam’s collar and moved him to the corner of the room.

“Kneel down here and enjoy what you are about to hear…I will let you see what is happening the second or third time…or maybe never… Oh by the way, even though you are still locked up...YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO CUM! Do you understand?” Yes Adam whimpered.

Adam knelt down his cock throbbing in its metal prison and his mind racing. The thoughts of Dylan having sex with Becca and her enjoying it were making the Steelheart really bite into his balls.

Becca turned her attention to Dylan by stroking his cock, “I want this to be fun and exciting but I am not much into being fucked in a rough manner. You can work that monster in to me slowly or not at all.”

“Of course, I want you to enjoy this…not be in pain. We will take this slow and easy but I promise you will have multiple orgasms before I have one!” With that he removed her bra, pushed her down on the bed, and slid her wet panties off.

“Open up” he said as he walked toward the corner of the room and Adam knew instinctually he was talking to him so he opened his mouth. “You can enjoy this while I enjoy your Princess.” Dylan stuffed Becca's soaked panties in Adam's mouth...gently tapping his chin to force it shut.

Becca had opened her legs and was swirling a finger around each nipple. Her mind was racing as Dylan walked back over to the bed.

Dylan first kissed Becca’s lips then let his mouth and tongue work their way down to her breast. He first nuzzled one nipple alternating between gentle bites and flicking it with his tongue the moved to the other. He had long since forgotten how wonderful a woman’s nipples were to suck on and he almost lost himself to his desire to admit he wanted to be Becca's submissive. After sucking on her nipples for a few minutes, he moved the head of his cock to the lips of Becca’s throbbing pussy.

“Please fuck me, Dylan. Becca said breathlessly.

“We are getting there.”

Adam’s heart was racing. He knew that within minutes Becca would have another man’s cock inside her. He was nervous, excited, and just about to have an orgasm inside his Steelheart. He took a few deep breaths to help stay focused.

Dylan started by gently slipping his pre cum soaked head just inside Becca. He felt her tense up just a bit and simply whispered…relax. Slowly he went deeper.

“Ohhhh…” Becca moaned and was surprised by the fact that she felt her body beginning to pulse deep in her groin and knew what that meant. Dylan continued sliding his cock inside her as she let waves of pleasure rage through her body with a massive orgasm. “Oh my god….that has never happened that quickly!”

Dylan could feel Becca’s vaginal muscles begin to contract and knew what that meant. All he did was continue letting his body weight push his cock deep inside her. As he got his manhood inside her fully he felt her muscles grab his cock and start pulsing. “That is number one, Adam…did you like listening to that?”

All Adam could do was smile through his gag and shake his head.

Dylan started a slow, gentle, and rhythmic flow in and out of Becca's pussy. It was incredibly warm, wet, and very pleasingly tight. It had been a long time since he felt anything as tight around his cock. Within a few minutes, Becca was having yet another orgasm. “Damn…that is incredible!” She screamed.
“Cum inside me now” she demanded surprised at how quickly her dominant side had come out.

Dylan increased his pace and was quickly depositing massive amount of cum deep inside Becca. His cock pulsed 5 or 6 times each one forcing more cum into her. As he pulled out of her, his cock still a rigid as a steel post: “Put your hand over it…you don’t want to lose any or deprive Adam.”

Dylan stood up and went to the corner. “Shall we let him see what he is getting?”

“Absolutely…take off everything except his cage right now.” Becca said trying desperately to keep all of Dylan’s cum inside her.

Dylan removed the collar, the blindfold, and then the hood. Adam was shocked at what was staring him in the face. “You have some cleaning up to do” with that Dylan put a finger under Adam’s chin, pulled the panties out of his mouth, and guided him to Becca’s still pulsing cum filled cunt. “Start right here.”

Adam could smell Becca’s cum mingled in with Dylan’s He had learned to love the taste of his own cum but wasn’t sure about eating another man’s

“What are you waiting on, my Love” Becca said. “I know this is something you have fantasized about for some time... so it is time to make fantasy reality!”

Adam closed his eyes and placed his tongue on Becca’s rosebud. The scent and taste was overwhelmingly more powerful than he ever imagined. He slowly licked the entire length of Becca’s swollen labia swallowing often. “It seems like you are enjoying this, my Love.”

Adam simply grunted yes as he continued letting his tongue dive deep inside Becca’s overflowing pussy. When she was satisfied she was clean, and after having two more orgasms from Adam’s intense cleaning, she looked up and saw Dylan patiently waiting beside the bed. His enormous dick still glistening with their combined juices.

“Now, be a good husband and take care of our guest.”

Adam turned on the bed and found himself staring at 8” of cock. He opened his mouth and slowly started licking cum off the head.

“That’s it, Adam. Lick every bit of Becca’s juices and my cum off of my cock. Make sure it is clean…your cute little ass is next.

As he was directing Adam’s head back toward Becca’s groin when he was satisfied he was clean, “Do you have any lube in here? I can’t resist this ass much longer…if you say it is okay.” Dylan asked.

“In the drawer right there” Becca said pointing to the night stand. Adam was already licking her again and she was rapidly approaching another orgasm. “You can do whatever you want except take off his cage right now.” Adam whimpered but continued licking.

Dylan found the lube he wanted, lathered his cock in it and took his slickened hand and started working one finger in Adam’s ass. One quickly became two. Two became four and then his entire fist slid into Adam. “Are you sure you want this, Adam? Don’t stop what you are doing. Your Princess should have 3 or 4 more orgasms before I am done here, understand?”

“Yes, please” Adam said while continuing to lick Becca’s wonderful snatch...still oozing cum.

Dylan removed his hand and placed the head of his cock against Adam’s hole. Again, as with Becca, he started out slowly and gently. He had not seen any dildos yet and wasn’t sure if they played with anything as big as his cock. After a few strokes, Dylan looked at Becca and smiled. She was looking down at Adam then back up to Dylan with a broad smile on her face. “How hard can I go with him?”

Aggravated that Dylan asked, “I have already told you, do whatever you want with him. Do you not listen either?” Dylan smiled. He knew he would be her sub before the night was over and then drove all 8” into Adam’s ass.
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