Lecithin and Pygeum Unreal !

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Lecithin and Pygeum Unreal !

Post by LeakingAlways » Fri Aug 28, 2015 10:15 am

So my wife put me on two Herbal Supplements Pygeum twice daily and Super Lecithin 4 pills per day. I had no idea what they were for but after about 2 weeks of taking them my cock started dripping pre cum like a garden hose. I mean its unreal ! Both of these combined stimulates the production of pre cum and the volume of cum.

The other day my wife put two clear plastic pieces of tape over my cock hole. She then locked me back up into my Chastity device. She added 5 rings to my balls stretching them far away from my body. Next she put me in front of the computer and made me watch 3 scenes of guys with huge cocks getting blowjobs. I could feel pressure in my cock but I just ignored it. After about 30 minutes of watching some XXX movies she made me lick her pussy what seemed like 30 or 40 minutes. When she was done she came back and took my chastity device off. You could see my cock hole was dilated very large . She placed a clear bottle right by my cock hole and pulled the clear tape off. It was unreal Pre cum cam running out of my cock like you couldn't believe. It was easily enough to fill fill 1 large Tablespoon. She collected the pre cum and repeated this for 3 days. By the end of the 3rd day I had completely filled a small 1 Oz bottle of clear sticky pre cum.
Image The end of the 2nd day

On the 4th day it was Friday and I had the worst case of Blue Balls you can ever imagine. My wife uses cock rings on my ball sack to stretch my balls out when this happens as it tends to ease the Blue Balls. However after non stop teasing and collecting precum I could feel my prostate full . That night my wife blind folded me and took my chastity device off. My balls were stretched to the hilt as they hung down low on my legs. They were completely full and I was beyond horny. My wife took the bottle of pre cum and dumped it in my mouth and told me to hold it but not to swallow. I could taste the wetness of my slippery pre cum and it took just about everything I had to keep from swallowing my slippery sweat mess. My wife had me on my knees and she was working a medium plug into my tight asshole. After about 15 minutes she had me spit my precum into a larger bottle. She then pulled the plug from my ass hole and while it was gapped she dumped the entire bottle of precum into my ass. She then proceed to work a huge 7 inch 2.5 inch thick butt plug into my asshole. She turned on the vibrator and I almost lost it.

Next my wife placed a rubber on my cock. The pre cum was oozing from my cock as I was made to lick her pussy for at least an hour. The rubber was filled with slick sticky pre jizz and I was beyond horny. My wife then proceeded to remove the large vibrating plug and work my prostate with a large curved wand. As she pressed it against my prostate I could feel cum work its way up my lubed urethra. After about 30 minutes I was completely drained and the rubber was filled with Pure white Cum and pre cum. It was truly a site to see. She took the rubber and emptied the contents into a large clear bottle. She took it away and I have no clue whats in store for me.... try the supplements its unreal what it does...
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Re: Lecithin and Pygeum Unreal !

Post by Mistress Elle » Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:23 pm

Have the supplements continued to produce the same results over time? Is it just the pre-cum that is increasing, or is the main load larger too? Thanks.
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