Chastity Mansion for Boys - The Model Citizen

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Chastity Mansion for Boys - The Model Citizen

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Plot : A boy (22) is trapped by a man and forced into becoming his slave boy. However the man doesn't allow the boy to wank and uses technology to keep him denied for the rest of his life. Soon after, the boy is made a "model" for other boys who are faced with government forced orgasm denial (of another country), if they fail to control their cocks they would send them to die in a orgasm filled yet painful death.

Tags : Permanent orgasm denial, Jeans fetish, Latex fetish, Sci-Fi, no underwear, helpless boys, forced orgasm denial, Male-Male, entombed.

Please tell me on how I should continue this. I'm thinking of writing it from a convict boys perspective. Anyhow remember that this is a fiction story (well most of it). You can send in your personal thoughts to

Dan was a worker at a food outlet, every morning he would wear his usual dress, which was tight jeans and the company shirt and sit at the drive in counter. Dan was just 22 years and was very attractive to girls who visited the food outlet. He was a really decent guy and didn’t have any pervert thoughts. He would dress neatly from his small age and had always worn underwear to keep decent. He would work with Jorden, Frank, Leyon and Jenny as the outlet was opened till 1AM. Most of the time it will be on shifts. Dan was not from around here so he was given sleeping quarters behind the shop. There was one room with bunk beds able to accommodate 8 people. Jenny was a girl so she was as per company policy was employed from the local area and went home after 8PM. Dan was every year given a transfer as this was company policy. He was due for a transfer next week. Dan had no family of his own so he was sort of a workaholic and didn’t mind the transfers.

The next week, Dan got the letter that he was transferred to a small town shop outside Toronto. The next day he packed his bags and got on the bus. Hours later in the evening he arrived at the new work place in the middle of a deserted highway. He was welcomed by the existing worker named Fred who showed him the bunk area. This was a certainly out of date shop which only had a drive through and apparently there was no toilet. The toilet Dan and Fred would use was located in the bunk room itself and didn’t have an exact wall; it was more of a blurred curtain. For Dan this was a jaw dropping issue because Dan would take his mobile into the toilet and watch porn and masturbate in the privacy of the toilet leaving the shower running to pretend that he is taking a long bath. This was how he would masturbate since he was small! Fred who noticed the face of Dan after seeing the curtain could understand what Dan was upset about and commented “Guess no more wanking in the shower eh?”. Dan replied “No shit, where do we change?”, “In here I guess” replied Fred.

Things only kept getting worse for Dan. Since the shop was far beyond outdated and that there was no dining area there was another issue, no WiFi access! He looked at his phone and found that there was only GSM coverage in the area and that meant really slow web browsing and in short meant no more porn access! Dan was going crazy as he sat on the bed and noticed that there were two beds in the room and they were not bunked. This meant there was less privacy when he slept. Fred who was filling up an order poked his face into the room and saw Dan’s face like he was about to cry. “Want to help out here?” said Fred. Dan got to work. At 1AM the shop closed. Fred who showed little shyness came into the room were Dan was seen seated and started to undress himself in front of Dan. “Don’t mind?” asked Fred, “No” replied Dan. Dan however noticed that as he took down his tight jeans Fred didn’t have anything underneath. On top of that Fred was hard under his jeans and had his enormous cock just pop out, Dan noticed that he had huge balls. Fred noticed that Dan was quite shocked to see his cock and balls, “Don’t get shocked, this is because I hate masturbation” told Fred as he got inside the toilet area. Through the entire shower Dan could see Fred’s throbbing cock through the blurred curtain as he continued to wash without care for it.

Fred returned outside and asked “How old are you mate?”, “22” replied Dan. “Ahh, I’m 26, you going to take a wash?”. “Yea” replied Dan as he got up. He covered himself with a towel before getting rid of his jeans and underwear. “Shy I see” commented Fred. Dan smiled and got into the shower. As soon as he was in, he removed his towel. Dan’s boy cock sprang to life and came to full erection within seconds. Dan was unable to do anything. Dan could see Fred was outside looking at him. “Hey dude can you just go out of the room and close the door? I need some privacy here please” asked Dan, Fred asked “Why mate? Coz you need to beat off? Eh?”, “Yea sort of” replied Dan. Fred got up and instead of leaving outside, he came towards the curtain and barged right through it and grabbed Dan by his hair, “Listen mate, here after, you will not masturbate! Got that?”, Dan said “Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do!”. Fred just tackled the naked boy onto the floor “Or I fucking break your neck boy, how’s that?”, Dan said “You fucking retard, you can’t tell me shit. Get the fuck off me, pervert”. “Oh really?” said Fred and in an instant he took a pair of hand cuffs and secured it to Dan’s wrist and lifted the over powered boy up and cuffed the other end to a pipe running across in the middle of the toilet area, and in the next second took another pair and did the same to his other hand.

In a moment, Dan was over powered and secured standing with his hands above his head. Dan started to scream and shout foul words at Fred and struggled to get free. The railing pipe was strong and was embedded into the concrete; there was no way to break free. Fred pulled out a suit case from under his bed and got out a ball gag and a gas mask. With little effort he installed the gag to the idiotically screaming boy who had no idea what it was. He then installed the gas mask which effectively silenced Dan to the sound of a whisper. Dan screamed “You retard, let me fucking go” but nothing was heard. Dan noticed that he cannot be heard and after around an hour of struggling gave up. His cock was limp in fear. He stood their helpless as Fred continued to adore his victim.

“Here is the news mate, if you fucking don’t do what I say, you will spend the rest of your days like this, you are now my little slave boy, get it?” as Fred said this Dan started to wine, “Listen to me you worthless boy” as Fred grabbed Dan by his hair. “I don’t fucking care if you die, but until you accept your fate, you will remain here like this, every morning I will ask you if you are ready to accept your fate, if you accept me as your master nod yes, if you don’t answer me, I won’t accept your nods till the next morning. Got that?” Dan didn’t nod anything. Dan was furious. Dan new that no one would look for him, Fred left Dan and kept the curtain open, he found Dan’s mobile and took it out of the room. Fred returned with a pan of melted plastic “Oops! There goes your porn collection!” laughed Fred. Dan remember the gigabytes of porn he had downloaded! Some from paid services! For a moment Dan actually sobbed. Fred laughed and got into bed wearing only his tight jeans.

The next morning, Fred asked the hanging boy who had peed himself the question “Do you accept your fate?” Dan looked up and started struggling. Fred also noticed that Dan was hard and his cock throbbed. Fred came into the toilet area and stroked the boys cock twice, “Too bad! You can’t do anything about it”. With that Fred undressed himself and took a shit and a shower. Smiled and got dressed with his cock throbbing inside his jeans looking at the helpless Dan. Dan stood there unable to do anything, he was so helpless, He wanted to drink water, but there was nothing and he knew Fred wasn’t going to give him anything. But Dan was stubborn so he held on, his arms hurt, he was in pain. Fred came from time to time, he would stroke Dan or fondle is non-erect dick. At night Fred came and washed up, saw Dan was throbbing again so bought the boy to the edge but ensured he wasn’t to cum. Dan was now dehydrated. He had to save his life, and started to accept his fate and started nodding, but Fred had warned him, so Dan had to stay till the morning. Fred got up to find Dan no longer standing, but hanging on the hand cuffs. He slowly lifted the boys head and immediately the boy started nodding “Yes”. Dan was devastated, he couldn’t move at all. Fred removed the boys mask, un-cuffed him and led him to the bed, he then used four sets of hand cuffs to ensure he was secured to the bed on all four sides. Fred gave small amounts of water and small amounts of food and re-hydrated him. By the evening Dan was feeling ok and didn’t make a sound and laid naked on the bed and had fallen asleep. Fred woke him, Dan could feel something around his cock and balls.

Dan looked down in confusion raising his head. Fred started to explain “That device you have around your cock and balls is a special gadget that is suppose to detect orgasms and prevent orgasms, if you step out one meter from this building it will start injecting a drug that will kill you instantly, only I can let you cum via this remote”. Dan looked at Fred in shock speechless “Oh I haven’t got to the best part yet” continued Fred “The device will keep edging you without stop, and will keep your on the edge of orgasm 24x7.”. Dan started to talk “Please, man, please let me go, I won’t tell the cops”, Fred objected, “Raise any question or beg to let you go and I will put you back to that” pointed to the pipe in the toilet area, just then the device activated to edge him and the horny boy was in moments at the edge of orgasm. He couldn’t believe, he was at the very edge but he couldn’t cum. Then Fred continued “I have already injected you with a special drug that will stop precum, and also it will make sure your ejaculation fluid and semen will be stopped from being reabsorbed into your body, so your balls will become huge by the day and so will your urge to cum, until the day you cum… that will be never. But don’t worry, your semen walls and nuts are changed to be like elastic by the drug, so they won’t explode.”

Fred removed the cuffs and Dan was ordered to take a shit and clean up. At the toilet, Fred observed the boy trying to beat off his throbbing dick! Fred laughed and left. Few minutes later Dan waited on the bed as his clothes were missing. Fred handed Dan a pair of really tight jeans and a company shirt. “No underwear?” asked Dan, “For what?” replied Fred. Dan struggled to button the jeans but they were just too tight. His cock throbbed away as his balls got noticeably bigger. “Won’t fit eh?” asked Fred, “Yes” replied Dan. Fred came to the boy and pulled and pushed the jeans. Dan felt that the jeans enclosed into his ass crack as Fred squeezed the throbbing cock into his tight jeans and buttoned it. Dan immediately noticed the odd feeling of wearing tight jeans without underwear. With each throb of his cock Dan became even more horny and helpless. Dan was then asked to work in the shop. Dan started to prepare orders, he couldn’t help but twitch his hips in an effort to reach orgasm. But not even rubbing his boner through the jeans could send him over the edge. Dan could feel his balls expanding in the tightness of his jeans. Dan had to drink water but a small amount, but noticed that he didn’t feel hungry; actually, he had no appetite for anything. Dan remained confused and scared.

At the end of the shops opening Fred met Dan seated confused on the bed, and trying to get the jeans off, but he couldn’t. It was so tight. Fred laughed “Haha, can’t get it off? Haha, its permanent” Dan looked at Fred in utter confusion, Fred continued “The jeans are a special nano technology; it will never come off your body again, unless you want to rip your skin off, plus there is no way to disable it once it has activated.” It was true, Dan could feel that his pointed up cock was not moving anywhere inside the jeans and seemed to have left the cock free while the rest of the jeans had sort of glued itself to the crouch area and the rest of his body. Dan also noticed that his pubic hair seem to be missing even though it was there when he put the jeans on. Fred continued “It will use your pubic hair and skin waste to fuel itself. If you need to wash, you will have to do it with the jeans on your body. Did you notice the zipper is now missing?” asked Fred only then did Dan realize that the zipper has disappeared! Questions came up to Dan immediately, how was he going to pee or take a shit. Fred immediately started to explain “From now on you won’t need to take a shit or piss! Because I administered a nanotech injection that will ensure you kidney’s are kept healthy but disabled, so are your bowels. You will only need to take water and nutrition pills I give you. Apart from that your body will not accept anything else. The water you drink will be mostly utilized for cum fluid production!” Dan felt as if this was a dream, Fred was talking unreal things. Dan was not enjoying it at all but the device kept him on the edge of orgasm, Dan would pulse from time to time unable to bare the feeling for so long. Fred smiled at the boy. “Get washed up” said Fred. Dan removed his shirt and for the first time washed himself wearing his tight jeans. The jeans got wet but when Dan came out of the shower, he noticed that the jeans were dry. Fred smiled. Dan got onto the bed and tried to sleep. But the constant arousal meant he couldn’t sleep. His world was full of only one thought, the cum and the throbbing cock which needed to cum. At night Dan would feel thirsty, he would drink water and he would feel his balls expand. In the utter darkness, he would rub himself only to edge himself and contribute further to the expansion of the cum in his balls. He then noticed that even though the jeans were tight, it allowed the balls to expand and noticed the huge bulge in his jeans. Hours later, suddenly as Dan was busy trying to go over the edge rubbing his cock, someone jumped him on the bed and kept a cloth over his face. It smelled funny and within seconds Dan fell asleep.

Dan awoke, he couldn’t see anything, the first thing he felt was his urge to cum was extremely unimaginable. The first thing Dan did was start to rub his cock through his jeans. He could feel that something had been placed over his head, sort of like a hood or mask, it was heavy. There was a tube in his mouth. Dan couldn’t move his body, he was strapped to a wall standing except for his arms. His neck was secured! He wasn’t wearing a shirt; he couldn’t recollect whether he was still in a dream. Dan started to struggle, and instantly, Dan heard a beep sound, a robotic male voice said “Do not struggle, or you will be electrocuted”, Dan was wild, he didn’t care as Dan tried to get free and then suddenly, a huge surge of electricity entered his whole back and body, as if the entire wall electrocuted for nearly 10 seconds! Dan screamed. Then it stopped, the robotic male voice again said “Do not struggle, or you will be electrocuted”. Dan felt scared; he was in pain and moaned. Seconds later there was a huge click and Dan could see the outside. Dan was inside a huge hall, a classroom but huge. Dan looked around and found that he was in a large glass box. Dan looked down; he could see the massive bulge of his balls on the jeans. Then Dan saw Fred smiling at the poor and helpless boy, Dan screamed at Fred, for minutes but Fred just stared at him. Dan was inside a big glass box, strapped wearing only his tight jeans. The box was mounted on a 3 foot hall base. Fred came close and did something at the base. Then Dan started to hear the outside noise.

Fred then started to speak… Listen up boy, you are now permanently mounted inside a show case at the Chastity Mansion for Boys, you will serve as a model for the boys here who have been given over by the government for rehabilitation, they are 20-30 year old boys who failed the homosexual or pedophile tests conducted forcefully by the government or because the government caught the boy looking at internet porn via their “Great Firewall” logging system. They will not know of the chemicals and technology behind you apart from the nutrition pills. Classes will be held in front of you about you on how the boys should not cum and live a life in chastity without leaking a drop of cum, and live a life by only edging but not cumming. They will be trained daily and will be wearing skin tight normal jeans. They will look up to you and the other model boys for hope and assurance that it is possible to live a life without orgasm or leaking a drop of cum. You are free to rub yourself at anytime. Your ball bulge seen through your jeans will indicate how much cum you have. The mask tube will provide you all the water you need to get your balls huge and full of cum. So you would spend the rest of your life inside this box for the boys to see you live a life on the edge. There is no escape, no way out and you have no choice in the matter either. So just enjoy your urge to cum and enjoy the view of the boys who will look at you with their cocks throbbing in their skin tight jeans. The boys here will only leave this place the day they can keep their load inside for four years without leaking a drop in their skin tight jeans without underwear. Basically the boys are locked into the jeans and let out only for toilet breaks under supervision and their zipper is also locked. Even though they were injected medication to prevent precum so far none of them have left successfully trained not to cum, but you are their hope! That they CAN do it. Got it? And oh, these boys have three chances. Their shirts indicate their place. Boy’s that have never cum will be white, after a boy cums in his jeans for the first time, he will be sent into the milk room, the boy will be placed inside a chamber with his jeans, inside these chambers is a high-tech milking device that will make the boy cum and cum inside his jeans over and over again until the boy passes out, the boy will be kept hydrated so some boys even spend five days! The beauty of it is that once inside not even a staff member can stop it. So once the boy has passed out and hopefully wakes up again he will be dressed into a green shirt and sent back into the population. When the boy loses his load again, he will be sent into the same chamber but this time he will be electrocuted for every orgasm he has in the 24 hour period, each electrocution will be non-deadly but will last for 10 minutes. Once the boy is outside he would be given a yellow shirt. If the boy cums for the third time, he would be taken to a separate feed training chaimber where his jeans will be removed and a milking machine would milk the lad endlessly, he will be forced to eat his own cum, every drop of it, forcefully. The boy will also be kept hydrated to ensure he will not pass out from dehydration and to ensure his ejaculation quantity is enough to make him hate his orgasms, and it too will be done until he passes out. Finally before departure into the population with a red shirt, the boy is fitted with a permanently welded metal chastity cage. Finally if the boy cums again, it will be his last! Because upon the forth orgasm, the boy will be taken, and stripped out of his jeans, then a milking device will be implanted into the chastity cage. Then a pure latex suit will be dressed onto the boy covering his entire body and sealed. He will be placed and strapped completely into a small coffin sized glass box. This glass box will be placed into the middle of a large cement block mold, held centered by a small thin metal rod. Once the boy is awake, a quick drying cement and epoxy mixture will be filled while the boy will see it. A speaker inbuilt to his middle coffin would start to play repeatedly “Now you will die, because you couldn’t stop cumming. Now you will cum until you die, there is no escape, you will cum and cum till you die, hope your enjoyed your orgasm filled life, these will be your last, once the concrete sets, this block will be used for the building construction of your nation, so don’t worry you worthless cumming boy, this government has made value of you.”. There are sound proofed air holes on those blocks to the inner coffin, after the cement sets the timed milking device that has the battery life of 6 months will activate. The boy will live to orgasm and cum, until he grows weak without food or water, the device will electrocute him if it detects that the boy passed out and attempt to wake him for another orgasm. After which the boy would die, and the device would go into a constant electrocution, attempting to awake the boy, and would last several days depending on the battery level left. It is possible that the boy would actually feel his block being cemented onto a building before he takes his last breath as these blocks are in high demand. So Dan, you must give these boys hope. Nearly 19 hours of their lives, these boys are shown the video’s of the boys who suffer in those chambers and videos of boys who die in there cement blocks with audio. The entire class is about watching the screens and hearing the boys make their final words obtained via wireless transmitters in the side of the cement block connected to a camera and microphone inside. So I hope you spend the rest of your life well. And don’t even think of humanity Dan, all the staff here are high-tech robots who have little respect for humanity just like the rest of this government. As they say, it’s the only way to keep this big population under control. Oh, don’t worry your nutrition pills will be given through the tube automatically. With this, Fred left Dan.

Inside the glass box, Dan couldn’t believe what Fred said, this was like a very long bad dream. The words “Great firewall” meant he was far far away from home. Helplessly Dan started to sob. “Do not sob or you will be electrocuted” said the robotic voice and just then Dan was electrocuted. Dan stopped and looked at the view he will see for the rest of his life. But he was in such a need to cum, he wanted to rub himself, but he new there was no point. The device edged him. His cock throbbed. Whenever Dan felt thirsty, he would suck the tube inside the mask to drink water.

Hours later, the class started, about 1500 boys came into the view of Dan and sat down. Dan waved at the boys. He tried to talk but they couldn’t hear anything. There was no teacher for the class. The boys sat there watching the video on the huge flat LED screen that showed the suffering boys that could soon be them very soon. Dan could hear a boy screaming “Noooo” in the audio of the video picked up by the microphone. Dan looked up and on the roof area of his glass box, a screen showed a mirrored image of the classroom screen, in English there were subtitles! As the boy voiced his last words before passing out “NNNever cum, keeeep it all inssside, the fffeeelllling is not woorrrth it.” He could see that even with such danger ahead, some of the boys who have been holding their load inside for a long time seem to be throbbing in their jeans. Just then the human like staff robot open the room door and 100 more new white shirt boys were sent into the room, Dan knew they were new convicts. Several hours later a cute looking white shirt boy who had been touching himself under the desk, convulsed in his seat. In mere seconds the human like robots grabbed the lad and took him away. Dan could see the cum stain on the boys jeans. Dan began to wonder, what is to become of him, what can he do from inside a glass box to give hope to these boys?

Please tell me on how I should continue this. I'm thinking of writing it from a convict boys perspective. Anyhow remember that this is a fiction story (well most of it). You can send in your personal thoughts to
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