Fantasies About My Wife

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Fantasies About My Wife

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My "Caught Masturbating" Fantasy

It's late at night and I'm on the living room sofa, masturbating. My wife walks into the room and sharply glances over to me and sees what I'm doing. She walks swiftly into the kitchen and comes back out with a wooden spoon. She commands me to turn around and bend over the couch. As I rapidly begin to get situated I feel the first sharp sting. She begins to spank my ass with very little mercy, leaving my ass bright pink, the whole time, calmly but sternly verbally chastising me for daring to allow myself an orgasm not in her presence.

When the paddling subsides, she allows me to grovel on my knees before her, begging for her forgiveness. She orders me to my feet and walks into the bedroom. She comes back a moment later with a chastity device. She puts it on me, closing the lock and telling me that I will not be permitted an orgasm for the next two weeks. She continues, telling me that I WILL however be spending the next 14 nights providing her with at least two orgasms per night while I remain in chastity, only to be let out once every three nights for a tease and denial session.

She gives me her very sexy smile. "You can start now." She slides her panties down, lays back and spreads her legs apart. I eagerly lick her clit while I slide two of my fingers into her. I'm lost in that sweet intoxicating smell of her feminine region. I desperately bring her to a climax. She settles and after a few short moments, she orders me back in position for one more paddling. I waste no time assuming the position and she paddles me until her pussy swells again with arousal at her power over me.

She lays back and orders me back down. This time it takes longer and my tongue feels tired out but I don't dare stop because I know just as well as she does, that I belong to her and she has full and complete control over me. Her second orgasm is far more intense. I collapse as soon as I've delivered it to her. She gets down and hovers over me and whispers into my ear with the sweetest whisper tone: "Such a good boy. If you can do that 20 more times before the week is up, I'll take one day off of your sentence. Now you're coming to bed with me.

She quickly falls asleep and I try to take my mind off of her power over me as I lay next to her, desperate for release but it's no use. I bury my nose in her hair and heavily breathe in her pheromones until I feel an overwhelming tranquility, knowing that would do anything for my lady.

My Kitchen Slave Fantasy

I'm serving my chastity sentence. On the orders of my wife, I'm in the kitchen wearing nothing but my apron and my cock cage. She comes out from the other room, wearing her turquoise coat, her boots and nothing else. She tells me to wash and rinse my hands. As soon as I towel them dry she orders me down to my knees. I quickly acquiesce.

"Do you want to see what I have waiting for you under my coat?" She asks me in a calm tone. "Yes, please." My heart rate raises a little. She opens up the coat and displays her nicely trimmed pussy. I want to reach out and touch it so bad but I know such an audacious act would result in swift punishment. I stare eagerly but I wait patiently.

She smiles in acknowledgment of my good behavior. "Do you want to smell how nice it is?" "Yes, I want to, very much." I can feel my erection growing in my chastity device. The minor physical pain, as a reminder of her control over me only serves to further arouse and torment me.

In a voice denoting temporary leniency, she says "I suppose I could allow you to smell it. After all, you've been very good these past few days. Go ahead sweetie, get as close as you want but no touching." I lean in, still on my knees and I breathe in deeply. Her fragrance makes its way quickly into my consciousness and gets my heart beating even faster. I move my nose along the outskirts of her vagina and breathe in with more desperation yet.

"That really excites you, doesn't it sweetie?" I'm breathing heavy. "Yes. May I please taste it?" "Turn around and put your hands on the counter NOW" she says. As soon as I obey, I feel one sharp whack. "Sweetie," she says, "you know that begging is only permitted upon my orders. Now be good get your nose back in here."

After I breathe her in for a few minutes she bends down and whispers in my ear. "Oh sweet hubby, you really want to taste me don't you!" I respond without hesitation. "I would do anything to taste you right now." She smiles. "I know you would, sweetie. I think that I feel like letting you tonight. Go and lie down on the couch with your head toward the windows."

I quickly follow her command and she walks over in her boots and coat. She straddles my face and at first, only hovers. "OK hubby, you can go ahead and beg me now." I launch into the most sincere and desperate begging of my life and she lowers herself closer and closer to my mouth until my tongue finally makes contact.

At first, the surface of her pussy is dry but as I push my tongue into her, there's a big gushing wetness unleashed that's been building up. I quickly cover her labia and clitoris in these thick and sweet juices and lapping up the excess with much vigor. "Just look at you, sweetie. You just love this, don't you!"
"Mmm hmmph?"
"Are you my little pussy monster?"
"Mmm hmmmph?"
"You do such a good job, baby. Now I need you to hold your tongue out and stiffen it for me."
Llll hlll!!!
"Good boy."

She slides back and forth on my tongue like its a ride. She runs her hands through my hair a little roughly, messes it up and grabs and handful of it to hold onto and keeps sliding rhythmically back and forth. A good 5 or 10 minutes pass and my tongue is numb but I can tell by the increasing speed of her sliding that she is approaching orgasm. She presses her clitoris into my tongue as hard as she can and begins to moan and grind deeply. I suck firmly and steadily until she has made her way entirely through the orgasm.

"Good job, now stand up for me." I quickly stand up and realize much to my delight that she's reaching between her breasts for the key to my chastity device. I immediately feel my cock stir. She sits down on the edge of the couch and pulls me by the cage to be situated directly in front of her. She begins to direct the key to the lock and stops short.

"Now honey, you are still under punishment so I can't let you come but I really need to use your cock. If you feel like your going to come pull out and lick me until you're ready to come back inside and behave yourself. Are you going to be good?"

"Yes. I promise."

She smiles, slides the key into the lock and turns it. She removes the sheath and then the cock ring. My penis feels the rush of fresh air and springs to immediate attention. She lays back, spreads her legs and motions me over to her with her finger.

I position myself at her opening and slide myself in. I begin to move
slowly in and out. Looking down at her boots and thighs, I feel another rush of blood flow to my cock. I begin to fuck her with a little more speed and force. She begins to moan and offer me some verbal direction and encouragement.

"Mmmm. You're such a good boy. Just keep fucking me like that and you're going to make me come again." I focus my thrusts on her g-spot. I feel the heels of her boots digging into my sides and it further arouses me. Pretty soon I feel myself on the verge of orgasm so I slowly pull out and make my way down to her pussy. I lick, suck .'
and slurp in a frenzy with her grabbing me by the hair pulling my face into her.

"You need to get back inside me right fucking now! I quickly hoist myself into position and my cock easily slides it's way into her with very little resistance. No start fucking her at a medium velocity and speed, staying steady. Before long, she says: "I'm getting ready to come." At that point, I maintain my speed but double my velocity.

I feel her nails in my back and hear a beautiful moan come from her lips. I feel her pussy contracting and squirting. She becomes a sloppy wet mess and as baldly as I just want to keep on fucking her and fill her with my seed, I remember my place. I quickly withdrawal and go down on her once more, licking up all of her come.

She tells me to keep licking her until my erection has subsided. Once it has, I stop and let her know.

"OK, stand up." She snaps her fingers twice. I stand up and face her. She puts the chastity device back on my poor denied penis. "I know that if I left this off of you, you would certainly be bad and as soon as I went to bed you'd steal an orgasm. Don't forget, you agreed that your penis and your orgasms now belong entirely to me. You have at least another week before you are going to feel any release. A punishment is a punishment. I'm so proud of my hubby though. I know how bad you wanted to come and you did so well giving me pleasure without being sneaky and stealing some for yourself. When you're all done with your punishment, I'm looking forward to feeling you pump two weeks worth of your come into me."

She gives me a kiss and says "Thank you my wonderful hubby. I'm going to bed. Write a good song for me and don't stay up too late!

My Tease and Denial Fantasy

I am now 8 days into my chastity sentence and my penis is regularly fighting to burst out of my cage. I am finishing up nightly kitchen chores naked, aside from a rather humiliating new apron that my wife bought for me the day before and the ever tormenting cock-cage.

My wife seats herself on our sofa in the living room and calls for me. I walk to her and stand in front of her. She commands me to kneel at her feet. I waste no time and get down in my knees as quickly as I can.

She is dressed in her work attire rather than her usual pajamas at this point, mainly because she knows that I find her to be the sexiest when she's in her office clothing.

"Have you been doing your Kegel exercises, honey?" I quickly respond. "Yes, my lady. 3 times every day for 10 minutes each time." She casts a skeptical look in my direction. "Sweetie? Are you being honest with your keyholder right now." I feel a sense of frustration, knowing that I have indeed been a very good boy when it comes to maintaining my lady's property.

"I promise you that I've been diligent." She gives me a slightly delayed smile. "OK, then. Why don't you be a good boy and go fetch your lady the tape measure?"

I stand there for a moment, dumbstruck with curiosity. She gives me a stern expression. "Now." I run into the kitchen and return with the tape measure. I kneel before her and hand it to her. "Good boy. Are you ready for your little check up?" "Yes. I'm ready." She smiles at me again. "OK, stand up!" I rise before her and she reaches for the key to my cage. My heart races and my cock stirs. She grabs onto me by the unit and pulls me toward her.

She unlocks me and slowly pulls the tube from my shaft. I'm immediately struck with a raging erection. "Wow, sweetie! Look at you! Is your little friend happy to get out and get some exercise?" I'm breathing heavy and feel an intense heat flowing through my body. "Oh my god, yes." She's looking over my cock very closely. "Hmm, it maybe looks a little bigger. We're going to start regularly measuring it to track your progress."

"As you wish, my lady." She looks at me with a look of care and tenderness. "Sweetie, you know that I'm a woman and I crave to be filled by a big cock. I need you to always be working to make it bigger for me."

"I will continue to do my best to be your perfect lover, with your guidance, my lady." She smiles in a very satisfied manner. "Good boy. Now lie down." I lie on my back and she lubes up my cock. "Now remember," she says "if you let me go past the point of no return, it's back in the cage for an extra week."

I gulp at the idea of 7 more days of this heightened state of desperation. "I'll be good. I promise." She begins to stroke very slowly. Extremely slow and light strokes. I can feel my cock growing, desperately reaching out for the touch of her delicate hand. As she feels it grow in her hand she says "good boy". I start to notice my heart beat and breathing increasing just as I feel her take away her hand, my cock left hanging erect in mid air over my belly. "Now stay up for me." I know the rules by now. If my penis touches my belly in 30 seconds or less, it's going to be a little sore sitting down the following day.

At first I'm doing pretty well. My little friend is standing tall and proud like a little sea captain. About 9 seconds in, I see my cock make it's first dip. My wife's voice grows very stern yet patient. "Stay up sweetie. 20 more seconds." Her coaching sends a little excitement through me and I hang in there for another 10 seconds. I feel another dip more severe. "Stay focused on your keyholder, sweetie. Stay hard for me. At this point I'm really starting to strain and my dick is dipping further toward my belly. She grabs my thigh with her fingernails and digs in a bit. "No. Bad boy!" I feel it touch my belly.

Before she gets a word out, I fetch her the paddle and assume my rightful position. My wife rubs her hand slowly across my bare and vulnerable ass and I suddenly feel a very sharp pain. It takes a moment of shuddering to recover. One down, two to go. A long moment of silence passes and then whack! I feel perspiration on my forehead.

She whispers in my ear "You know this has to hurt, honey or else you aren't going to learn how to perform up to my satisfaction. Repeat after me sweetie, no pain, no gain." In between deep and excited breaths I repeat: "no pain, no gain." Whack! Ooooh that last one is always the killer. My legs shudder involuntarily for a moment and I immediately feel yet another whack. "OK, lie back down, snap snap."

I lie back down and she begins to stroke me softly and slowly again. I begin to grow and she begins to more generously apply her touch. She works me to a diamond hard erection and begins to speak: "Oh sweetie, you really need to come don't you! You know I think I'm going to let you cum tonight. We'll just pretend it didn't happen and you can serve out the rest of your sentence normally. How does that sound, my sweet obedient hubby?"

I feel like I'm going to hyperventilate, I'm breathing so heavy. "Oh yes, please honey, I need it so badly." I almost feel like I'm going to cry. "Hmmm" she says in a more stern tone, "I really should be more careful about thinking out loud like that, sweetie. I would really be sending you and your little friend (two quick tight cock squeezes on the words little friend) here the wrong message. I'm sorry my sweet hubby. You are not going to come tonight. You have 5 days to go at the very least until you're permitted any release.

I get a little angry. "Honey please! You already said I could. How can you just take it away from me like that." She grabs my dick alarmingly firmly. "Because this belongs to me. It is MY toy and I'll play with it how I choose and if you question me once more about it, I will lock you up for the next two months without even exercise releases. Is that clear?"

"Yes. And I going to come if you don't let go." She quickly takes her hand away and a small bit of precum drip from the head for my raging and frustrated cock. "Good boy, now get down her and lick me to an orgasm. It's getting late and I need to get to bed."

I begin to move down into my usual humbling position when she says "oh, I almost forgot your cage."

"Can we wait until after I lick you, honey?" "No sweetie, I'd really prefer it if you were back in your cage while you're pleasing me. I know your sneaky hands too well."

My Cuckold Fantasy - Scared Straight

My wife is generally against the practice of cuckolding but after much deliberation decides to give me the experience just once with the condition that if she does it and decides that she likes it a lot, I must support her decision to continue doing it.

I'm thinking that it's probably a bluff just to scare me a little but in spite of that thought it works. She wants to make it as unbearable as possible for me so I will be scared.

These are the terms she puts forth.

1) My cock must remain locked in my cage for two weeks leading up to the cuckolding with only a weekly let out for device cleaning. During the first week, I will be ignored sexually with the exception of orally pleasuring my sexy wife. Non sexual affection will as always be permitted. The second week I will be heavily teased verbally and physically while remaining locked.

2) She will select the bull and I will handle the all the transactions and perform a pre-screening interview with the bull in order to filter out any lowlifes.

3) When I meet one who seems genuine and responsible, she and I will meet with him and she will decide. If no, repeat process. If yes, she and her selected bull agree upon a time and date for the ceremony.

4) When the bull arrives, I will be made to serve drinks and food for my wife and him. They will sit next to each other on the couch and I will sit at my wife's feet in my apron and cage.

5) When they are ready to enter the bedroom, I will be allowed to join them under the condition that I am naked aside from my chastity cage and a leash attached to it that my wife will hold. The leash is to symbolize both my submission to her and also her unbroken connection to me.

6) In the bedroom, I will serve as her fluffer and her leg holder if she desires at any point. I will lick her to a point of extreme wetness while she gets orally aquatinted with her bull's large cock.

7) When she's ready to accept his cock, I will be ordered to kneel at her side so she can have my chastised penis in her view. I may also be made to lie on my back with my head directly underneath her pussy to be forced to watch the penetration. At this point she may either verbally or physically torment my caged cock depending on her mood.

8) After her bull has an orgasm, I will serve drinks to them and they will relax and decide if they'd like to go a round two. If they decide to go again, I'm not allowed in the room. I'm only permitted to listen at the door.

9) Once they are both satisfied and her bull leaves, my wife will have me perform 5 minutes of oral on her well fucked pussy before she temporarily uncages me.

10) At this point, I will be allowed to mount my sexy wife missionary and have 5:00 minutes of intercourse so I can feel the effect that her bull's huge cock had on her. This will probably be done in the same bored wife mercy fuck style that she offers me when she m's not horny enough for full on sex but would like some amusement. I must stop after 5 minutes and be locked back up without orgasm.

11) I will not be allowed release until the following morning when I will be unlocked and free to fuck her any and every way I want and ultimately fill her with two weeks worth of my come to reclaim her as my wife and queen.

As scared as I am, I can't resist her conditions.
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Re: Fantasies About My Wife

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You defiantly should write more
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Re: Fantasies About My Wife

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carla young386 wrote: Tue Jan 18, 2022 12:41 pm You defiantly should write more

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Re: Fantasies About My Wife

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When I entered into my chastity contract with my wife my fantasies were put aside and now I am hers to use as she sees fit! It is far more erotic not knowing what will come next although we have some hard limits that are non-negotiable unless we mutually agree to changing the contract. Again it would be her wanting to change the hard limits not me.
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