Gay Teen Whipped by Straight Roommate

Tell me a story!
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Re: Gay Teen Whipped by Straight Roommate

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Hoping there is more?!?
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Re: Gay Teen Whipped by Straight Roommate

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I added several chapters to this story and turned it into a novel, which is now available on Amazon: ... 391&sr=8-1

I changed the title to "Keith Finds What Makes Him Happy." Here is the synopsis:

Keith struggles with his intense longing to have sex with Roger, his handsome, straight roommate and good friend. Roger’s suspicious, overbearing and meddling older brothers take a big interest in protecting baby brother’s vulnerable ass from his horny gay roommate. Through a mixture of intimidation and life-coaching, the brothers endeavor to shift Keith’s attention to a more suitable recipient by helping him find a blind date with a gay man. Trouble ensues as Keith’s love life takes a number of unexpected twists and turns.
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Re: Gay Teen Whipped by Straight Roommate

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Nice story. Hope you add more to it sometime.
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