The Camping Trip

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The Camping Trip

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I enjoy solitude. There’s a little island campsite in Northern Ontario where I go every September. By then, the bugs have gone, the kids are back in school and there’s no-one around at all. I take my canoe, a tent, an air mattress, some good books, lots of red wine and food and my camera. Oh, I enjoy people well enough, but just once a year I like to recharge my batteries for a few days in the peace and quiet of nature.
I had set up camp and was relaxing with a good book, a glass of wine and a bowl of black olives when I heard the unmistakable creak and swish of a canoe paddle. Irritated at the invasion of my privacy, I got to my feet and spotted two women beaching their canoe a few hundred feet from my campsite. They unloaded their camping gear and began setting up. I returned to my book thoroughly out of sorts. Chatter and laughter wafted down the breeze and distracted me. Dropping my book to the ground, I sighed in exasperation, took a sip of wine and gazed out across the lake. They were just as entitled to be here as I was and there were plenty of deserted spots around the lake where I could go during the day to read in peace. Perhaps I should just make the best of it and try to be sociable. I let them finish setting up and ambled over with a bottle of wine.
“Hi!” I said. “Since we’re going to be neighbours, I thought I’d say hello. My name is Al.”
Perhaps in their thirties, they looked very fit and very attractive in their swimsuits. They stood and the closer one, a blond in a bikini, held out her hand.
“Hello Al. I’m Mandy and this,” she indicated an attractive brunette in a one-piece “is Rae.”
I smiled and offered the wine to Mandy. “A little something to go with your dinner,” I suggested as I turned back to my own campsite. They chorused their thanks. I half expected to be invited to stay, but that didn’t happen and I felt I had done my bit to establish good neighbourly relations, so I started to prepare my own dinner. The women were very quiet and apart from the sound of occasional murmured conversation I might have been on my own. After dinner, with scotch and coffee in hand, I set up my tripod at the lake’s edge and prepared to photograph the sunset. It was spectacular and the reflections in the lake enriched the effect. As I focussed my camera, I sensed, rather than saw, Mandy and Rae sit beside me.
“Mind if we watch with you?” Rae asked.
“Not at all,” I replied as I began taking pictures. “There’s scotch on the picnic table if you can find a couple of glasses.”
Mandy left for a minute or two and returned with drinks for the two of them. We sat in companionable silence as the lower edge of the sun dipped below the surface of the lake. I took pictures every fifteen seconds or so, tracking the rapid descent of the sun below the horizon. For a few minutes longer I continued photographing the blazing sky as it slowly darkened.
Rae said, “Why don’t you come over and join us for more coffee? It’d be nice if you bring your scotch too.”
I agreed and followed them to their campsite grabbing my folding chair, the scotch and my cup and glass. Mandy stirred up their fire and put on the pot for coffee while we all had another scotch. They were planning to stay for three days. Looking back, I am still amazed at how quickly the conversation became personal. They soon learned that I was single, divorced long ago and they shared that they were a long-term couple. We talked about our careers, our home towns, politics and religion and all-in-all it was a most agreeable evening. Only afterwards did they admit that they had been assessing me as a possible candidate for their little game. At some ridiculous hour I staggered back to my tent with the minimal remnants of my bottle of scotch and without so much as brushing my teeth, flopped onto my air mattress and went out like a light.
The following morning I woke early as was my habit. My mouth felt like the bottom of a birdcage and I felt scruffy and in need of a good wash. All was quiet with Rae and Mandy, so I stripped and taking my towel, shampoo, toothpaste and a bucket to the beach, I cleaned myself up. I don’t like dumping shampoo and soap directly into the lake, so I swam first, enjoying the cool water flowing over my naked body. After a good workout, I returned to a grassy area and had a bucket bath before swimming again. I was drying off, when the women, naked as jaybirds, wandered down to beach.
“I’m just heading back to my tent,” I said. “I’ll give you some privacy. Why don’t you join me for breakfast when you’re done?”
The women agreed and I left them laughing and splashing each other in the lake. I pulled together a breakfast of bacon, egg, toast and coffee for the three of us, realizing as I did so that I’d have to take a trip into town that day for more supplies. When breakfast was ready, I called the women and to my surprise and gratification they arrived in short order without a stich of clothing. They insisted that I had them at a disadvantage and demanded I remove my shorts. We put our damp towels on a flat rock with just room for the three of us to sit and enjoy our food. At first I was a little uncomfortable, since without being outright erect, I was definitely enlarged, but the women didn’t seem to notice and we all chatted amiably until breakfast was over. I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful, liberated feeling that naturists so appreciate.
Mandy broke into my thoughts saying, “Rae and I have been talking. We felt we should be honest with you and explain that though we’re a couple we’re actually both bisexual. Sometimes we invite a man to join us for a little action. Nothing permanent you understand. Just a few days of fun and then we go our separate ways.” She turned towards me slightly so that one of her nipples pressed my arm. The feeling was electric and my cock lurched. All three of us watched it lengthen and rise.
Rae broke the silence. “I guess you like that idea!”
We all laughed.
Rae went on, “You’re good company and attractive so we thought we invite you to join us for a little fun for the next few days. You’ll have four breasts and two pussies to play with as much as you like and we’ll rub you, suck you and fuck you as much as you can stand. Would you like that?”
Despite my rising excitement, I knew there had to be a catch. Fantasies like this just don’t happen in real life.
I looked at them warily, my cock wilting. “There’s no way it’s that simple.” I said. “There’s some kind of trick, isn’t there?”
Mandy leaned forward and began massaging my balls while Rae revived my cock.
“We think you’ll really enjoy our game and of course you can opt out any time you want. So what’ve you got to lose?” Mandy wheedled.
“It’s like this,” Rae said. “We like to think we’re nice women, but we’re also really quite kinky. You can have all the things we promised, but you must agree not to cum. If you do, the game is over and we go back to being just good neighbours.”
To say that I was astonished puts it mildly. I sat there with my mouth open, my genitals hugely aroused and two beautiful women rubbing their breasts against me.
“Let me get this straight,” I sputtered. I can have as much sex as I want as long as I don’t have an orgasm?”
“You’ve got it!” Mandy chuckled. “You see our kink is a bit weird. Nothing turns us on so much as seeing a nice cock struggling to cum, pulsing and throbbing, the head all stretched and shiny and not getting to finish. It must be some kind of power thing but it drives us both wild with desire.”
“So do you two hold off having orgasms as well?” I asked.
“Oh No!” Rae jumped in. “We’ll have lots of orgasms; sometimes making love to each other with you watching and sometimes all three of us together. The things is, it’s not as one sided as it seems. We’ll make sure we keep you right on the edge of orgasm for minutes at a time. The feeling will be lovely and you’ll always be ready for more. If you actually had an orgasm, it would only last a few seconds and then you’d lose interest in sex for days.”
“Please give it a try! We think you’ll love it and all you have to do is not cum.” Mandy urged.
I looked down at my cock. I’m sure it was harder than it had ever been before and it bobbed up and down nodding its approval of the idea. I took a deep breath.
“I must be crazy. I’m in!”
The women crowed with glee.
“You wash the dishes”, Mandy said “And we’ll keep you hot and bothered.”
Rae sat on the rock with the dish-washing bowl between her thighs and the rinse bowl beside her. I set to work with a will enjoying the view immensely while Mandy massaged my testicles from behind. Every so often, her nipples would graze my back and send an electric jolt through me that galvanized my cock. Once the dishes were done, we agreed to go to town to replenish our supplies. Sexual lube, scotch and wine headed our shopping list. Reluctantly we got dressed, though the women insisted no one wear underpants, and we canoed out to the parking lot. We took my car and Rae drove us into town while Mandy and I sat in the back. On the quieter roads, Mandy sucked my cock which certainly made the journey pass quickly.
We were back in camp well before lunch and we stripped off quickly. The women settled me on the rock with a bottle of lube and instructed me to tease myself while they put on a show. It wasn’t long before they were on an open sleeping bag in the sixty-nine position avidly sucking and tonguing each other. Every so often they called out encouragement to me to keep hard, to surf the edge and to be careful not to cum. They were so exuberant in pleasuring each other that I had to do very little to hold myself close to exploding. Once both women had climaxed, they invited me to join them on the sleeping bag. I lay between them on my back and they snuggled up to me, stroking my thighs, belly and genitals and tonguing my nipples. After a few minutes, Rae rolled onto hands and knees.
“I need a good hard fuck,” she said. I mounted her doggie style and reached under to stroke her nipples. She moaned her approval. Mandy moved behind me and gripped my balls with one hand while lubing my anus with the other. I felt her insert and finger and gently massage my prostate. I pumped enthusiastically and began stroking Rae’s clit. She gasped and began matching my thrusts. I could feel fluid pooling at the base of my shaft and orgasmic contractions beginning. Just then Mandy pulled down on my balls, squeezing hard enough to cause just a little pain.
“Easy there big boy!” she said. I can feel you getting ready to blow. It’s only the first day.”
Her actions brought me back from the edge and I was able to resume a good steady rhythm that seemed to suit Rae well. It was a delicious situation. The magnificent view of Rae’s back and bottom, the wonderful sensation of strumming her hard little clit, her moans of pleasure and her tight vagina milking my eagerly thrusting cock all conspired to keep me on an orgasmic plateau that was both agony and ecstasy. Every time I got too close, Mandy with uncanny prescience drew me back from the edge by pulling and squeezing my balls. She later told me that her finger in my anus could sense the muscular contractions that presaged ejaculation. Rae seemed to be on an orgasmic plateau too until finally she urged us to a more rapid pace and came with a loud howl of delight. She collapsed under me leaving me to thrust my cock vainly in the air. The three of us lay down again and snuggled up while the women recovered from their exertions. My own arousal and frustration energised me and soon I offered to make lunch while the women relaxed. They gladly accepted, though Mandy warned me that she would need a good fuck after lunch so I should save some energy for her.
After lunch and a little doze, Mandy knelt astride me and lubed up my cock and stroked it until it was good and hard. Holding my cock to her slit, she slid back and forth on it arousing us both. Rae, not wanting to be left out, sat astride my head and encouraged me to tongue her clit. It was a unique and wholly delightful experience helping to stimulate both women. Later I learned that they were kissing and playing with each other’s nipples but I wasn’t able to see this for myself. Both women came at almost the same time and Rae immediately took my cock inside her. Up to this point, I had felt pretty much in control of myself, but as Rae sank down on me, my cock hardened still further and began throbbing. Rae bounced up and down energetically and I gave a muffled yell of warning from under Mandy. Both women lifted off at once and Rae grabbed my balls and pulled down while Mandy squeezed the base of my cock hard. We all watched it straining to cum, bobbing up and down in time to my racing heartbeat, the head stretched and shiny. After a minute or so it began to wilt. The women let go and a thin trickle of semen dribbled from my slit.
Disappointment washed through me. Had I blown it on the first day?
“Does that mean the game is over?” I asked.
“Did you have an orgasm?” Mandy asked.
“I don’t think so. I was right on the edge but when you grabbed me everything stopped.”
“As long as you don’t have a full ejaculatory orgasm it’s OK,” Mandy said. “The more we tease you, the more you must expect a little dribble now and then. But, if you do have a full orgasm and a spurting ejaculation then the game ends. We put you on your honour to be truthful about this.”
“Of course,” I agreed. “But that was close!”
The women laughed and Mandy said “We’re going to have to be more careful or our little game will be over before we get properly started.”
We spent the afternoon canoeing around the lake. There was still no sign of any human activity so the women went topless. Mandy took the bow position and I the stern. Rae sat on a life jacket in the bottom of the boat and massaged my genitals to encourage my paddling. Back at the island campsite we stripped off and I prepared hors d’oeuvres, smoked oysters on crackers, and served them with a Beaujolais that had chilled a little in the lake. We had bought steaks that morning so I fried them on my propane stove and served them with peas, bread stick and butter which we washed down with a nice Bordeaux.
After dinner we played cards until the light began to fade at which point my horniness urged me to action. I asked the women if we could play.
“Of course,” said Mandy. “We agreed that you have free access as long as you don’t cum.”
We lit a campfire and spread the sleeping bags around it. I began playing with Mandy who was lying on her front. I knelt astride her and stroked her back and the silky skin at the side of her breasts. She moaned appreciatively as I kissed the back of her neck. Rae massaged my testicles, following me around as I aroused Mandy. I moved on to caress and kiss Mandy’s buttocks and the backs of her thighs. I lingered over the titillating creases between the two before inviting her to roll over. Mandy was very aroused, her nipples protuberant and hard, so inviting that I had to suck them. Soon enough, I moved on to lick the folds of her pussy and with her encouragement I flicked her hard little clit to moans of approval. Kneeling between her legs and raising her bottom a little I pressed my erect cock to her slit and slid up and down her wet channel. She followed my movement enthusiastically and soon came hard with a load groan. She drew her knees up and I pressed into her, thrusting hard while Rae pulled down on my balls, squeezing them more firmly as I became more aroused.
“Harder! Harder!” Mandy urged me on.
My cock throbbed and spasmed desperately, but Rae’s control technique frustrated its efforts to spurt. I felt tremendous, hovering on an orgasmic plateau for what seemed like ages, the pain in my testicles a delicious contrast to the pleasure suffusing me. I angled myself a bit awkwardly so that my cock would drag against Mandy’s clit as we thrust against each other. Eventually, I was rewarded as she howled with delight, cumming hard around my rock hard cock.
I pulled out and the three of us lay down on the sleeping bags, the women on each side of me snuggling up. As my arousal ebbed, the pain in my nuts became more intense.
“I don’t think I can handle any more ball pulling tonight,” I complained.
“Well,” said Rae, “I need some attention, but maybe we can manage without getting you too excited so your poor balls get a rest.”
Taking hold of my scrotum, Rae began a very gentle massage.
“Does that help?” she said.
I had to agree that despite being a little painful, it felt really good.
After a little rest, Rae climbed over me in the sixty-nine position and sucked gently at my cock while I enthusiastically set to work on her pussy. I teased her outer lips and the opening of her vagina at first while I alternated stroking her tight buttocks and her firm plump breasts. I noticed that she reacted more strongly to having her nipples pinched and then her whole breast soothingly stroked so that’s where I focused my attention. I figured that if I was to be teased and denied for several days, it wouldn’t hurt Rae to wait a few extra minutes. I lightly lapped her clit for a moment or two before returning to her labia. I could feel her wriggling, trying to manoeuvre my tongue back to her clit, but I continued teasing until she literally growled at me. It only took a few moments focussing on her clit before she exploded and abruptly pulled away. We snuggled together on the sleeping bags and watched the stars while the fire died down.
“Do you think we could sleep right here?” Mandy asked.
“Can’t see why not.” Rae replied. “It’s too late in the season for bugs, though we might get cold later.
The three of us rolled over sandwich style with me as the filling. It felt delightful to press my cock against Mandy’s bottom and to reach over her and hold a breast. At the same time I could feel Rae’s nipples pressed to my back, her hand gently fondling my balls. I sighed with contentment. Who needs orgasms, I thought, when there’s such a delightful alternative.
The following morning I awoke early and slipped away from the two women to make coffee. It was really cool and the women quickly snuggled up, filling the gap left by my departure. I debated whether to put on some clothes, but the sun was already beginning to warm the air and I knew I wouldn’t be shivering very long. I coaxed the few remaining embers in the fireplace back to life with a little kindling and soon had a nice fire crackling away merrily. I started frying bacon and eggs which I sandwiched into buttered croissants; a calorific disaster, but we were on holiday. By the time I announced breakfast, the women were pretty actively into it.
“Cold egg and bacon won’t taste very good,” I remarked “and you can always pick up where you left off after breakfast.”
Reluctantly the women broke their clinch and bolted for the fire, their nipples delightfully pert from the cold. I passed out plates of food and mugs of coffee while the women teased me about my cold-shrunken cock as we huddled around the fire. We had a leisurely breakfast while the sun rose in the sky and soon we were comfortably warm. I cleaned up while the women encouraged my cock to a more imposing stature. When everything had been put away, they returned to the sleeping bags and set to work on each other all the while encouraging me to keep my cock aroused. They put on quite a show and with a full day of teasing already under my belt, I surfed the edge with very little effort. After the main event, the women provided a delightful encore and then we headed to the lake for a swim.

I’m pretty much of a klutz when it comes to swimming, so I stood, legs apart, neck deep enjoying the sensual flow of water over my naked body while the women slid though the water like graceful dolphins, disappearing under the surface every so often. After cavorting for a while, they began delightful under water investigations. From moment to moment, I never knew what part of my body would be assailed by which part of theirs. Nipples grazed by buttocks tantalizingly, breasts cradled my cock briefly and hands stroked everywhere. Eventually I staggered to the shore in a state of sensory overload and sat on the rock watching the women play in the water.
When they had tired of their aquatics, the women dragged me to a sleeping bag and each fucked me enthusiastically while the other controlled my arousal by pulling and squeezing my balls. Even though I was much hornier than the previous day, it seemed easier to hold off cumming. Perhaps I was getting better at surfing the edge of orgasm, or maybe the women were more familiar with my responses to arousal and so better able to control me. By the time they had done with me, my whole body was shaking with frustration and sexual tension… I loved it.
We packed a lunch and spent the remainder of the day puttering around in their canoe. Again, we had the lake to ourselves, so although we carried T-shirts and shorts for emergencies, we spent the day naked. I thoroughly enjoyed applying sunscreen to the women and they were equally assiduous in caring for me. We explored another small island in the lake, investigated the shoreline and had lunch on a wide sandy beach at the far end of the lake. I did most of the paddling during the day, but was rewarded with gentle handling of my cock much of the time. After lunch, Rae and Mandy took turns sitting astride me and sliding their clits up and down the length of my cock while I sucked their nipples. By the time they were finished, I was a wreck, my cock-head bloated and the shaft throbbing desperately while the muscles in my thighs quivered from the tension.
The women lay on each side of me and “soothed” me by stroking my chest, belly and thighs. My arousal was such that my entire body was one large erogenous zone. We watched my cock bobbing up and down in time to my heart beat.
“It really looks desperate doesn’t it?” Mandy commented.
Rae stroked the back of my shaft with one finger and my cock surged upward trying to maintain contact with her. She chuckled and repeated the motion.
“Look how it’s straining for more stimulation. The crown is so stretched it looks as though it could burst.”
Mandy pulled on my balls. “Look at these,” she said. “I’m sure they’re way bigger than yesterday. How do you feel now Al?”
I thought about it for a few seconds. “I love what you’re doing to me. I could never have imagined how great it feels not to have orgasms, but the truth is, I do feel quite uncomfortable down there; really congested in fact.”
“Do you want to quit?” Rae asked.
“Oh no,” I replied. “I’m having way too much fun. How about you two? Are you enjoying yourselves?”
“No doubt about that. Seeing your cock so frustrated and desperate to cum keeps us both in a state of raging horniness.” Rae said. “We can help you with the congestion if you like.”
“I’ll massage your prostate and drain some of the fluid out of you. You won’t have an orgasm, and you’ll still feel just as horny, but you’ll feel relief from the congestion.” Mandy said.
She applied lots of lube to my anus and inserted a finger, pressing and rubbing my prostate while Rae massaged my perineum. It felt a bit uncomfortable at first and my cock subsided. After a few minutes, I could feel fluid dribbling out, but without any real pleasure and a little later Mandy withdrew her finger.
“That should be enough for now.” she said. “Why don’t we head back across the lake and while you prepare dinner, we’ll start refilling your prostate for you!”
That evening, we played cards and drank too much wine, our picnic table bathed in the light of the hissing propane lamp. As the evening grew chill, we decided to sleep in my tent as it was larger than the women’s. We opened up the sleeping bags and spread them around on sponge mattresses and on my air mattress. The women began kissing and fondling each other’s breasts and after a few minutes I invited them to kneel astride my head and cock while they continued playing with each other. Rae pressed her pussy to my mouth while Mandy rubbed her slit up and down the length of my cock pleasuring her clit. We proceeded at a very gentle pace so I was easily able to control my arousal while I enjoyed teasing Rae’s clit. I knew from the last time we had done this that the women were pretty much lost in each other and I was just a convenient source of arousal. Nevertheless, I was quite happy in my role; after all they were in a long-standing relationship and I felt honoured to be chosen as their playmate for a few days.
Later the women rewarded me by playing sandwich again, we me as the filling. I got to fuck each of them from behind while the other controlled my arousal. It was a great feeling hovering on the edge while pumping that tight warm wetness and stroking each hard little nub until both Rae and Mandy came one more time.
We slept like logs and unusually, at least for me, we awoke late. It was quite cold and I was reluctant to get up and start cooking breakfast. I lay on my back and the women snuggled up. Through the screened opening of the tent, I watched the maple leaves fluttering in the sunlight while the women stroked my nipples and genitals. It was amazing that I could feel so sexually frustrated and yet so peaceful at the same time.
We had just finished breakfast and were enjoying a last coffee before beginning our day when Mandy said, “Last day! Have you decided how you’d like to finish up? You can have a big orgasm buried in one of our pussies, or if you like, one of us will suck you dry.”
I pondered for a moment. “That’s going to be a very hard choice to make. Give me until this evening to decide and in the meantime, please keep driving me crazy!”
The women laughed. “Don’t you worry about that. By tonight you won’t just want to cum, you’ll really need to.” Rae promised.
We spent the morning canoeing and exploring the other side of the lake. This time, the women paddled and I sat in the middle of the boat making mischief. We teased each other sporadically throughout the morning and I think I can fairly say that I gave as good as I got, for both women sported nipples as rock hard as my cock and both were squirming their bums on their canoe seats.
Part way through the morning, we found a flat rocky area where we stopped for a snack. As we clambered out of the canoe, we scared a couple of garter snakes which quickly slithered into the bushes on the shore. After we’d enjoyed a thermos of tea and some cookies, Mandy stood bent over at the waist.
“Bet you can’t spread your legs enough to fuck me like this?” she challenged.
Since I was quite a bit taller than both women, I knew it would be quite a strain to match my jutting cock to the height of her pussy, but the offer was far too tempting to turn down. I found that I could manage it, but only by spreading my legs as widely as I could. The tension in my thigh muscles seemed to add enormously to my arousal despite the discomfort. At the same time my cock was forced down a little which caused arousing additional friction as we fucked. Mandy groaned appreciatively and Rae grabbed my scrotum to control my arousal.
I reached around to play with Mandy’s nipples and she moaned “Pinch them”.
She bucked against me and my arousal surged out of control. “Rae, squeeze.” I gasped.
Rae pulled down hard on my balls squeezing them very firmly. Pain shot through me and my cock wilted.
“Enough!” I groaned and Rae chuckled. “Sorry about that! I thought you were going to lose it.”
“You were right,” I panted. “But in back in control now.”
I abandoned Mandy’s nipples and began strumming her hard little clitoris. She bucked harder against me.
“Rae,” I warned. Again my balls were pulled down hard as Rae clamped a finger and thumb around the base of my cock. Mandy squealed as she came hard. She pulled my hand away from her pussy as oversensitivity set in. We stood locked together, panting, as my penis pulsed vainly, desperate to cum.
“Don’t move!” Mandy murmured. “I want to enjoy this feeling a little longer.”
I braced myself, the muscle strain in my thighs adding to the uncomfortable congestion in my genitals. After a few moments, she pulled away and I relaxed with a sigh of relief.
We were back at the campsite in time for a late lunch, after which we dozed together for an hour or so in the warm sun. We spent the afternoon playing in the water and then an hour or so before supper, I opened some wine and we sat around on our towels chatting.
“This morning’s sex got me thinking about different positions,” I said.
“Well, it’s my turn,” Rae said. “What did you have in mind?
“If we put a sleeping bag on the picnic table and you lie on it with your bum at the edge, I could fuck you in the standing position. I’d be able to reach your breasts and your clit. Could we give that a try?”
Rae was quite excited at the prospect, so we put a couple of sleeping bags on the table and Rae positioned herself comfortably on them. Mandy stiffened me up and I was delighted to find that the height worked out very nicely. I buried myself deep in Rae’s pussy and while I teased her nipples and stroked her tummy, Mandy took control of my balls.
“Tell me what you’d like,” I said to Rae as I bent over to suck one of her plump nipples.
“Do you mind if Mandy strokes my clit while you pump me slowly?” she asked.
“No of course not,” I replied. I felt a little disappointed as I would have like to be the one to bring her to orgasm, but then I remembered that they were in a loving relationship and I was a very fortunate guest. I worked hard to stimulate Rae’s vagina pumping slowly, angling my cock to stroke her G-spot while Mandy reached around me and stroked Rae’s clit as only a long-time lover could. I was aroused enough to be very hard, but well in control. I felt very privileged to be part of this intimate act and when Rae came, Mandy let go of me and walked around the table to kiss her lover while Rae’s vagina convulsed around my cock. After a few moments, I pulled out and went to make supper while Rae and Mandy made gentle love to each other by the fire.
We had an enjoyable supper of fried salmon fillets, peas and rice all washed down with chardonnay. The evening was cool and we snuggled up on the sleeping bags by the fire drinking our coffee and enjoying dark chocolate.
“We have to break camp early tomorrow, so I think you should have your big “O” tonight,” Mandy said. “Who would you like to fuck?”
I took a deep breath. “I’ve loved every second of the last few days,” I said. “Your generosity sharing your beautiful bodies with me, your playfulness and your teasing are things I shall remember with great pleasure for the rest of my life. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. This feeling of arousal and frustration is wonderful, and I think I’d like to keep it a while longer. I’d love to spend one more heavenly night of arousal lying between you two and who knows, I might even spend a few more days after we’ve parted frustrating myself until I finally blow my load.”
The women both looked astonished. “Well. If that’s what you want.” Rae said. “You’ve been a wonderful sport. Teasing your cock has been a wonderful turn-on and Mandy and I have had some of the best sex ever. Thank you too.”
The following morning, we broke camp and said our farewells. We all knew it would be a mistake to trade addresses or try to stay in contact. We’d enjoyed a very special and unrepeatable time. I had some very special memories safely locked in my mind and I’d be able to replay them any time I wanted to arouse myself. I’d learned about the pleasure of not having orgasms and knew I’d be exploring this further. I also decided I wouldn’t be coming back to this island again. It wouldn’t be the same.
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