Can we laugh at our kink?

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Can we laugh at our kink?

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Fantasy Meets Reality

“Look! We make love three or four times a week; often twice in a day. There can’t be many men who get as much action as you do. Why are you unhappy with our love-making? What’s wrong with it?”

“It’s really great, Kathy. I know I’m an incredibly lucky guy. It’s just that we’ve been married 30 years and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to add a little more romance to our whole relationship… Get back, maybe, to the feeling we had when first started going out. Try to recapture the magic.”

“Would you really want to go back to all that awkward fumbling? We were so naïve about relationships. We had no idea.”

“Apparently lots of women say that men really work at the relationship when they’re courting. They try hard to please in the hope of winning them, but once they’re married, they can’t be bothered any more.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, they leave their dirty laundry on the floor. They don’t help with the housework. They expect to be waited on hand and foot while they watch TV instead of taking time to listen and talk to their wives… That sort of thing.”

“Well I’m not complaining. You’re pretty good at doing your share. I suppose we could talk a bit more, but we don’t do badly. ”

“I’m very happy you think I pull my weight, but it can be even better for you if you take charge. We could recapture that feeling of romance.”

“Tell me how this transformation happens then.”

“Well the theory is that men will do anything to have an orgasm, so the wife uses that as an incentive. She takes control, does lots of teasing to keep him horny, but denies him completion most of the time, leaving just enough hope that he’ll eventually get what he wants.”

“So you’re telling me that you want to add spice to our marriage by having me tease you and frustrate you. I don’t think so! If you go more than two days without sex you’re unbearable. You get crabby, mean and miserable. Besides, if I denied you sex, you’d just rub yourself over.”

“No! No! You see, the way it works is that you lock a chastity device on me so I can’t get at myself. It’s true, I’d be crabby at first, but as time went on I’d get more and more desperate for sex and I’d have to be better behaved to have any hope of being unlocked. Actually, I ordered a chastity device on the internet. I’m wearing it. Would you like to see it?”

“You bought one? You must be crazy! Sure, let’s see it. Oh… You look so cute all crammed in that little tube. Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Only when I get aroused. See it’s locked. Here are the keys. I want you to be my Key Mistress. I humbly offer you my sexuality.”

“So I’m supposed to keep you locked up? What happens when I want sex?”

“From what I’ve read, most Mistresses would rather be served orally. You’d just command me to pleasure you.”

“Well, I really can’t see this working, but if it’s really important to you, I suppose we can give it a try for a bit. I’d better get back to work. I’m making some squares for the University Club meeting and I should cook our dinner.”

“I think you’re supposed to tease me for a bit and then as I start to get desperate, you order me to fetch you a cup of coffee. While you relax with a magazine, I’m supposed to do the cooking.”

“Well it’s true that you can cook a nice dinner, but you’re no baker. Besides, cooking is one of my favourite hobbies.”

“Perhaps you could make the squares, while I cook dinner?”

“Oh come on! You know that the two of us in the kitchen at the same time is a bad idea. We’ve tried that before. We’re always in each other’s way and stealing each others cutting boards and knives. I’d have you do the vacuuming, but you did that yesterday. Have you done the garbage and bundled the recycling yet?”

“Yes, I did that this morning. So what can I do the serve you Mistress?”

“Actually, the best thing would be to make yourself scarce until I call you to clean up the kitchen.”

“Mistress! May I massage your feet with cream before you turn in for the night?”

“No, I don’t think so. It’d get the sheets all greasy and you only laundered them a couple of days ago.”

“May I service you orally? I’m sure it would relax you for sleep.”

“No. Since you insist on locking yourself up in that thing, I think I’ll enjoy a little break from sex. I don’t mind having it every other day to please you, but I think my own natural rhythm would be to have it less frequently.”

“Well aren’t you going to tease me so as to increase my desperation? That way I’ll serve you better.”

“Do I have to? I was hoping for an early night. I suppose I did say I’d go along with this for a month, didn’t I. Lie down and I’ll rub your balls for a bit… There! Do you feel frustrated now?”

“”I was hoping you’d tie me to the bed, take off my cage and rub me up to the edge over and over again before locking me up again.”

“If I do that, we’ll both get horny and neither of us will get any sleep.”

“Ah, but then I could relieve your arousal orally and I’d be the only one suffering the agony and the ecstasy.”

“Sorry. I’m the Mistress and I want a good night’s sleep. I don’t want you tossing and turning all night because your balls ache.”

“Would Mistress like me to sleep on a mat beside the bed?”

“Oh for heaven’s sake! You’ve been my hot water bottle for 30 years. Roll over and let me snuggle up. Love you. Goodnight.”

“Love you too. Goodnight.”

“Oh Goodie! English muffins, with egg and cheese! Juice and coffee too! You really should let me get us breakfast in bed one of these times. I’ve been spoiled rotten over the years. Tell you what! After breakfast, I’ll tie you to the bed and frustrate you and I’ll even let you service me if you want.”

“Mistress. I am deeply grateful. May I massage your feet while you eat?”

“What is this with massaging my feet all of a sudden? You’ve never shown any sign of having a foot fetish before. Just get into bed and eat your breakfast.”

“I just thought it would be a lesson in humility for me.”

“Well, all that massaging would probably make me spill my coffee, so let’s skip the humiliation for now. Tell me what you’re hoping your Mistress will do with you today.”

“I’m expecting to be ordered to do whatever tasks suit you. I expect to be ruthlessly teased to the edge as many times as you want during the day and then locked up again. Of course, I’ll service you anytime you ask. I read that most Mistresses like to have several orgasms a day, usually orally, but sometimes by rubbing themselves on their slaves to humiliate them and show them that they have no need of their unworthy penises.”

“Several times a day? You can forget that! I’d get terribly sore and I’d never get anything done. I’ve got my yoga class this morning, then I’m tutoring Susan and in the afternoon we’ve got a shift helping at the library. I’ll do what I can to spice things up for you, but we do have lives to lead as well you know. Alright, stretch out on the bed while I use these scarves to tie you down.”

“You need some ice Mistress.”

“Whatever for? You just had coffee and juice. You want water as well?”

“No. You need it to deflate me when you put the cage back on.”

“You’ve got to be kidding! Don’t imagine you’re ever going to be icing my pussy.”


“Well that was a long hard day! Let’s load the dishwasher and put out feet up.”

“Would Mistress please frustrate me some more?”

“Didn’t I do a good enough job on you this morning? Your whole body was shaking and you were groaning non-stop. Do you really want me to do more? This Mistress thing is turning out to be a lot more work than I bargained for. Couldn’t we just watch TV instead?”

“You promised to give it a try for a month. Please Mistress. Don’t you find it empowering to be able to use me for your pleasure while denying me release?”

“Did I really say a month? Anyway, if I’m the Mistress, you shouldn’t be trying to manipulate me into teasing you. If you really want to serve me, then you should accept that I’m tired and relax on the couch with me while we watch TV. I’m not interested in sex right now. I just want to snuggle up on the couch and watch a show.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And while we’re at it, quit the Mistress stuff. It sounds idiotic. My name is Kathy and I’d appreciate it if you’d use it. I’ll tease you again when we go to bed, but I don’t want to be serviced again. I’ll just make me sore.”

“Alright. Explain why you’ve screwed four damn great metal hooks into the corners of the door frame.”

“I want you to tie my wrists and ankles to the hooks so I’ll be helplessly spread-eagled.”

“Let me guess. Once you’re secure, you want me to unlock you and tease you up to the edge again.”

“Yes and then I want you to pretend to rub me over, but right at the critical moment, I want you to squeeze my balls hard enough to stop me.”

“You must be mad. Whatever would I want to do that for? I’m not into hurting people and especially not my husband.”

“It’ll emphasize your control over me and it’ll take me into subspace – submissive space – it’s supposed to be an incredible sensation when you lose all control and resign yourself to the will of another. Please just do it once. If it doesn’t fill you with a sense of power and superiority, I won’t expect it again.”

“Well maybe this is just the thing to make you drop this silliness. Strip off while I get the scarves. Arms up! Not too tight? Now let’s get you unlocked. Oh My! That didn’t take long. I was going to strip for you, but I guess I won’t have to bother. Here’s the hand cream. You just relax and enjoy. You’re so nice and stiff and throbbing. Come for Mistress. Come for me. That’s it! NOW! My goodness! I’ve never heard you actually scream before. No don’t try to talk for a minute or two. Just get your breath back. Did you enjoy you’re trip to subspace? Shall I do it again? No? You seem pretty vehement about that. Well if you’re really done, let me know when you think you can stand and I’ll untie you.”

“Let’s have a talk about this ‘Woman in Charge’ thing of yours. We’ve been doing it for three weeks now. You’ve been teased but you’ve had no release in that time… Well you almost had release once but I squeezed a bit too soon. How do you feel it’s going for you?”

“It’s really not what I expected at all. The squeeze was definitely a mistake. I thought being so aroused I’d find the pain would take me to a whole new level of consciousness. Instead, it was agony. I’m still in pain. You didn’t have to do quite such a thorough job.”

“Well you did say you wanted me to do it hard. How do you feel all this denial is affecting you?”

“It’s not really working the way I expected. I thought I’d have this tremendous desire to serve you, but instead I’m really resentful about what you’re inflicting on me.”

“I’m not inflicting anything on you. You chose this and you can quit anytime. I wish you would. You weren’t a perfect husband before, but you certainly did your share around the house without being asked and most days we had good talks. Now I have to keep reminding and threatening you to make you do your stuff. You’re turning me into a nag and I don’t like it. When we cuddle, you’re all stiff and cold as if you don’t love me any more. I like being held and cuddled and as for oral sex, it’s fine as a starter, but I miss the main course. You’re sullen and resentful. You do what I ask, but with attitude. Passive Aggressive… That’s what you are!”

“The problem is that you’re not giving me the sexual high I need to make this work. You hardly ever tease me and you seem to have lost interest in sex for yourself.”

“There you go again trying to give me orders. Aren’t I supposed to be the one in charge? You should be doing my bidding joyfully, without questions and without any expectations for yourself. As for losing interest in sex, I just told you that I’m bored with all this oral stuff.”

“And what exactly is that?”

“It’s called a strap-on dildo. See it’s double ended. One end goes inside you and this bit here stimulates your clit. The other end goes through the support and straps. Basically it gives you a penis.”

“Why would I want a penis when I’ve got a perfectly good pussy?”

“Well, if you use it on me, you’ll feel powerful, dominant and you’ll emphasise my submission.”

“Use it in your… ? You’ve got to be joking! I suppose you want to try again for this subspace state you keep going on about.”

“Well yes, but I also want you to feel more comfortable with your naturally superior nature. I think this will help you become accustomed to it. It’ll be a way for you to relieve all the suppressed anger and aggression you feel towards the male sex for the injustice we’ve perpetrated on woman through the ages.”

“The only suppressed anger I’m feeling is towards my idiot husband and his crazy ideas. This is absolutely the last nutty thing I’m going to try. I suppose I’d better lubricate both ends of this thing. Help me do up the straps. Now get on all fours. Are you ready?”

“I know you’re going to enjoy this Mistress. It’ll be a real high for you.”

“I’m going to push in now. Hey! Are you supposed to be yelling like that when you’re in subspace? You want me to slow down?”

“Bloody Hell! Stop! That really hurt.”

“I’ve had it! This contraption is banging on my cervix and the clit stimulator thingy is absolutely useless. You want me to take charge? This whole stupid thing ends now. Get that cage off! We’ll have a nice soothing bath together and we’ll see if we can get your plumbing working. Don’t you ever dare mention this domination stuff again. And another thing, tomorrow you’ll get those hooks out of the door frame and repair the holes or I’ll mangle those precious nuts of yours.”

“Yes Mistress, um… Kathy. I love it when you take charge!”
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Re: Can we laugh at our kink?

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Thanks for the read. Perfect examples of why topping from the bottom can cause problems.
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Re: Can we laugh at our kink?

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Hehehe it's a hoot lol !!

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