What It Means to Give and Not Receive Chapter 8

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What It Means to Give and Not Receive Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 Unlock Day Arrives

I woke up the next morning as the sun hits my eyes, Jan’s not here and the clock says 7:30. I get up and head to the bathroom and do my morning duties and brush my teeth. I still have the speedos on. The women think I look silly in speedos, but say I’m cute when wearing a pair of Jan’s panties, what are they trying to tell me. Well everyone always naked anyways so I shed them and walk downstairs. I hear Jan and her mom talking and decide to eavesdrop.
“Mom why can’t I be here?”
“We have gone over this before, you are not to be together when he’s unlocked and you are not to see the key period.”
“But mom you’re going to be here and you want to be alone with him. I’m still having a hard time trusting you after the last couple of episodes.”
“Jan dear I’m wearing this chastity belt, you have the key I can’t do anything with him anyways.”
“When am I getting mine? So I can take care of MY BOYFRIEND.”
“The measuring kit showed up yesterday will take measurements this afternoon and email them to Neosteel. It take eights weeks for it to be made and mailed.”
“That’s a long time, that’s four probably five times you’re going to take care of my boyfriend that’s not fair mom.”
“You agreed to these conditions two weeks ago so get used to it. At least I’m going to get you your own belt and then you can take over. It’s better than waiting 4 years isn’t it?”
“How do I know your won’t do something I said you can’t do?”
“I can’t do much locked up like this. What is it I’m supposed to be doing with him?”
“Well you could give him a blow job and that’s something I don’t want anyone giving him.”
“You told me you didn’t think you could handle having a cock in your mouth.”
“Well I’m might get over it, if not he will just have to go without I guess. How can I be sure you won’t give him one?”
“What do you want me to do set up a camera to record everything or what?”
“Well, that’s an idea you could use that WIFI camera and record everything on the laptop.”
“Whatever, we’ll figure it out when the time comes. I have to get back to making breakfast, go and wake up Glen and tell him he’s got 10 minutes.” That’s my cue to get back upstairs. It’s amazing how quiet you can be walking in bare feet. I just get to the top and turn around like I’m coming down when Jan starts up and sees me.
“Oh good your up, breakfast will be ready in 10 minutes. Why don’t you help me set the table?”
“Ok, Sweetie.” My god what is going to happen next? Now they want to record me naked and getting off or whatever they think I’m going to do. I guess she could be the one recorded while I go into another room and take care of myself. It sounded like Jan thinks her mom is going to do me or something, I don’t understand, she wearing her chastity belt. I guess she could give me a blowjob. You know at this point I wouldn’t mind at all, hell I wouldn’t mind at anytime; I probably wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to have sex with her. With the way I’m thinking maybe they’re right keeping me locked up like this. I would probably cheat on her. What is the matter with me, I just like sex. I just want out of this thing I’m so damn horny and listening to them just made it worse.
“Good morning Joyce, I guess we’re going to set the table.”
“Great it will only be a few more minutes, be sure and get the butter and pancake syrup out.”
We sit down for breakfast, pancakes eggs and sausage.
“Joyce, when am I going to get this off of me?”
“Get what off of you Glen, what are you talking about?” Oh now she wants to play games.
“This Fidelity Enforcer that’s locked on me it’s been two weeks.”
“Oh that’s thing I almost forgot you had that on. After seeing it you on for the last couple of weeks it just starts to look like it’s a normal part of your body. I guess in an hour or so as long as you mind your P’s and Q’s.”
P’s and Q’s I never I could tell what that actually meant. I think that’s some kind of British saying. We finish breakfast I get clean up duty while the girls go upstairs and talk. Jan doesn’t even make a pretense of helping me with the dishes. I guess this is my new life for the next four years unless I can escape. But then where would I go this is the same conversation I had with myself last night, with the same results. What’s that saying ‘If you keep doing the same thing over and over, getting the same results each time, but expect a different outcome then you’re crazy.’ Well that’s an understatement I mean just look at me, agreeing to be locked in this thing. I am crazy, have to be. I finish cleaning up and walk upstairs to find out what going on. I find the women in Joyce’s room they seem to be fixing the bed sheets a certain way.
“Come on in, Janet and I are getting things set up. Janet doesn’t fully trust me being alone with you so were setting things up so she can feel more comfortable. Why don’t you go in the bathroom and empty your bladder it will be a while before you get another chance.”
I go in and pee. What does she mean by my not having a chance to take a piss for a while?
“Glen come over here and lie down on the bed.” Now this sounds interesting so I lay down. Joyce takes my hand and pulls it towards the top of the bed and I feel something going on my wrist and hear a ratcheting sound. Oh shit I’m handcuffed
“Hey what’s going on?” She grabs my other hand and tries pulling it up to handcuff it, but I pull back.
“Glen cooperate if you want to get some relief today, otherwise it will be another two weeks before I unlock you.” I relax my arm and let her handcuff me.
“You see Glen this is the only way I can unlock you without you seeing the key and after it’s off you might refuse to put it back on.” Well there goes my escape plans. “Now do I have to cuff your legs also or are you going to cooperate.” I didn’t see any point of resisting she’s got me handcuffed to the bed. And she’s holding all the keys.
“I’ll cooperate.”
“Great, Ok Janet let’s get that camera and laptop set up.” Oh no they’re going to record me hand cuffed to the bed naked. If this ever gets out I’m done.
“What do you mean camera.”
“Honey, I don’t trust mom with you alone and I can’t be here so it’s the only way to keep her honest. After I review the recording I’ll delete it, After all mom’s going to be in it also and she’s naked with a chastity belt on I’m sure she doesn’t want something like that getting out either.”
“Ok whatever’ I don’t seem to have a choice.” They set up the camera on a tripod on the left side of the bed and point it towards my upper half. The laptop is set up on the dresser, everything gets turned on and I can see the laptop screen showing my body from my face to my cage.
“Well Janet that should do it, you have my keys don’t lose them. I’ll call you in a few hours and let you know when to come back home.”
“Ok mom, I still don’t like it.”
“Well we can keep him locked up until you get your belt in eight weeks or so.”
“Ladies please I can’t go another day let alone 2 months. Janet please I won’t let her do anything she isn’t supposed to do.”
“Honey give me a break you’re handcuffed to the bed you couldn’t stop her if you wanted to, which I’m sure you wouldn’t want her to.”
“Honey Jan, What isn’t she allowed to do with me?” Having overheard the conversation earlier I pretty much knew what she would say, but I wanted to here it straight from her.
“Not have sex with you, which includes vaginal anal, or oral as in a blow job. My cock is not to go into any body opening other than mine.”
“Janet are you done now?”
“Yeah mom I guess, I’m going.” She bends over and gives me a tongue invading kiss. Now I’m getting so hard it hurts like hell and I can’t get it under control. “Now you be good I’ll see you later.”
“Ok Jan I’ll see you.” She walks out a few minutes later we hear the door close. In the meantime Joyce went into her closet to get the key I guess. She puts a towel over my face covering my eyes.
“Glen I’ll take the towel off as soon as I get the Enforcer off of you and put the key up.” I hear the key go in and turn and then a clicking noise and another turn of the key and another loud click. “Damn Glen you’re so hard you’re stuck in the cage. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes, try and settle down.” I lay there trying to settle down at least the pain is gone. I feel something very cold on my balls.
“What are you dong, I’m freezing?”
“Just some frozen corn this should get you soft enough to get the cage off. Look it’s already working.’ I feel the cage being removed. Then the ice pack taken off, then she removes the towel from my face.
I get instantly hard again.
“Oh my.”
“What, what’s wrong.”
“Oh nothing, nothing at all I see why Janet wants you that’s all.” She starts to stroke my cock with her hand she’s just barely touches me and goes really slow.
“Glen while I get you started here I’m going to tell you the rules. Number one, which is the most important one. You are not to come until I say it’s ok. You will tell me when you’re getting close so I can stop. If you come before I say its ok you will get and additional 4 weeks locked up that’s a total of six weeks.” Now I’m really not liking this, how can I tell her to stop when I’m about to burst. “Well that’s the rules I know it only one rule but it’s the biggest one. Do you understand?”
“Yes Ma’am I’m not to get off until you say I can.”
“Great but before we get started I need to shave you.”
“No, oh no, I don’t want to be shaved.”
“Glen it makes it much easier to put you device back on with you shaved. Besides both Janet and I are clean shaven except for the small patch of mine on top. Just stay there and I’ll get the razor and shaving cream.” She heads to the bathroom to retrieve the supplies.
“Joyce please don’t I don’t want to be shaved. You and Janet don’t have to shave either I don’t mind hair.”
“Glen stop the whining it’s just a little hair removal. No one will see it but me and Janet.” She take a pair of scissors and trims my hair close to the skin. “Please don’t”
“Fine I’ll just put the cage back on and you can wait another 2 weeks.” She starts to get up.
“Ok, ok, go ahead and shave me.”
“That’s better I don’t want to hear another word from about not getting shaved, be a man and stop whining.” She grabs the shaving cream and smoothes it on. I hope she knows what she doing and doesn’t cut me. I keep my mouth shut for the next five minutes and let her do the deed. “There nice and smooth.” She takes a warm wet cloth and washes me down. “Now that wasn’t so bad was it? Now we can get started.”
She put some oil on her hand and starts stroking me real soft and slow. It’s only a minute and I’m ready to explode.
“Joyce I can’t take anymore without cumming.”
“Ok I’ll stop for now. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” What is she doing I don’t mind her jerking me off I guess if I want to come I have to let her but she’s not getting me off just teasing me.
“Well, have we settled down yet, you’re still hard as ever so I guess not. Why don’t you suck on these just to relieve some tension?” She bends over and presses her tits in my face. This is not going to relieve any tension. “Come on now start sucking, you’re not getting me to get you off for free. I need a lot of attention and I want you to get me good and horny.” I start licking and sucking on her tits she keeps switching them back and forth, this is not getting me calmed down. I start thinking of chess moves while I suck and nibble. Joyce starts moaning. “Oh Glen that feels great just keep going for a little longer.” I’m not thinking straight I keep making the same chess moves over and over it’s distracting but not helping. I give in and keep working over her tits. She’s panting I think she’s actually getting off. Shit that camera’s on if she gets off were both in trouble and I won’t get the cage off for another eight weeks.
“Joyce we need to stop before you go to far. I don’t want to be locked up for eight weeks straight.”
“Ok we’ll continue on my tits later. Let’s see what I can do for you now, don’t let it go to far.” She starts massaging my balls lightly squeezing at first then squeezes harder and harder until it hurts. “Joyce, that hurts.”
“I know this should settle you down a little.” She just keeps squeezing harder.” “Yes that seems to have done it you’re getting a little softer, good now I can get you hard again.” She puts some lotion on her hands and starts rubbing me up and down real slow and lightly it has it effect and I’m rock hard again. It only take a minute and I yell I’m about to come.
“That’s good, I see some precum oozing out. Now that’s exactly what I want you to do, I want you to be just about there when you tell me to stop. My tits need more attention.” She bends over and I start sucking again, until she panting and I tell her we need to stop.
“You know this will work out nicely we both get to be almost there and I can go back and forth like this for a long time.” Then she grabs my balls and starts squeezing until I start getting soft again. “Oh good I can start on the cock of yours again.” She starts stroking me again. “That’s it get good and hard just let me know when to stop.” It only take a minute and I’m about to come again. “You better stop.”
“Great you learn real quick and more precum is oozing out.” She takes her finger and wipes off the end of my cock and puts it in her mouth. “I haven’t tasted that in years. Have you ever tasted yourself Glen?” Shit what is she thinking she wouldn’t. “Well speak up.”
“No Ma’am”
“For the rest of this today I think you should address me as Ma’am. As for whether you will find out how you taste we’ll just see how things go.” I was starting to get soft again. “Well it’s time for my reward now. What do you think? You want to suck my tits some more?”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“That’s a good boy, now start sucking and nibble a little now and then it sends tingles up and down my spine.” I start sucking again. This goes back and forth with me almost there, then I get to suck on her tits again. This goes on for a couple of hours, when she decides to take a break. “Well I be back in 20 to 30 minutes, don’t go anywhere. Just think about how you’re going to satisfy Janet tonight.” Then she bends over and gives me a kiss. “Now say thank you.”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you, what?”
I gulp “Thank you Ma’am.”
“That’s better.” She turns and leaves. I am so worked up I can’t handle much more of this but what can I do? When I get close I start to get tingly all over that hasn’t happened on a regular basis since I was 12 or 13. Now it’s happening over and over but I still haven’t been able come and get that ultimate feeling. I lay there for what seems like an eternity, I’m getting real soft again and am trying not to think about what is going to happen next. She finally returns I hope she’ll get me off soon.
“Well Glen, are you ready to come or should we just keep going like the last session?”
“I’m definitely ready Ma’am, Please get me off.”
“Oh I like that begging. I think will just keep things going for a while longer.” She starts kissing me and swirls her tongue with mine. Then she reaches down and starts to lightly stroke me. It doesn’t take long to get hard again and a few minutes later I’m on the edge. I tell her to stop. The she scoots up and put tits in my face I start to suck again, until she’s panting. “Well Glen, Janet didn’t say I couldn’t titty fuck you.” She grabs some lotion and puts a bunch on me. Then she slides down and puts my cock between those wonderful breasts of hers and starts sliding up and down. Now this feels wonderful almost like being in a pussy.
“I’m about to come Ma’am you need to stop.”
“It’s ok I’ve tortured you enough for today and she speeds up. I try to hold back but it just overpowers me. I start to tingle all over as I shoot over her boobs and my stomach. I’ve never felt anything that intense before in my life God it felt great. She rubs her tits in my spunk that landed on my stomach. Then Scoots back up and puts them in my face. “It’s time you started to suck my tits in earnest now and I want you to be sure and get them nice and clean.” I’m still trying to recover and I’m breathing hard. She sticks her left tit in my mouth, I think it had the most on it. I have no choice but to lick and suck. It’s not the most pleasant of tastes but is tolerable. I lick her tit clean and she moves her right one over and I lick it clean. This is not what I wanted to do but I got them cleaned off, now and I start sucking and nibbling. This goes on for another 10 minutes while she moves me from one to the other her breathing deepens and until she starts panting. She tells me to keep sucking and biting her nipple. I work on her for another five minutes or so and she starts moan and grunt and her breathing becomes short and shallow.
“Oh yes oh that feels so good oh yes, yes.” She orgasms, I didn’t know women could do that just by tit stimulation. Hell I didn’t think about women having orgasms at all 2 weeks ago. Oh I hope Janet doesn’t figure out she came, but she will, it’s all recorded. She rolls on her side next to me and gives me a long wet kiss that keeps going for another five minutes.
“Glen I know I shouldn’t have done that but I couldn’t stop once you got me going I haven’t had a titty orgasm in years. It’s not the best way to come but it definitely works. I’m going to go get a wash cloth and clean you up. Just stay and lie here until I get back.” Where did she think I was going to go, I’m still handcuffed to the bed. I didn’t reply just laid there while she headed for the bathroom. I could hear her taking a piss and flushing the toilet. I’m thinking I have a hard time peeing and keep from dripping; she has to have a bigger problem with that shield over her pussy. She comes back with a washcloth and towel and wipes off my stomach and cock and balls. Damn I never thought of my penis as a cock before just a dick something in less erotic terms, but now it just seems like the right term. I still can’t think of a woman’s pussy as a cunt it sounds to degrading. I was limp as a wet noodle when she started cleaning me up but now I’m getting hard again. She is purposely taking the washcloth wrapped around my cock and rubs it up and down my shaft. Then she drops the cloth and uses her hand stroking me lightly going up and down my entire shaft and occasionally squeezing my balls.
“Glen dear, I have an offer for you, I can lock you back up now or I can keep going and get you to the edge again but you can’t come again today. Or I can tease you for a while and then let you come again, but you will be locked up for 4 week before your next release. What do you want me to do?” Shit, I’m thinking this feels real good with her hand stroking me I won’t come again for at least five minutes the second time probably longer god this feels good. I couldn’t handle two weeks let alone four. I don’t know if I can handle being teased like this much more and not allowed to come. What to do? “If you don’t give me an answer, I will get you off then lock you back up for four weeks.”
“Just rub me a little but don’t let me come. I can’t take four weeks, I don’t know how I survived two.” She starts on me applying more pressure, she spits on her hand and my cock and starts rubbing harder and faster. It only takes three or four minutes until I tell her to stop.
“I’ll be back in a bit, just lie there and settle back down this is going to be a long afternoon.” Oh I guess it is noon now how long have we been at this, we started at 9:30. She still gone after 10 minutes I get soft again.
“I called Janet and told her we would be another couple of hours. I see you settled back down, Let me see if I can correct that situation.” She grabs some lotion and starts rubbing me again I’m hard in seconds she lies down next to me and starts kissing me again. “Glen you don’t know how this makes me feel I just love holding your cock in my hand it’s a good thing I have this belt on or I don’t think I could control myself. She whispers in my ear. “I don’t want Janet to hear this and if you say anything to her what I’m telling you I will deny everything. Glen you have made me feel so good these last two weeks I know your Janet’s boyfriend but I love the way you make me feel and this right now feels so right and so good. I just wish I could take you in my mouth, but she would absolutely kill me and maybe move out.” All the while she just keeps stroking me not to hard and not to soft, this feels like heaven. She starts to nibble on my ear that’s sending chills up and down my body. Shit I don’t think I can handle anymore.
“Joyce please stop now. I can’t take anymore.”
“Ok, keep in mind even if you come accidently it will be four weeks.” She starts licking and nibbling at my ear. “Thing is if you come accidentally. I will unlock you in 2 weeks and then torment you before I lock you back up and not let you come.”
She kisses me some more and starts on my neck and then moves to my chest and starts to suck on my tit and bites it and sucks some more. I didn’t know I could feel like this having my tit sucked on it was starting to send tingles through my body. She grabbed my cock again and started stroking. I was lost it felt so good I didn’t care what happened anymore I just wanted this to go on forever. I was lost in pleasure. She came back up and started kissing me her tongue was all over the inside of my mouth. Then she sped up the strokes. All of a sudden I felt it coming on and couldn’t hold back I tried to stop her but it was to late. I erupted. I tried to break away from her mouth but it was all over.
“Oh god, oh no, not now.” It felt fantastic but now I’m looking at 4 weeks. She stops kissing me and looks down at her hand and slides it up catching most of my cum.
“Well Glen why didn’t you stop me?”
“I tried to but you where kissing me and I couldn’t.”
“Ok let’s clean my hand off.” She brings her hand up and presses it against my mouth. “Open wide and lick me clean.” There was nothing I could do I opened up and licked her hand off.
She gets up and goes and gets a clean washcloth and cleans me up.
“Well Glen I guess that does it for today. I’ll put my Fidelity Enforcer back on you.” Now after coming twice in less than 30 minutes I was soft and figured it would take me at least 10 minutes to recover and get hard again, more than enough time to get the cage back on.
"I cleaned my cage earlier so it would be ready for you. Let me put some lotion in the cage and on your cock. Now let’s get the ring on.” She pushes my balls through and pulls on my sack while maneuvering my cock through the opening. She definitely knows what she’s doing it took less than 20 seconds then she positions the cage and slides it up my cock uses her finger to press my skin down and away from the under the ring and I hear the horrible double click. It’s over in less than a minute. She leaves for a couple of minutes then returns and goes into the closet. I hear her fumbling with the safe and then hear it click shut.
“Since I told Janet it would be at least another hour why don’t I take the handcuffs off and we can neck for a while.” She grabs the key on the dresser and unlocks me arms. Oh that feels good. I swing my arms down and rub my wrists for a while’ Joyce goes to the other side of the bed and climbs in and lies on her back.
“Glen come over here and lay on top of me.” I do as she says and she starts kissing me and grabs my ass and squeezes. She rolls over on her side pulling me with her. All the while she’s kissing me with that tongue of hers swishing around and trying to deep throat me. She shoves her lower leg between mine and her upper leg over my other leg I decide to grab her ass and massage her. Now her back is away from the camera so I figure I could maybe get my finger in her ass, the rod is in the way but it pushes to the side fairly well. Now there is no way a cock could get in there but a finger isn’t too hard. I start moving in and out of her while flexing my knuckle.
“Glen what are you doing? Oh I don’t care anymore just keep going.” Then she assaults my mouth again. I manage to break away from her mouth and start nibbling on her ear. “Oh yes just keep going, that feel so good Janet’s going to kill me but it feels do damn good,” She starts to pant and it only takes a few more minutes and she peaks and her body shakes and trembles for a minute or so. I decide we both had enough and pull my finger out.
“Joyce I think we better stop and get cleaned up. Jan’s going to kill the both of us as it is. I don’t want her to torture us before our deaths though.”
“Ok your right, were both in trouble I said it would be 4 weeks and it still is. I just hope Janet doesn’t make you wait until she gets her belt. I not sure she’ll let me alone with you again. Lets get up and go downstairs and I’ll call Janet and tell her to come home.”
We head downstairs wearing nothing but our devices. It only takes Jan 5 minutes before she’s walking through the door.
She comes over and gives me a huge kiss. “Glen do you have any energy left for me.”
I lied “Yeah plenty left. Why don’t we sit down for a while? Have you had lunch yet?”
“Not really just a snack bar. You want to help me make some sandwiches? Wait a minute something is different about you. Oh my, mom shaved you. She told me she might I just didn’t think she would. What do you think about it?”
“What’s to think I didn’t have a say in the matter she just did it. I guess it will be alright, I'll see how it feels in a few days. You said something about lunch.”
“You want to give me a hand making lunch?”
“Sure Sweetie.” I’m hoping she doesn’t look at the video until next week when I’m not here.
“Glen can you grab paper plates out of the cupboard and a bag of chips. So how did it go this morning?” Now this is a loaded question.
“It went ok I think I can make it another two weeks now.”
“Great let’s get sandwiches made and we’ll talk about how everything went while eating, I’m starved.” We make sandwiches grab a bag of chips and head out to the patio where Joyce is at. I think she is avoiding Jan.
Hi mom, we made lunch, did everything go ok?”
“It went wonderfully, although Glen can’t get off again for the next four weeks.”
“Why’s that, did he screwed up somehow?”
Yep I told him he couldn’t come a second time unless he wanted to extend his relief time. Well he just couldn’t help himself.”
“So Glen’s going to be locked up for the whole four weeks?”
“No he’s going to get teased really bad then locked back up without any real relief in two weeks. Glen that’s what we agreed on right?”
“Yes Joyce, I don’t have a choice do I?”
“No I guess you don’t. You have to admit that this was the best orgasm of your life.”
“Well yeah I guess that’s true it was. But four more weeks I’ll never make it.”
“You should have thought about that when you told me to continue. Just think if two weeks was this good what do you think it will be like after four weeks? See you never knew how good things can be with a little bit of denial. The male body starts to crave it so much when it finally happens your body just explodes. If you were jerking off everyday that would never happen, by denying yourself you end up with something that’s a lot better.” I had to agree it was the best orgasm I had since I was twelve, when everything was new.
“I guess if you put it that way. It was a lot of fun.”
“See Janet it’s working out just fine. Glen’s starting to realize just how good he has it now. By wearing the Enforcer he gets to sleep with you caress you whole body give you great orgasms, and he learns how to really make a woman happy and content. Those are lessons that would have taken him years to learn if he ever did. Glen you have to admit that 2 weeks ago you had no idea how to satisfy a woman and make her happy, right?”
“Your right I have learned a lot and I know I should be happy. I know if I wasn’t wearing your cage I wouldn’t be here and this afternoon wouldn’t have happened.” I don’t know why but all of a sudden it doesn’t seem so bad I did have the best sex ever even if it wasn’t in a pussy. “You know I think this might just work out, but I’m still not sure about 4 weeks.”
“Sweetie you really mean that you’re going to be happy wearing the Enforcer for the next 4 years.”
“I think it’s worth a try and right now I think it will work out I’m just going to have to take 2 weeks at time.”
“Oh Glen, thank you.” She comes over and sits in my lap and gives me a mouth watering kiss. “Glen I love you.” Oh shit she said the “L” word. She probably expects me to say the same thing. The problem is I am in love with her and I’m falling for her mom.
“I love you to.”
“I think the two of you should finish lunch and go and have some alone time together.”
“Glen, I think mom’s right we need to be alone.”
We finished lunch and hurried up to her room where I gave her orgasm after orgasm for the next two hours, until she collapsed. Man my neck and tongue were sore. We went in and used her mom’s tub again and just relaxed for the next hour. Joyce came in to tell us dinner would be ready in 30 minutes. The day just flew by. I'm hoping she forgot about the recording. We got out I dried her off then myself.
“Glen I’m going to take a peek at the video before coming down for dinner.”
“Ok you want me to stay up here with you?”
“No just go on down and I be down shortly.”
“Ok.” Oh crap we are going to get hell for what’s on that video. Hopefully she won’t watch too much of it.
“Hi Joyce, Jan’s watching the video, If she gets to far into it were going get thrashed. Dinner smells great. Can I help with anything in here?”
“Well the table is set and dinner is almost ready. Why don’t you pour coffee for us? She pulls lasagna and garlic bread out of the oven and dishes up tossed salad that’s made up in a large bowl. “You can take these bowls of salad out to the table also.” She takes the pan of lasagna out to the table and then grabs the bread. On her way back to the table she yells out. “Janet, dinner’s ready.”
“Glen hopefully I’m getting her down here soon enough, before she has time to get to the really good or maybe I should say the bad stuff.”
I pull out the chair for Joyce and do the same for Janet when she finally gets to the table. We serve ourselves up ranch style passing the pan around and the toast.
“Well the video is really interesting it seems to get better as it goes along, I’m going to have to finish scrolling through it after dinner. There isn’t anything that you don’t want me to see is there?” I think were being baited. “Glen, why don’t you tell me how it all went, and how you felt about mom getting you off by titty fucking you.” I purposely had a mouth full of lasagna.
“Um well” I swallowed hard, and take my time clearing my mouth and throat. “Well Glen how was she?” How was she, that doesn’t sound good at all.
“Janet, Sweetie I was handcuffed to the bed I couldn’t do anything about it.
“So you’re throwing mom under the bus and letting her take all the blame. I’ll get to her in a minute right now I want to know how it made you feel.
“I have to be honest, I was in such a state after two weeks I just let what happen, happen. And yes it was really nice. I’m sorry Janet you have the video there’s not much more I can say.”
“How did it make you feel having her titty fuck you?”
“Janet, Baby, It was nice and it felt, well it felt wonderful, I just wish it were you instead.”
“Did you think about me at all while mom worked you over and kept rubbing that cock of mine?”
“Of course I did I wanted it to be you, not your mom.”
“Glen, I’m going to have to think of something that is appropriate for the crime. As for you Mother Dear, We will talk about this later. There will be some changes made. I want a boyfriend of my own. I don’t want a sister wife especially not my mom. After you fucked him is there anything worse I’m going to see on the video?”
Janet, please it wasn’t Glen’s fault and you didn’t say I couldn’t use my tits, just not my mouth.”
“Well I just want to finish dinner for now. Then I’ll finish watching the video and figure out what will happen with the two of you.” I just kept my mouth shut it wouldn’t have done any good anyways. God himself could have come down and gave his blessing and it wouldn’t have changed anything. Now what’s this sister wife thing. Something else I’ll have to look up, I don’t think asking either of them at this time is a good idea.
The rest of the meal was very quiet. I tried not to look at either of them. Them being nude has lost the newness of it all and now just seems normal. Joyce still has her chastity belt on. I’m thinking Janet’s not giving her the key for a few days. Janet finishes her meal gets up without saying anything and walks up stairs.
“Well Glen I think she’s a little upset, I’ll go up try to calm her down maybe I can distract her a little here and there. Why don’t you clean up and then sit in the living room and watch some TV.”
“Ok, maybe I should just make my escape.”
“Wouldn’t do you any good she’d just track you down.” She turns and heads upstairs.
I finish the dishes, and sat on the couch. I’m not in the mood for TV, movies or video games right now. There is no way I can take licking a shitty ass again I rather have the whipping even double the amount at this point would be ok. I may not have been at fault in the beginning but by the end we were both in the wrong. I just love the feel of both of them. I know I have to give up Joyce, but I think I’m going to have a hard time of it. Another half hour goes by and they’re still up there. I thought about going up, but just call me chicken. It’s now a little after eight and still no sign of either of them. Finally at 8:30 they come down. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. I stand up like a gentleman and wait for them to take a seat. Joyce sits on the chair opposite of the couch. Jan sits next to me. She doesn’t look happy and looks like she may have been crying. This can’t be good.
“Glen how could you; you knew it was worse towards the end.” You got mom off on purpose, she didn’t even ask you to or threaten you. I can’t trust mom to be alone with you. I didn’t mind the kissing and an occasional groping but both of you went way beyond that. I’ve decided” Here it comes I know this is going to be bad for me. “that mom is not going to kiss you anymore, an occasional hug when appropriate is ok, but nothing else. She is not going to unlock you and take care of your needs anymore either. I will do that from now on. I do have to agree with mom that I can’t be alone with you unless one of us is wearing a chastity device. I’m sorry Glen but until my belt arrives you won’t be unlocked. You brought this on yourself and you know you deserve it.” I couldn’t say anything, a shitty ass now sounded like a better deal. Eight weeks I can’t go eight weeks but she’s right I do deserve it. I just stared at her with a blank look like a deer staring into headlights.
“Couldn’t you just beat me instead I can’t go eight weeks, I am really sorry.”
“It doesn’t matter how sorry you are, everything has been decided and mom’s keeping hers on for another 4 weeks. Glen I don’t want to hear anymore about this I’ve decided what has to happen. I’ve let my mom pretty much set all the rules about your locked chastity. Well that changing I’m going to have a much greater voice on how things work from here on out. Basically nothing is changing as far as your being locked up. I’m just taking over the responsibility of when its time for you to be unlocked. You will still give me all the oral sex I want. I will still kiss smooch and cuddle with you, we will still be naked around the house. It’s just that physical contact between you and my mother we be limited to that of a normal daughter’s boyfriend and her mother. Any punishments and any lengths between when you get to be released will now be up to me, my mother will have little say in the matter. You still have to give her your love and respect, but as my boyfriend not as her lover. You will still take me out on dates and we will still have a lot of fun. I will get over this in a few days. You can hope that in a week or two I may reevaluate your situation and maybe I’ll figure out how to let you out sooner, I don’t think I will though. You are not to ask me for any lenience between now and when my belt shows up, you are not to beg I don’t want to hear anything about your punishment. Just take it like a man you were acting like a fully grown adult and made a fully grown adult decision when you put your finger up my mother’s ass and got her off. You were kissing her passionately like you were really her lover. I’m getting the feeling that you’re starting to have really deep feelings for her and I am putting a stop to that right here and now. I’m not going to whip you, I’m not going to make you lick my crappy ass, maybe a clean one next week when I settle down. Right now I’m too upset to have you sleep with me, you can sleep on the couch for tonight. No you are not going home I may want you tomorrow right now I’m just upset and need to think things through. Glen I really do think you can be a great boyfriend of mine and I am falling in love with you. I think you’re in love with me also. We just have to work through this.
“Glen there’s some pie and ice cream in the kitchen, go and dish some up for me and I guess for my mother. You don’t need any.”
I get up and do as I’m asked. I’m in a state of shock what have I brought down on myself. She was such a nice cute girl that seemed to go along with my captivity only because she had to. Now she’s becoming a very domineering woman. I know I love her and I know I deserve this but she’s changing. I’m not sure if I like this change or not. God she is becoming a really strong woman who can speak her mind and I guess keep me in line. I’m torn between how I used to be, free and macho, to be a locked servant. Where are all these feelings coming from?
“Here’s your dessert, Sweetie and here’s your, Ma’am."
“Thank you Glen, I’m sorry.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“Glen come over here and sit with me while I finish my pie and ice cream.”
I sit down wondering what’s next. Somehow I know to just keep my mouth shut.
“Mother are you finished with your pie and ice cream.”
“Yes Janet I’m done.”
“Glen, collect the dishes and rinse them and put them in the dishwasher and turn it on. When you’re finished cleaning up the kitchen you can get a blanket and a pillow out of the lining closet and make yourself a bed on the couch. I will talk to you again in the morning. Good night Glen, Goodnight mother I think it’s time for you to go to bed also.”
“Yes Janet, Goodnight Janet, goodnight Glen.
“Goodnight Ma’am, Goodnight Janet.” They head upstairs. Seems like I’ve been turned into Janet’s slave. I can’t believe the way she talking to her mother and ordering her around. My god what have I gotten myself into. I could contest the eight weeks but that contract is a little vague on what constitutes a reason for a penalty and she has that video. I’m sure she made herself a copy of it on some flash drive. I finish up the kitchen and made my bed and laid down. What a roller coaster ride today has been.
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