What It Means to Give and Not Receive Chapter 5 and 6

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What It Means to Give and Not Receive Chapter 5 and 6

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Chapter 5 Nothing Like Confusion

Alarm goes off at 6:30. Shit another day at work.
Day went as usual, file this, get that. No one noticed anything different about me, the bulge barely showed and then only when standing in a certain way. I used the stalls for peeing.
It did seem to become less noticeable, but I still knew it was there.
That night I went over to see Janet. They were both naked when I came in. We headed up to her room and got her off a half dozen times. We talked a while.
“Glen Honey, thank you for coming over I really needed that, but it's getting late and I need to get some sleep.” She walks me downstairs and her mom greets us.
“Glen, you’re leaving now.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“Well I could hear you took care of Jan, Thank you.” And she gives me a hug and a kiss. Nothing real big just a peck.
Jan gives me a much bigger kiss and says thanks for coming over.
“See you tomorrow night.”
“Sure Sweetie about 7 ok.”
“Sounds good.”
She opens the door and I leave. Damn I feel like I'm being used. Joyce was a lot more reserved, Jan must have laid into her. Verbally I guess and not physically. I didn't see any marks on her ass. Mine is getting better but is black and blue.
That night I was going nuts, I needed to cum so badly, finally got to sleep around midnight. Alarm went off at 6:30 Well I'll be, didn't wake up last night in pain. I guess I'm adjusting.
Next day at work same thing as always, I'm getting more pent up as the day goes by. I start thinking I got get out of this contract. Maybe my boss knows of a good lawyer. I know he has contracts that he signs all the time he has to have an attorney look then over. It was about 3 pm when I ran into my boss.
“Mr. Bingham, I need to ask you something.”
“Sure Glen what is it.”
“I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of an attorney I could talk to?”
“What kind of problem do you have, it isn't any kind of criminal matter is it.”
“Criminal, oh no, it a personal matter.”
“Are we talking about, personal injury, family matters, disputes between different parties? There are different types of attorneys that specialize in different areas of the law. So it would be helpful to know a little more so I could direct you to the right attorney.”
“Well it’s a personal contract between 3 people.”
“Ok, our company attorney, Mr. Singleton, handles most all of our contracts. Do you have a contract you want him to look at?”
“Yes it is a contract.”
“I could give him a call and see if he's available. He is somewhat expensive, but he is very good and shrewd. Being this is your first time seeing him he'll probably give you discount. So did you want me to call him?”
“Yes sir that would be great.”
An hour later, I'm called to Mr. Bingham office.
“Glen, I called Mr. Singletons office, his secretary said he has an opening at 2 pm Thursday. If you have a copy of the contract and could drop it off at his office in the morning, he could look it over and talk to you on Thursday. You can take a late lunch break if you want. He's in the building on the 12th floor, so it’s easy to get to.”
“Thank you Mr. Bingham.” And I went back to work.
After work I went home and ate dinner with mom. Then cleaned up the kitchen and went upstairs. I’m starting to go nuts and it hasn't even been 4 days yet. I have to endure this for 14 days. I can't wait to get this over, then what, it goes back on and another 14 days. I hope this attorney can help. I called Janet and said I'd come over after I took a shower. She tells me not to, just come over and we can take a relaxing bath together. She would ask her mom if we could use her tub.
I get there about seven. Janet swings the door open with her naked as ever, and gives me a huge kiss while anyone passing be could see her naked. So I try to get inside to close the door, but she stands her ground and keeps kissing me. I think she might be an exhibitionist. Finally I manage to get us inside and the door closed. “Hi Joyce, how are tonight?”
“I'm fine Glen, why don’t you make yourself comfortable and get out of those clothes.”
"You mean right now?"
"Of course right now, I think I need to make a new rule. Anytime you’re over here and were both in our Naturalist state, you have to be the same."
"Naturalist state, you mean naked?"
"Yeah I guess that's what being in a Naturalist state is, the way you born, stark naked, as nature intended."
“What about my cage can I get it off?”
“Nice try but the keys are not available.”
Oh shit what's next I'm thinking. I peel my clothes off. "So you’re saying from now on I have to be naked when I'm here?"
"Well since were usually nude I guess you could say that."
Mom, we’re going to go up and use your bathtub and relax, ok?"
"Sure Honey, but Glen hasn't given me a proper greeting yet."
She steps over to me and gives me a big hug with hands on my butt and her tongue down my throat.
"Somehow you missed that greeting yesterday, were not going to let that happen again, are we."
"No Joyce, were definitely not going to miss a proper greeting anymore." Now I didn't mind kissing her and all, but Janet is watching the whole spectacle.
"Ok you two, upstairs you go."
Janet tells me to fill the tub, and she'll be right back. Now this tub is fairly large and sits in a corner with two sides at a 90 degree angle for two people to sit in each corner. Or two people sit together in almost any position it' a big tub, and takes a while to fill. Meanwhile, Janet returns where she went and for what I don't know, maybe had to crap or something. She slides in and tells me to come in behind. So I slide in behind her with my legs at the side of hers. I put my arms around her and cup her breasts and then lean back against the back of the tub and pull her back with me. "Janet you know this is really nice, being able to hold you like this."
"Honey, you don't mind mom kissing you like that do you?"
I'm thinking this is a trap, no matter what I say it will be wrong.
"Well it's kind of strange having your girlfriends mom paw and kiss me with you standing there watching me. Now I'm not saying it would be any less strange if you weren't watching me."
"But your not to uncomfortable with it?"
How am I going to get out of this. " Sweetie, if you don't mind us kissing, and it makes you happy, I let your mom kiss me, since it seems to make both of you happy. After all, my job is to keep you happy. If it means keeping your mom happy then that's what I'll do."
“So you’re saying you'll kiss her because you feel obligated, and it doesn't give you any enjoyment kissing her?"
Shit this is a trap, she keeps twisting my words. If I say I enjoy it I'm in trouble if I say I'm just appeasing her, then I'm saying to her mom it's fake. "Sweetie, baby, what I'm trying to say is I don't mind her kissing me anymore it was really weird at first, but I can get used to it. She is a good kisser, and I think I'm learning a little more about the art of kissing. I did agree to give both of you my love and respect. I'm learning to give her my love just as I give you all my love. It's just hard to be shared like this. I'm supposed to be devoted to you. You want me to make your mom happy to, so I guess I will learn how to divide up my attention for the two of you, but you have to come first. I mean I think I'm falling in love with you all over again, which makes this so hard."
"Oh Glen do you really love me?" She says as she's turning around to face me. Oh crap I think I stepped into it. I got out of one hole and stepped into a deeper one using the "L" world. Now were face to face with her legs over my hips, damn this cage, I could easily slip into her in this position if it weren't for that blasted cage.
"Oh Glen Honey, that is so sweet of you to say those things, it make my heart start racing. Put your hand here and feel it." With my hand on the lower part of her left breast and her rib cage, I feel her heart beat and it is racing. What have I done, maybe this will work out. She starts kissing me. My cage is trying to pull away from my body again but soon succumbs to the pressure on my balls and backs off again. Damn this cage, but I wouldn't be here if it wasn't on me. I'm developing a love hate relationship with this devil's device.
After a few minutes she gets her composure and tells me were supposed to be getting clean not just making out, and reaches over and hands me the soap. “Start washing.” I oblige and start at her neck and work down to her breast and stomach, with everything else underwater she turns around and I do her back. She stands up so I can continue, with her butt. I make sure and get way in between her butt cheeks and do a deep penetrating cleaning job. I reach around with my free hand and start cleaning between her other crack and do a real deep cleaning there also. She's now panting and starts to buck but I have a hold of her both front and back. Her bucking just forcing one set of fingers or the other set to slide in and out of her. She starts to scream and pant, then her legs collapse and her body slips back into the water I try to keep my fingers in but the one in her ass pulls out. I keep stroking her pussy and with my free hand I play with her clit and she just keeps moaning and heaving. It lasts a good minute, before she comes down. I don't know why but I'm starting to get a lot of enjoyment seeing her get off so hard. I don't understand it. I know I'm not going to get any relief, but I get so turned on when she gets off. I think I must be going crazy it doesn't make any sense. I know I'm starting to love getting her off and maybe I am really falling for her. Her breathing is slowly returning to normal, all the while I keep a slow steady pace on stroking her.
"Honey, that was great. I think you need to stop for now. Let me get you washed up, ok."
She has me stand up in the tub and starts washing me from my neck to just below the knees. I sit in the back corner of the tub and raise my legs as she finishes my legs and feet.
We drain the tub and rinse off. I dry her off and she dries me. I get out her mom's hair dryer and dry everything off. I grabbed the hand lotion and put some around the ring.
"Honey can we go back down and sit with mom, and watch a movie she has one of the old John Wayne movies we like?"
Ok, sure Sweetie." I know I'm heading for the lion’s den but what could I say.
I sat between them, She had a bowl of popcorn and some cold drinks out looked like coke or pepsi. I think I am being set up.
"Hi you two, did you get all cleaned up and refreshed."
"Yes Ma’am, Joyce, I think so."
"Yeah mom, I feel real refreshed."
"Well I got some soft drinks and made some popcorn for us." She started the movie and dimmed the lights. True Grit one of my favorites. Within minutes both women had there hands on my upper thighs. Janet decided she needed more attention and stuck my hand between her legs. So I started to slowly stroke her, I thought this time I was going to take a long time before she would come. Her mom had her head resting on my shoulder while Janet just laid her back against the sofa.
I tried to stay focused on the movie but really couldn't luckily I had seen it several times before and really didn't need to.
I found my left arm being pulled around Joyce's shoulder and my hand placed on her breast. Janet pretty much told me to give here mom some happiness as long as I didn't get her off. My butt still hurt a little and is still shows bruise marks. You would think I'm having the time of my life, which I sorted of am. But I know I'm not going to get to screw either of them and I can't get myself off. Joyce is moaning a little from my breast massage while I keep speeding up and down on Janet's pussy, I keep this going for the next 10 minutes.
"GLEN, HONEY! If you don't keep the speed up I will kill you, this is maddening." She whispers in my ear.
I speed up slightly but just barely touch her, she's getting irritated. I start applying more pressure and can hear her breathing get harder, I slow down again then stop and start rubbing her inner thighs.
"GLEN PLEASE, I can’t take this."
"Ok just a few more minutes and I’ll get you off."
"You better, if you know what's good for you."
So, I relent and start in earnest, just before she’s about to start I slow down for a few seconds then speed up and slow down. She digs her fingers into my leg, I hold back a scream, man that hurts. So I give in and start to get her off. Shit I thought my fingers in her ass and pussy at the same time got her off. She started bucking and screaming and thrashing about, like some wild animal. Her mom turned her head and just stared. She went on like this for a couple of minutes before she came down. Then I grabbed the inside of her thighs and started squeezing. She bolted up straight and screamed her muscles just tensed up.
"Glen, Stop, I can't take it anymore." I just kept squeezing.
She was almost in tears when I stopped. After several minutes her breathing was back to normal. Her mom just stared at us. I had stopped her breast massage several minutes earlier.
Janet turned to me and gave me a very long sweet kiss, with just a little bit of tongue now and then.
Her mom grunted a little which broke us off.
“What is it mom, I’m busy”
"I just wondered how long you would be, I have unfinished business with him. It seems he gave you more than you can handle anyways."
"I guess he did give me about as much as I can take, it was incredible. I'll let you have him for a while, but remember what I said he is not to get you off, that he reserves for me."
These women are talking about me like I wasn't there; things seem to be getting weirder everyday.
"Ok, Glen my turn." She pulls my head over and starts giving my mouth a thorough tongue lashing. I give in and kiss her back and palm her tits and ass she pushes me back onto the couch with my head now in Jan's lap. I start rubbing her back and run my other hand down to her ass and start squeezing her cheeks. God I am so confused I don't know how far to go, I don't want to disappoint Joyce and I don't want to upset Jan. So I continue keeping my hands away from anything that could get her off. I start to feel her pussy rubbing up against my leg, crap I don't want another whipping. I try to pull my mouth away but with my head cradled in Jan's lap and Joyce's mouth pressed firmly against my lips, I'm trapped. She finally comes up for air panting. "Joyce please stop I can't take another lashing."
"Mom you need to stop now."
"Alright, damn it was feeling so good."
She gives me one last peck and sits up.
Mom, I think I'm going to have Glen get dressed and tell him goodbye so he can go home now. The movie was still running with about 15 minutes to go. I'm glad I've seen it before.
"Come on Honey, let's get you dressed." I find my clothes over on the corner chair. Glen when did you put those underwear on?"
"This morning, why?"
You just took a bath you can't put dirty underwear on. I'll get you a clean pair of underwear."
She heads upstairs and brings down a pair of panties. I put them on without complaining what good would it do. Then the rest of my clothes. We say our goodbyes and I give both of them a hug and kiss.
It's only 9:30 and I think that 3 pairs of speedos is not going to be enough, so I head to Target and pick up 2 more packages.
"HI, mom I home."
"Well I'll say one thing, at least they make you leave at a decent hour. You do need to get some sleep."
"Yes mom, actually I think coming home is probably for the best, or I would never get enough sleep. I’m going to head up to bed now."
"Ok, see you in the morning."
I go up and take an overdue piss. It's easier here than at Target. Having to sit down is really a drag. Back in my room I strip and remove the bright pink floral colored panties, and just flop into bed, naked, well almost.

Chapter 6 The Attorney and Reality

Next morning I get dressed, stuff the panties in my pocket and grabbed the pair in the back of my drawer. Don't want my mom asking questions. Get the papers out of the back of the closet and make copies on my all in one printer, copier. Put mine back and go down for breakfast.
“Morning, mom’”
“I made you an egg sandwich, it’s on the table.”
“Thanks mom.”
“Why don’t you bring Janet by for Sunday dinner, so I can get to know her better?”
“I can talk to her this week about it and see if it’s ok.”
“Great, Glen I’m running a little late, so I’ll see you tonight.”
“Ok mom, see you later.”
I stuff the panties in my glove box, and head to work. On my 10 O’clock break I head up to the 12th floor.
The office was huge and had a great view of the city and you could see all the way to the lake. This place must cost a fortune.
I walk up to the receptionist desk. “Good morning, I’m Mr. Havert I was told to drop off some papers for Mr. Singleton.”
“I can take those for him, He’s in court now, but I’ll be sure he gets them when he returns.”
I hand her the papers and go back to work. I decide to take a piss and go into the bathroom up here. Damn this floor has individual bathrooms with a locking door. I figure this is as good a time as any to see if I can use a urinal. Trying to pull myself out with just unzipping my pants is really hard to get pulled up and out then my balls are caught on the sides and takes some effort to get out. I try and make sure everything is lined up and then go. I keep dripping and have to hobble over to the stall for paper. Stuff some paper in and dry off. Well it can be done, but not easily and if anyone else is around it may be difficult to conceal. I guess I’ll be sitting from now on. I hope this attorney can get my out of this. I finish up my day without any problems other than being horny, and needing to jerk off. As I’m heading to my car I get a call from Jan.
“Hi Glen, me and mom are having a few difficulties after what happened with you and her the last few days, and we have to come to some better arrangements. So I need you to stay home tonight so I can work something out with her that’s more appropriate with the three of us.”
“Oh, so you don’t want me over tonight?”
“Oh, I really want you to come over, but I need to talk this out with her otherwise you may end up with another spanking, and I really don’t want that.”
“Well if you put it that way, I’ll stay at home and get caught up with stuff.” “Thanks Glen, I think we probably need a break anyways. Why don’t you plan on picking me up on Friday and you can take me out somewhere.”
“What about tomorrow night?”
“Let’s play it by ear and see what happens between now and tomorrow.”
“Ok what would you like to do on Friday?”
“I not sure, maybe go to dinner, but not a fast food place, somewhere nice and romantic ok.”
“Ok Sweetie, you want me to call you later.”
“Sure make it after 9 though, I think my talk with mom may get heated and lengthy.”
“Ok, talk to you later.”
I drive home.
“Hi mom, I’m home.”
“Dinner will be ready in half an hour.”
“Ok I’ll be up in my room.”
I decide to use the time to get on the internet and do some research on this damn thing. I google chastity devices, I was shocked to find so many website dealing in Male chastity, not many for females. The devices went from simple tubes to full belts, unbelievable. The articles kept saying men wanted and needed this, I think they’re nuts. I found this site called chastityforums.com. It had all kinds of information and stories, Seems to be less extreme than some of the other sites. I’m going to have to go back there and check out more things. Now it’s off to dinner.
I told mom I was staying home tonight and Jan had to talk to her mom about a few things. After dinner I cleaned everything up and headed back upstairs. I needed to do some more research. I tried to find more info on my device and couldn’t find anything. I did find Franks website but nothing about that side of his business. I went looked at other sites and found a lot of them were way out there. Being cockheld, something I never dreamed of before, restraints, whippings, I could not believe all this. I read some of the fantasy stories, most were unbelievable, but some I can now see happening. I may just join a couple of forums and see what others think of my situation. I strip and climb into bed wanting to get off in the worst way.
That damn alarm went off again, I hate getting up in the morning. I’m beginning to get stir crazy, I got to get this thing off and jerk off.

I took a late lunch to go and meet with the attorney.
“Come on in Mr. Havert, I’m Mr. Singleton.”
He holds out his hand to shake mine. “Nice to meet you Mr. Singleton, I hope you can help.”
“Well come on into my office and we will discuss your contract. First of all let’s discuss my fee, normally I charge $400.00 and hour, for an initial consultation I cut that in half. In this particular case after reviewing the contract and doing a little internet research I decided to charge you a flat $50.00 fee. This is the first I’ve heard of chastity devices and belts and it’s a little fascinating.”
“Oh, 50 dollars is great. So what do you think?”
“Well to start with it is very well written and you maybe stuck, but let me ask you a few things first, and will see what can be done.”
You initialed that you understood what was in the contract. Is that correct?”
“Yeah, I kind of new what it said, but I had no idea what was going to be placed on me.”
“When did you first learn of this device.” “Two weeks before I signed this on Saturday.”
“Why don’t you explain to me the sequence of events that led you up the point of your signing this agreement.”
I explain to him Joyce’s requirements and what she required for me to do so I could date Janet. I go on to tell him how I had to sign a form saying I can’t sue him, and giving him permission to install it on me. And the one saying no one gave me legal advice, and if I needed one to contact an attorney.
“So you had 2 weeks from when you were measured to when you signed this and the device was installed?”
“That’s correct.”
“Who was present when you signed everything?”
“Frank Upton, his secretary, who is also his wife, and his niece Pamela who notarized the contract.”
“Where were Mrs. and Miss Watson?”
“I don’t know I think at home?”
“Which is on the other side of town?”
“I see by the date that they signed it the same day, was that before or after you signed it?”
“It was already signed when I got it.”
“So after you signed it, the device was put on you. Then what did you do?”
“Well I went to Target, then went home to look this thing over.”
“When did you see Miss Watson?”
“About a half hour later, it was almost noon.”
“Where was this at and what happened?”
“It was at her home, Mrs. Watson examined me to make sure I had it on and was secured, then had Janet look at it. Then she suggested I take Janet out and have some fun and gave me 100 dollars to spend on her. We went to the fair grounds for the day, came back to her house and had dinner with her mom and watched a movie. Then we went to bed.”
“So you slept with her and performed sex acts with her?”
“Yes sir.”
“Well here’s what I see, no one held a gun to your head or forced you to sign the contract. You had no physical contact with either of them for two weeks prior to signing. You signed it separately and in a different part of town. It’s notarized. You signed a statement saying no one gave you legal advice and if you needed one to seek it. You had two weeks after being measured to figure out that this thing would be put around your penis so you could not have intercourse. The way you describes the measuring process, one would have to assume it was something which would cover your genitals. You initialed the document saying you understood what it said, and it is written in plain language not legalize. The contract has a clause to force compliance through court action, which most of the sample contracts of this nature I’ve seen on the internet seem to lack and become somewhat unenforceable. It also has a severability clause, which means even if we can get one portion thrown out the rest is still enforceable. Miss Watson fulfilled her part of the agreement by allowing you to sleep with her and have access to her body and sexually stimulate her, I take it she had orgasms. By Mrs. Watson giving her approval and allowing you to spend the night in her house with her daughter in her bed she fulfilled her part of the agreement. Her giving you money to spend on her daughter reinforces her position that she gave her full support and approval of your relationship with her daughter. By signing this and allowing the device to be put on you willingly, you have consented and agreed to the contract. It’s appears that they have covered their bases fairly well. I think Mrs. Watson either has more knowledge in these matters or was well advised.”
“So what you are telling me is I’m stuck for the next four years.”
“At least four years could be eight you know.”
“What do you mean eight years?”
“Didn’t you read the option clause in the contract?”
“I don’t remember an option clause.”
“Well it says that by giving you a written notice 30 to 60 days before the end of the 4 year period that they can unilaterally extend the contract another 4 years. Mr. Havert, I’m sorry to say this but I don’t see any way out of this. Do you really like this girl?”
“I think I’m in love with her.”
“Then I suggest you do as your told and be very nice to both of them otherwise you may stay locked up without any release for quite a while.”
“Mr. Upton said he knew a fairly wealthy man who had a similar contract that lasted 3 years and wanted out of it. It had a ten year lock up penalty, and a 5 million dollar penalty and he got out of it.”
“That may or may not be true, without seeing his contract I couldn’t tell you if it had any defects or not. The penalties are way out of line though with the length of the contract, anything more than one and a half to two times the length of the contract could be considered excessive and that alone maybe why he won. Yours is more reasonable and falls in line with what would be a normal range.”
“Isn’t $100,000.00 excessive?”
“Not really the average income these days is about 50 to 60 thousand dollars. Two years income, with a payment plan worked out, the courts would consider it within reason. Of course you may find a judge to rule against the monetary amount and either lower it or throw it out, but the rest of the contract would remain in effect.”
“Well thank you for your time, it looks like I’m stuck and will have to learn to accept it.”
“It’s been a pleasure meeting you; I only wish I had better news. Next time please seek legal advice before signing a contract.”
“I don’t think I’ll be signing anything for quite awhile. So do I pay you now or what?”
“Now would be good.”
I hand him fifty dollars, shake his hand and head back to work. I stop at my favorite restroom on the twelfth floor, decide to just sit on the toilet looks like I’m going to have to get used to it. I think I’ve been had, Joyce set me up. She is letting me see her daughter, but she knows we can’t have sex, well I can’t. Seems I have no choice but to give her all the sex she wants and the way she wants. It’s in the contract; I give her all my love and respect all the sex she wants without use of my cock because her Mother has it locked up. I can’t jerk off or even touch myself, even touching my balls doesn’t help they’re pushed up against the cage and everything is so tight. I am falling in love with Janet I don’t know what it is about her that has me so flustered. I should be angry and mad at them I’m sure Jan knew more about this than she’s telling me she must have, but then maybe not her mother is manipulative. I would like to have options on what I can do, but I have none. I’m at Janet’s beck and call. I don’t even dare to look at another girl for fear of them saying I’m flirting or worse. Well I guess I better get back to work. I’m just so horny and need to cum.

“Hi mom, I’m home.”
“Are you going over to Janet’s house after dinner?”
“I was planning on it.”
“Ok maybe we could talk a little over dinner?”
“Ok mom I’m going upstairs.”
I decide to look at some of the things on that website again. It appears that a lot of men are into this type of thing and most are either quite happy, or frustrated but happy. A few are not so happy because their keyholder won’t unlock them. Even with them they don’t seem to be really unhappy. This just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m getting more use to the feel of it and is becoming less noticeable, if I keep my mind on something else to distract me. My phone rings.
“HI Janet, Sweetie.”
“Glen I hate to ask this because I really need you tonight, but I’m still having problems with mom. I think she might go out on a date tomorrow night with this guy at work. She is a real mess right now and I need to reassure her that it’s ok with me that she dates again. It’s been five years since dad died and I know she needs to move on with her life. Seeing how she is around you I know she’s all pent up and needs someone to be with. I’m really sorry Honey; I still want you to take me out tomorrow though. I really need to see you.”
“It’s ok, I really did want to see you tonight. I was wondering if you could ask your mom to unlock me for a few minutes this weekend, I’m just going nuts and I need some relief.”
“I can ask but I know what she is going to say.”
“Well ask her anyways please, she said the key is at the bank and it’s closed on the weekends so she would have to get it tomorrow, and the other one I guess is locked up until next Saturday. Janet I don’t know why I seem to need you so much I just do. I really want to be with you tonight.”
“I know Honey but I need to work this out with mom. I think in the long run it will make it easier for us and she won’t be all over you when you’re here.” I take a long sigh.
“Ok, I really don’t have a choice. I got to go now, I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Ok see you tomorrow.”
Damn it already I need to cum, I need to see Janet at least I would get to feel and suck her tits and have something. God I love her boobs.

“GLEN DINNER.” Mom yells.
“Ok I’ll be right down.”
“Well Glen, tell me more about Janet. And have you asked her to come over for dinner yet?”
“Not yet I haven’t had the opportunity with not seeing her yesterday, and she just called me and cancelled tonight.”
“Is there a problem are you two fighting?”
“No nothing like that, Janet and her mom are having problems.”
“With the two of you or is it something else?”
“No her mom is thinking of dating again and doesn’t know what to do.”
“Oh I know where she’s coming from there’s a couple of guys at work keep asking me out and I keep saying no. But I wonder what it would be like to have another man in my life, or at least go out on a date again.”
“Mom Dad’s been gone what 14 years now and I’m grown up and out of high school. I not sure how I would react to another man around here, but I know you need some happiness too.”
“Well thanks for you reassurance, I’ll think about it.”
“So now what are your plans for tonight?”
“I’m just gong to do some internet surfing and check out what classes I need to sign up for next week for college.”
“Glen, you know I took off the internet site restriction software last week since you’re 18 now and out of school, but don’t get addicted to internet porn, ok.”
“Mom I not going to get hooked on porn, geez.”
“I’m just saying and don’t give out personal information either.”
“Yes mom I know the drill I’ve heard it for ten years now. I’m going upstairs now, goodnight mom.”
“Goodnight son, give me a kiss.”
I decide to look at a little porn anyways, I really haven’t seen that much before, my mom kept tabs of my internet surfing with spy software, and I was told she had complete access to my computer anytime she wanted, and she did check it. I’ve always been somewhat of a loner and didn’t have any really good friends. I would become friends with another guy now and then but not someone I would hang out with all the time. I’m just not sociable with other guys. Girls I didn’t seem to be a problem with until recently. Did a google search on sex not much just sex education article and that kind of stuff. Let’s try fucking sex. That’s what I’m looking for I can’t believe what clicking on a Google link brings up just on the first page. Full videos of every kind of sex imaginable, don’t have to sign up don’t even ask if I’m over eighteen. I’m getting hard and it’s starting to hurt badly and making me more horny and frustrated. I click back to my start page. Shit even if I want to look at porn I hurts me to much. I think I’ll check out those stories Joyce talked about, after all it’s just text no visual. Naked in School, I get about half way though the first story and I’m getting hard and horny and hurting again. I have to stop. Well let’s see about joining that chastity forum site, looks like I’m going to be in this thing for a few years maybe I can get some support there, and nobody needs to know who I actually am.

Alarm goes off another day, at least it’s Friday and the weekend is almost here. One of the architects asks me if I was interested in the field. Well after seeing someone come in with an idea for a house and how it goes from and idea to full drawings with all the plumbing, electrical and stuff it was getting my interest and I could see where it might be something I would want to do. He said I should talk to Mr. Bingham about an apprenticeship program where I could work while going to college and it counts towards college credits. I thanked him for the idea and said I would think about it.
I stop and pick up some flowers on my way home, I guess I have to be the dutiful boyfriend I get a second bouquet for Joyce, and I have to stay in her good graces. I made reservation last night on the restaurant’s website for 7PM. I shower and shave my beard seems to be coming in faster I may need to start shaving twice a week. Put on some cologne and get dressed, Not a suit but real nice shirt and jacket no tie, I hate ties, loose fitting slacks and dress shoes.
“I’m leaving now mom.”
“Wow don’t you look handsome. Well have fun but not to much fun.”
“Yes mom I know and thanks for the compliment. I’m probably going to be out all weekend”
“Are you and Janet going to come over for dinner on Sunday?”
“I’ll ask her I’m sure she would love to come over.”
“Ok, use a condom.”
“Mom, please.” I hurry out the door, giving her a kiss on the cheek on my way out.
I ring the doorbell with two sets of bouquets in hand. Janet opens the door fully dressed this time and dressed to the T.
“Come on in Glen you brought me two sets of flowers how sweet of you.”
“Well actually one is for your mom. You look absolutely stunning.”
“Well thank you, I’ll just take these and put them in a couple of vases.”
I follow her to the kitchen and she retrieves two vases from the cupboard.
I help her fill them up and put the flowers in. “Where’s your mom.”
“She’s upstairs getting ready for her date.”
“Good for her, She needs to get out and have some fun.”
“Honey, why don’t we take these out to the living room and put them on the mantle?” I follow her carrying one of the bouquets. Now Janet is wearing a orange dress semi low cut in the front is a little short comes down to 3 to 4 inches above her knees with a matching belt that pulled it in to show off that hourglass figure she has and flowed over her ass just the right way to make you want to see more. Sheer nylons and a pair of 3 inch black open toed heels. She used a real light orange eye makeup just enough to accent her eyes, I think she might have on false eyelashes. With a light shade of red lipstick. She looked perfect.
“Well hello Joyce, You look absolutely gorgeous.” I thought Janet looked good, her mom looked as good maybe a little better. I would never say that to Janet though. Hair had twirling curls on the sides with blue mascara bright red lipstick she was wearing a very low V cut light blue dress that fell just short of her knees with a wide belt just above her waistline that pulled it in showing off her figure, with matching 5 inch heels.
“Well thank you Glen I would give you a kiss hello but I don’t want to mess up my lipstick. I see two vases of flowers on the mantle is one of those for me.”
“Yes I thought both of you would like them. And I understand about the lipstick. So when’s you date supposed to be here?” Doorbell rings.
“That’s probably him now. Janet can you get the door for me?”
“Come in my mom’s in the living room.”
“Hello Harry, I like you to meet my daughter Janet and her boyfriend Glen. Oh are those for me?” Now I looked cheap mine were combination of daisies, pansies and less expensive flowers. His were about 2 dozen long stem red roses in a vase.
“Let’s put these on the dining room table.”
“Well is everyone ready to go?”
They head out the door with us behind closing and locking the deadbolt. I watch as they get to the car he pushes the remote to unlock the doors and he heads to the driver’s side, Joyce just stands at the door and waits. Seeing her just standing there he comes back around to open her door to let her in. Oh he’s going to have an interesting and probably a short night.
I open the door for Janet and help her in, he looks at us before getting in his car and you can see the look of pain on his face.
I start my car and head out. Now I’m not rich and am not making that much money, but my only expenses are for my auto insurance and gas mom still pays for maintenance. So what money I have I can spend on dating. The restaurant isn’t the most expensive in town but not cheap and is popular and has a band and dance floor in the room adjacent to the restaurant. Also has a very romantic Italian feel to it. We are seated in a back secluded corner with candles lit on the table.
“Glen this is really nice I’ve always wanted to come here.”
“I was hoping you would like it.”
“Welcome to Antonio’s I am Tony and will be your waiter for this evening. Is there anything I can get you to drink before you order?” Not being 21 we ordered soft drinks. Dinner was great. We talked a little bit about her mom dating and I told her I thought it would probably end early.
“Why do you think that?”
“Did you see how she had to wait for him to come back around his car to let her in? He didn’t look to happy about it either.”
“Yeah I see what you mean, He will either get with the program early or mom will get pissed and have him bring her home. She’s a lady that expects to be treated like one. That goes for me too.”
“I know I learned right off the bat. You know it feels really nice to act a gentleman and treat women as such. At first I thought it was a real pain but now it just feels right. I’m still not sure about taking my jacket off and laying it over a mud puddle to be stepped on.”
“If the situation comes up we will see just how much of a gentleman you are.”
Then she leans over and gives me a kiss.
Dinner went well, food was great, and the service was superb.
We headed for the dance side of the restaurant and danced for a couple of hours before calling it a night. It was close to eleven when we got back to her house.
“Glen let’s go up and have some fun. I need to do a little sprucing up so why don’t you turn down the sheets and warm up the bed.” As we get upstairs we see the light from under Joyce’s door. “Mom you’re home.”
“I’m home, I’ll talk to you in the morning.”
“Anyone with you mom?”
“No, no one else is here, goodnight.” And her light goes off. I head for the room while Jan enters the bathroom. She said to warm up the bed. I guess I get in and warm it up. So I strip and climb in to warm things up, but I still need to freshen up myself. Janet takes about fifteen minutes before coming in. I never could understand what takes women so long. She tells me to go and brush my teeth and whatever else I need to do. I take a piss first, brush my teeth and hair, combs in my pants pocket in Jan’s room again, put some cologne on that’s still on the counter. I pull the tissue out wash my hands and head back in.
“Glen my back is real stiff from dancing could you give me a back rub, no lotion though just your hands.”
“Sure Sweetie I’d love to.”
I start at her neck and slowly work down all the while I’m kissing her neck and back as I move down. Now I have never kissed a women’s ass before but it just seemed like the thing to do. This is weird she really smells nice; I thinks she put perfume between her ass cheeks. I’m massaging and kissing her butt and I have no intention of kissing or licking between her cheeks. She starts purring as I run my hand between her legs and her pussy, and then she pulls her knees up a little and spreads her legs, which gives me great access to all of her treasures. She starts to moan.
“Honey I know this is a lot to ask but I heard it feels absolutely wonderful” then she pauses a long time.
“What is it?”
“Well I washed up really well and put some nice smelling perfume on down there so I’m sure I don’t smell bad could you kiss and lick my ass?”
“I thought I was”
“No I mean really lick and kiss me all of it. Please Honey I want to know what it feels like.”
Oh crap she wants me to lick her asshole. Now I know what took her so long and why she smells so good down here. I gave in and started at the top of her crack and slowly work down. Meanwhile she was now up on her knees and I was rubbing her pussy and got my three fingers in again. She didn’t smell or taste bad I guess she cleaned real well, but when I got to her rosebud I decided maybe I could stick my finger in and just work around it. She was getting pretty soaked so I got as much lube on my hand and spit on ass and worked my thumb in all the while licking around her hole. With both her holes penetrated I reached around with my free hand and started on her clit. That’s all it took, she started bucking against my face and kept going for a couple of minutes before she came down.
“Honey that was wonderful could you roll over on to your back?” I rolled over pulling my fingers out of her. Now I’m on my back with my face looking at her dripping pussy. She lowers herself down and I start licking again. After a couple of minutes she pulls her legs under her and sits up with my face pressed against her I start to lick some more, she starts panting again. She lifts up and swings her self around and sits back down on my face, my nose is in her ass. Now I now what is meant by being a brown noser. I have little choice but to start licking her again and she starts to move back and forth forcing my tongue to go between her pussy and ass I end up licking her rosebud anyways.
“Oh Glen honey keep that up it feels sooooo gooood.” She keeps moaning and then the bucking and screaming starts again I try to keep contact but keep losing her. But she keeps grinding her pussy against my face and that seems to be all she needs. She gets off a couple more times and tells me she has had enough for now. Climbs off me and lies on her back. “Glen why don’t you go and wash your face and brush your teeth also be sure and use some mouthwash.”
I don’t know what else to do but go and do as she commands. I climb back into bed and she tells me to snuggle up behind her and hold her. I’m still wearing the Speedos didn’t see any reason to take them off. I cup her breast and she falls asleep. It takes me an hour to get to sleep I just keep thinking what the hell is happening to me. I just finished licking her asshole and afterwards didn’t care and if she asked again I would probably oblige.
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