What It Means to Give and Not Receive Chapter 3

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What It Means to Give and Not Receive Chapter 3

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Looks like my chapters are to long to be posted so It will be posted with less chapters each.

Chapter 3 The Adjustment Time.

What the hell just happened and what have I agreed to. I get dressed and walk to the front counter. Joan hands me a packet and tells me everything I need to know about the Fidelity Enforcer is in the envelope along with copies of what I signed today.
She tells me good luck with my girl and just try to have some fun with it.
I walk out and to my car. This thing is hitting me between my legs, I don't think boxer shorts are going to work anymore. I need some support. A jock strap would probably work but I'm not wearing one of those 24/7 Maybe I can pick up some regular briefs on the home. I drive to a Wal-Mart I saw on the way over, pick up a package of men's briefs and head home.

“Hi, mom I'm home but will be leaving in little while.”
“Hey, are you ever going to take that girl out you talk to every night?”
“I'm going over there in a little while mom.”
“Who is this new girl anyways, what is she like.”
“Well actually you met her before, she was my first girlfriend Janet.”
“Janet, oh I really liked her, you said her mother sent her somewhere out of town, you couldn't stop talking about her. Even last month you said something about you wish you could see her again. You be careful and if you end up having sex, be sure and use a condom.”
“I know mom, nothing is going to happen.”
“Just the same I worry about you.”
“Yeeess mom, I know.”
I head to my room and lock the door. I need to take a better look at what this is, I take off my shoes and pants. I look it over, it has seven round bars going from end to end has a curve bending down and back, a round piece in the end where all the bars come to with a semi oval opening on the end to pee through. I try pulling it down and my penis pulls back about half an inch. I try to pull myself back while pushing the enforcer away from my body I manage to pull it back about an inch and a half, I need to go another two inches or more, but can't. Shit I can’t get out. I think I'm screwed. I open the package of briefs and put one on. It does hold things up a little better but my balls are pushed to the sides and rub against my legs. Hopefully it won't be to bad. As I'm pulling my pants up, my phone rings.
It's Janet. Shit.
“Hello Jan.”
“Have you left yet it's almost Eleven.”
“Yeah I had to stop by Wal-Mart and stop at home for a couple of minutes. I'll be leaving in the next 15 minutes.”
“Ok, I just want to see you so badly, I can hardly stand it.”
“I know, baby, but this thing has given me quite a shock and I'm trying to adjust a little. Ok.”
“So you'll be here in the twenty minutes.”
“Yeah, I'll get there as soon as possible.”
“OK, Bye.”
I finish putting my pants on and look over the papers in the package, it has copies of everything I signed. Also a page with what to expect from the Fidelity Enforcer how to keep it clean, a warning about the lock mechanism ect. I put the envelope in my closet under boxes on the shelf. I don't want my mom to see these. I head to the bathroom.
I need to pee. Damn, have to sit like a girl to pee, this is not right, I pull the cage a little and try to line things up. With it curved it's hard to see the end of it, I think I'm lined up, sit and pee. Now what, I can't stroke myself to get out the last little bit, I shake the cage back and forth, then grab some paper and dry it all up. As I stand up some more piss drips out. Damn it, this is not right. I can’t even take a decent piss. I tear a piece of paper off the roll and stick it through the hole.
“Bye mom, don't stay up I may be real late.”
“Ok, remember what I told you.”
“Mom, please.”

The drive over I had everything going through my mind. This is just weird, one thing is for sure, wearing this I couldn't impregnate anyone. I'm, so screwed.

Walked up to the door with this thing hanging on me, god it feels weird. Janet's mom opens the door and as I step in she gives me a big lip smacking kiss.
“Glen you have no idea how much I appreciate your doing this for my daughter. It makes me feel so much better about you and your intentions with Janet. Let's go into the living room.”
Janet's standing there across the room, I notice a stack of towels on one of the end tables.
“Janet are you going to give your boyfriend a kiss.”
She practically lounges at me our lips are meshed and tongues entwined for what seemed like hours.
“Ok that's enough for now, I have an inspection to do. Janet why don't you sit on couch next to me while I check out Glen.”
“Ok mom.” She let's me go and sits down.
“Glen, stand over here and face the two of us. Now I need you to drop your pants.”
“What, drop my pants, why.”
“Don't be shy, I'm going to see everything in 2 weeks anyways, unless you never want to be unlocked.”
“What do you mean, I don't quite understand.”
“I'm your Keyholder the only one that is going to unlock your cock is me, now unless you want to stay locked up for the next 4 years get over it. I need to make sure you are secured.”
It suddenly hit me I don't know why I hadn't put it together, she holds the key, only she sees the key, God I am really, really screwed. I drop my pants and underwear.
"Those underwear new?"
“Yes Ma’am.”
I hear a sharp intake of breath from Janet.
“Holy crap mom, what have you done to him?”
“It doesn't harm him in the least.” She grabs hold of the cage and pulls and twists then lets go.
“Now stand in front of Janet and let her see.” I step over in front of her. She just looks and stares, then she puts a couple of fingers under the end and pulls it up and stares of several seconds, then lets go.
“Damn it mom what am I supposed to do with that, you said we could sleep together and do whatever we want. I can't have sex like this.”
“Janet, my dear, Oh Glen, you can pull your pants up now. Back to what I was going to say, there are many ways to have a great sexual experience and have orgasm after orgasm until you can't stand it, intercourse is not needed. No intercourse no pregnancy, no diseases. Oh that reminds me do you have your health card showing your free of any STDs?”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“Well let me see it.” I hand her the card. “Great in six months I need you to be retested, just to make sure you haven't picked anything up in the last couple of months.”
“There is no way I could have.”
“Doesn't matter in six months be retested.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“Janet, I will talk to you later tonight on the finer aspects of this situation and how it will be to your advantage in so many ways.”
“But mom, I don't think I have ever had an orgasm, and I don't see how I will like this.”
“You mean to tell me you two had sex 4 times over a three week period and he didn't give you an orgasm?”
“No, I don't think so.”
“Glen what are you a little selfish stud, or don't you know what a woman needs from a man?”
About now I was feeling very small, I really didn't know what she meant, women having orgasms I guess they do I just never thought of it that way. I just stood there not knowing what to say.
“Oh honey my child after we talk tonight, by morning your world will look so much different. Just have faith in me, ok.”
“Yes mom.”
“As for you after tonight I think you will find the real meaning in giving sexual pleasure, not just taking it. Well Glen, you think I may be right?”
“Yes, Ma’am.” What else could I say.
“Now I want you two to go out and have some fun this afternoon.” She picks up her purse and pulls out five 20's and hands them to me. “Glen you are to take my daughter out this afternoon and show her a good time, and you two can get reacquainted before just jumping into her bed. I know she loves the roller coaster and other rides down at the fairgrounds, and she hasn't been in 3 years. So the two of you get out here and have some fun. Glen don't expect me to pay for anymore of your dates this is a one time thing to thank you for caring so much about protecting Janet. I'm old fashion when it comes to dating, I expect the man to pay for the date open doors, pull out chairs, and basically be a gentleman. Understand?”
Gulp, “Yes Ma'am.”
“I'll see you two back at six for dinner. Now get going.” As we turn to leave she swats my ass and felt like she squeezed a little.
We walk out to my car I open the door for her, let her get in, and close the door before going to the driver's side. I notice the living room curtains moving back into place as I walk around the car. Not only am I locked in this thing, but now her mom is trying to retrain my whole personality, I'm sorry but chivalry sucks.
I get in fastened the belt and start on our way.
“Glen, honey, you don't mind me calling you honey do you, now that we are officially a couple.”
“Not at all "Sweetie"
“Sweetie, ah Honey I kinda like that.” I'm thinking, oh my god what is next, being called honey, open doors for women. I guess I'm supposed to open doors for all females from now on. Next I will be expected to lay my coat across a puddle for a woman.
“Yes Honey.”
“Is this what you want to do, go to the fairgrounds.”
“Oh yeah, I haven't been on an amusement park ride in three years. Honey, don't you think it will be fun.”
“Sure, it’s been a while for me too, just being with you though is all I need for fun. I just hope this cage doesn't get in the way.”
“Oh, honey I didn't think about that. How does it feel, and what do you think of it.”
“Well it feels weird doesn't seem to weigh as much as it looks like it would, but it's just different. Frank, says it takes a couple of days to get used to the ways it feels. I just hope no one can tell there is something hanging under my pants.””
“I couldn't really tell when you were standing up, looked like maybe there was a slight bulge but you would have to really look. If you didn't know what it was you think you’re just a little bit bigger than most guys is all.”
We didn't talk much more on the way over. I pulled into a parking spot, got out of the car and noticed she just sat there in the seat. Oh shit, I go around and open the door she swings her legs out and holds out her hand, Oh this is getting ridiculous. I take her hand and help her out, close the door and press the remote. She puts her arm around the inside of my arm grabs my hand and snuggles next to me as were walking towards the gate. Well I guess this isn't too bad. Maybe I'll have to learn to be more courteous to her and her MOM. We get to the ticket booth and I pay for the unlimited ride package for the two of us. We walk in, with her arm around my waist. I put my arm around her leaving my hand low on her hip.
“Honey could we go on the roller coaster first? The line is still fairly short and then we could get something to eat. This way my stomach won't be churning just after eating.” She had a point riding a roller coaster after eating could be a little hazardous.
“Sure Sweetie anything you want.” She screamed just after the first drop and didn't stop until it stopped.
“Honey that was great we’ll have to go again before we leave.” Girls, scream like their being killed, but they're having fun, I will never understand females.
We get a couple of corn dogs and chili fries. That's what she wanted don't blame me.
Afterwards we went on a few more rides.
“Honey I need to go to the ladies room ok.”
“Sure I need to go too.”
“Ok meet you back in the middle here.”
I walk in, now what do I do. I head for a stall damn these doors don't stay locked. I wipe off the seat put a paper cover on the seat, pull down my pants and sit down. Oh wait I still have paper shoved through the hole. Pulled out the wet paper good thing I put it there otherwise I would of had wet pants. I finish put a new piece of paper in, pull up my pants, wash my hands and exit.
“Hi honey.”
“Hi sweetie.”
“Honey can I ask you a personal question?”
“At this point I don't think there is anything too personal you could ask me.” “Well with that thing on how do you pee? Can you stand up at one of those urinals or what?”
“I probably could at a urinal, but someone might notice what's on me. So I just went into a stall and sat down, otherwise I might spray everywhere.”
“Oh that will make mom happy.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well if you sit down, you won't be leaving the seat up and you won't get piss everywhere.”
“Oh, I guess your right, my mom is always yelling at me to put the seat back down.”
Then it was off to the rip you off game area.
“I'm sorry Sweetie but after 20 bucks I think we should quit. Why don't I just buy you a stuffed animal?”
“Ok I know these games are rigged near impossible to win anything that's worth over 25 cents.” Went on the rides some more. Went through the tunnel of love twice. Told me this is just a warm up for tonight as we kissed. All the while this cage is forcing my balls out to the sides and rubbing against my legs, which I think are getting chaffed, I'm going to have to find a solution. It feels so weird.
It was about five when she said she wanted another ride on the roller coaster. So we headed over, the line was much longer. At 5:40 she screamed her head off again. Then we headed out, bought her a stuffed bear at the exit. She said thanks, honey and gave me big kiss. We practically skipped to the car holding hands. I had to admit it was a fun afternoon.
Again I opened her door and let her get in then closed her door, before getting in myself. I guess it's not that bad holding doors open. I don't know about throwing a good jacket over a puddle though. She pulled her cell out of her purse or bag. I'm not sure what it is I guess a large purse.
“Hi, mom were just leaving, we have to make a quick stop though so should be there in 20 to 25 minutes. Ok mom, be home soon.”
“Where are we stopping?” I ask.
“We need to pick you up a toothbrush, if you’re spending the night you will need one.”
“Oh yeah, guess so, didn't think of that.”
“That's what I figured, a typical man.” We drove back to her house, stopping at the drug store for my toothbrush, all the time she just kept on saying what a great time she had and was looking forward to tonight. She said she needed to talk to her mom on how this would all work. Hell I wanted to know that myself, I have no idea how either of us are going to be satisfied.
Pulled into her driveway, got out of the car and she is patiently sitting there. I briskly walk over and open her door and help her out. As I'm turning around I notice the drapes moving back to the center of the window. She grabs my hand as we walk up to the door. I open the door for her and walk into the smell of spaghetti and fresh baked bread. Did it smell great.
“Mom we're back.”
“I'm in the kitchen, dinner will be ready in about 5 minutes. Just have to finish the garlic toast.” We walk into the kitchen. She still has her robe on from this morning and an apron in front of it. I wondered if she ever got dressed today.
“Why don't you two go up and wash your hands and face and I'll set the table.”
“Ok mom, come on Glen, Honey, let's get cleaned up.”
Went up to the hall bathroom, has a double sink, standard toilet and a fairly large tub with a shower. I'm thinking two people could sit in that tub and be nice and cozy. I start getting hard, Glen stop thinking these things or you're going to get sore, I think to myself. I settled back down.
We went down to the dining room, she set a great table, lit candles, what looked like crystal glassware, really nice china with a rose design.
“Glen would you like coffee, tea, soda, milk or what to drink.”
“Mrs. Watson could I have cup of coffee, black, and glass of ice water? If that's not asking too much.”
“No, not at all, why don't you come in and help bring out the food.”
“Ma’am, this looks terrific, and smells great.”
We sit down and Mrs. Watson says grace a standard catholic blessing. Then we pass everything around, garden salad with croutons and bacon bits and salad dressing. Spaghetti of course with the meat sauce already mixed in, and, garlic bread.
”Mrs. Watson this is great, is the breads home made?”
“Oh you can tell. I love to make bread makes the house smell wonderful.”
We chit chat over dinner talking about the what we did this afternoon, I tell her I still have a little over 20 dollars left, tells me to spend it on her daughter. We finish dinner, and start to pick things up, put the extra food away.
“Janet, I’m going to go and find a movie to watch, can you and Glen finish cleaning up.”
“Ok mom.” We start to rinse off the plates, when Janet tells me she needs to take a bath and get all the dust off from today and asks if I can finish to dishes. What could I do, Ok, I tell her.
“Oh and the china and crystal have to be hand washed and dried. Thanks Honey.” Damn I figured I put everything in the dishwasher turn it on and be done. I fill the sink with warm water and soap and finish things up. I just finished and walked into the living room, when she walks down. Wearing a semi see thru light blue teddy with matching panties also semi transparent and a sheer matching robe over it. I was in pain she looked like a goddess. Came over and gave me a kiss. “Glen you smell really dusty, you need to go and take a shower.”
“Oh, yeah, I guess, I guess your right, um.” I was tongue tied. My mind was swirling. Here's her mom with her daughter half naked with me standing there. Her new boyfriend, about to spend the night with her daughter in her bed. It felt really, really weird.
“Glen did you think to bring anything to change into.”
“No Mrs. Watson I didn't think of it.”
“That's ok, I'm sure Jan can find something of hers for you to wear. Just go on up put the stuff from your pockets on Jan's dresser and I'll wash your clothes tonight.”
Ok, Ma’am.” And I do as they say. Then walked down to the bathroom.
I turn on the shower and adjust the temperature, strip my clothes off and step in. This is the first time I have to clean the cage. About that time the door opens.
“Hi honey, I'll take your clothes down to the laundry room. I really couldn't find much for you to wear that would fit you so I hope this nightgown will be ok.” Then she quickly leaves and closes the door. Nightgown, a woman’s nightgown, Oh my god what is next. Cleaning the cage wasn't hard, getting around the ring though was more of a challenge, thankfully they have a showerhead with a hose on it. I finished up and dried off, dried the cage and my genitals as much as possible. The information packet said to use a blow dryer to get yourself completely dry. Found a dryer in one of the cabinet drawers, plugged it in and turned it on, was getting way to hot turned it down and pulled it back form me. Finished up felt nice and dry.
I forgot the lube at home, but found some hand lotion on the counter and put some on. Felt much better with it being able to slip back forth. Oh crap the nightgown, at least it's a cotton one and not some thin silky thing. It came down almost to my knees. Low cut in the front, sleeveless and has thin shoulder straps. I look in the mirror and cringe. I left my comb on the bedroom dresser, so I pick up her brush, start combing, brushing, whatever my hair. I can't wear this make me look really stupid, I walk to the top of the stairs and yell out. “Janet, I can't wear this it makes me look stupid.”
“Well, Glen, Honey you have two choices wear the nightgown, or nothing at all, mom says she doesn't care and it won't bother her. We run around the house naked all the time anyways.”
“Well can’t I put my old clothes back on?”
“Glen, come on now, they're dirty, just come on down.”
I leave the night gown on.
I enter the living room. Mrs. Watson now is wearing a short off white silky nightgown showing plenty of cleavage the bottom just hits the top of her knees, at least it's not see thru.
Janet is sitting on the near side and Mrs. Watson on the other end, the couch was made to sit three people. Janet pats the middle of the couch and tells me to sit down, we're going to watch a movie, she says. I sit between them, the lights had been turned down and the TV was set up for a dvd.
The movie was some chick flick tear jerker. Janet had her hand on my leg and was slowly working her hand up. I was desperately trying not to get hard. In the meantime her mom laid her head on my shoulder and pulled my arm around her neck. My hand was just above her breast and I was trying to keep from touching her. I felt extremely uncomfortable. About 30 minutes into the movie, Jan's mom decided to pause the movie and asked if we wanted some ice cream, I practically screamed I did. Anything to disrupt what was happening. She got up and told us she would be back in a few minutes. When she stood up the nightgown pulled half way between her waist and knees, It just barely covered her ass.
“Janet what is going on your mom is all over me.”
“Oh don't worry, she hasn't had a date or anything since dad was killed 5 years ago, and I guess she's feeling a little giddy with a man in the house. Just go with it she's just trying feel a little bit better about herself. Why don't you kiss her, which will help her feel like a woman again. I mean you got that thing on you. You can't do much else, and it would cheer her up.”
“You really don't mind?”
“She's 35 years old, and I know she's not going to steal you from me. So, I'm saying if she wants you to get a little frisky, it's ok.”
“What about you, you want me to get frisky with you.”
“Oh yeah, but we have all night, and tomorrow.”
About then she came back with a tray of ice cream, handed us each a bowl and sat down with her leg almost over mine.
She pushed the remote to lower the light and turned on the movie.
We finished the ice cream as the movie was playing. She took my bowl and spoon and bent over my lap to set them on the coffee table. When she came back up she kissed my cheek, I turned my head and she started kissing me. I started kissing back, our tongues started to battle to see whose could get deepest into the others mouth, I lost. Somehow my hand reached her breast and started to massage it. I was in pain, but didn't care, somehow my cock stopped getting hard and the pain lessened. I was still trying to get hard but couldn't it seemed like I was stuck just at the point of pain, but getting softer at the same time, then harder and softer, my body I guess was adjusting. After a couple of minutes she broke off and sat up.
“Thank you so much Glen, I just needed a little male attention, don't take it seriously.” Then she sat back and watched the movie, her hand never left my leg. Then Jan started on me. What is a man to do?
The movie finished around 10:30.
Janet told her mom we were going to bed now.
“Janet, remember what I told you earlier.”
“Yes, mom, I will definitely try it.”
“Come on, Glen Honey, let's go.”
I got up and helped her to her feet, like a gentleman, and then she led me to the slaughter.
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