*Dangerous Denial* It's been 5 months, actually 155 days...

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*Dangerous Denial* It's been 5 months, actually 155 days...

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It's been 5 months, actually 155 days to be exact, that's 3720 hours, that's how long it's been since I was allowed to orgasm. I thought for sure that at 150 days I would be allowed, I mean it's a nice, LONG, but even number and I was sure if I could make it to 150 she'd definitely let me cum, I was so wrong!

Let me back up a bit, the longest I've ever had to wait was 91 days, that was a long time, I mean its 3 months! But 5 months? Let me tell you, it feels like at least 3 times as long as my 91 day stretch. My Wife started denying me 396 days ago and in that time I've seen the time between orgasms go from 11 days to 25 days to 45 days to 69 days to 91 days and now to my current 155 days, that's just 5 orgasms in 13 months! The hard part is that I went from 3+ orgasms a week directly into this denial schedule! What's almost as difficult as this is that she hasn't physically made me cum in 315 days! Yes that's right, the first 3 of my orgasms were performed by her the last 2 orgasms I had were by my own hand as instructed by her, I know it's still an orgasm but damn it's just not as satisfying. The first time she told me I had to make myself cum it was hot, the second time it was hot because I REALLY wanted her to do the deed but was forcefully refused... the next time... I hope she does it... I mean its been 315 days since she has! That's a lot of numbers I know but after this long it's hard not to pay attention to them.

So back to today, Day 155 that is, I'm out working, which is driving around the countryside as I'm a field sales manager for a large industrial company, and she starts to send me some teasing text messages but I know better than to get too excited, been there, done that! She starts with the typical "How is my little cock doing today?" and I say, "Fine, confined in it's cage and still horny as hell for every ounce of you!" "Good!" she says without an ounce of remorse I'm sure. "When are you coming home?" she asks. "In about 2 hours" I reply. "Good, I want you to think about my fine ass sticking up in the air with a thong on tightly rubbing against my wet little pussy and my ass and thong is all covered in your cum. This is to make you uncomfortably hard for the rest of the day, I need you to focus, I want you to be straining your partially hard cock against your cage for the next 2 hours, start NOW!". "Yes Miss, I promise to do it" I quickly texted back in between short heavy breaths. Do you see what I'm dealing with? This chastity device between my legs and the orgasm denial has turned out to be the most fun and most pain I have ever had... all at once!

I continue driving and thinking and straining against my metal cage, damn that thing leaves no room for a hard-on! I suppose I should be happy for the attention, and I am, but my balls are bluer than the cap on my Bic pen as I fill in the information from my last customer visit for the day. Now it's finally time to drive home, 1.5 hours of driving with nothing but my thoughts, mental images of my wife's beautiful ass covered in hot cum, dripping down over her succulent pussy. I'm not entirely sure what my cum tastes like but there's three things I know; 1. When I'm horny before I get to orgasm I kind of think I'd like to taste it, or rather be told to taste it, 2. After I have cum I do not want to taste my cum, the horny feeling is gone and it does not appeal to me to taste it, 3. If my wife asked me to cum on her ass and then lick it off, I'd be a man and I'd do it without hesitation, not because I'd really want to taste it but because she asked me to and really it's one of the most submissive and dangerously sexy things I can think of, being told matter-of-factly by a seductive beautiful woman that now since you got to cum (which is dominate in itself) that you must lick your cum up to show who is really in charge and who is submissive and really it's not so different than her licking me after I've been inside her. My thoughts continue to get dirtier, maybe I will get to cum on her ass tonight, maybe she'll make me lick it all up and then when it's all in my mouth maybe she'll lay down on her back and lift her legs up in the air and tell me to slowly let all of the cum out of my mouth into her pussy. I picture her enjoying my cum in her wet pussy for a few minuets and then when I think its over telling me to lay down on my back and as I do she kneels over me and lets all of my cum run out of her sweet slit directly into my mouth, I focus on the taste of her cum that's mixed in with mine and let her fill my mouth from her dripping pussy then once there's none left she grabs my cock and pulls and squeezes hard with one hand and grabs my balls with the other and pulls and digs her nails in and tells me to swallow every last drop or she will take this little cock as it belongs to her anyway. I hear some guys say that when denied long enough they aren't horny, not me, I'm certain I have never been hornier in my life than right now!

1 hour left and my boxers are really getting damp, damn you leak a lot after 155 days! "1 hour until your home?" She texts. "yes Miss" I text. "When you get home I want you to take off your boxers and then put your pants on up to your knees, I want you to sit like this for 5 minuets and think about my warm mouth wrapped around your tiny cock and how much better it would feel if I was doing that." "Yes Miss" I reply at once. Fuck, I may be the hardest I've ever been in this cock cage before, certainly I have never had pre-cum run down my leg likes this before! I keep visualizing what she asks and hope she will jump in my truck once I'm home, unlock me and get on my cock and fuck me until I cum deep inside of her!

"I'm home!" I write

"Good, are your pants around your knees and your boxers off?" she asks

"yes Miss, I will think of your mouth wrapped around my cock for the next 5 minuets" I reply

"Good boy" she quickly texts

"Ok, it's been 5 minuets" I write

"My key for your cock cage is under your seat, unlock yourself, text me when your done" She types

"OK, I'm out" I write with shaking hands and in more anticipation then I can even begin to describe.

"Good" she says, building my anticipation up even more

"Grab your little cock once it's hard and start masturbating, slowly at first, and build up to a reasonable speed and then fuck yourself all you want as long as your thinking about pounding my wet little cunt. Tell me when you think you are about half way to cumming"

I grab my cock, wow it's been 155 days since I've even felt it, fuck my hand feels almost like heaven right now, almost... I can't help thinking how incredible her soft hand would feel right now and I hope she is on her way out to me to make me cum...NOW!

"Ok I'm at least half way there" I say after a pathetic 2 minutes.

"LOL oh what a sensitive little cock I own" she says, nearly making me blow my load.

"Now think about my hands being tied up while I'm bent over the couch while I'm wearing high heals and nothing else, my ass is up in the air and just a little out of reach for your little cock but I'm waiting for you, waiting for you to fill that perfect tight wet pussy with your cum. Edge yourself and then text me back once you let go of that tiny cock" She cruelly writes me.

"I edged and stopped Miss" I write in a ridiculously quick amount of time.

"Lol, awe what little stamina you have to go along with that little cock of mine" She teases.

"Stroke yourself and think about me bent over the couch again as I described, text me while your stroking" She sends after a minuet.

"Ok, I'm stroking myself thinking of you bent over the couch Miss" I reply with difficulty.

"Good, think of how you want to fill my pussy with your cum, all that cum that I've made you save up for me... but you can't, I want you to hold your boxers that you took off and cum inside them for me and I want you to bring them inside for me so I can put them on and you can think about how your cum is going to be getting all over my ass and pussy and how that's as close as your dick will be getting to my little cunt for.... hmmm..... lets just say a very long time lol! Oh and your cum better still be hot by the time I get your boxers and if there is not enough hot cum inside of them I'll throw them away and you won't get to see or touch my soft little pussy until I deem you worthy enough to try again! If your fast enough maybe later I'll make myself cum inside the boxers too and then you can wear them to work tomorrow, all covered in both of our cum" She very quickly texts back, clearly she had written this earlier.

"You better hurry or I might not want to wear your cum filled boxers" she writes after only a few seconds.

Fuck, I guess she won't be physically making me cum again this time, clearly mentally she is but I long for her touch, I don't care as much as I will tomorrow though, I blow my huge load into my cupped boxer-lined hand and I can't even hold all my hot cum in one hand. I quickly get up and walk into the house, she strips her Lu Lu's off and pulls off her clearly wet thong, she grabs my boxers carefully and inspects them, after a few seconds she seems to be content with the amount and temperature of my cum and starts to put them on...

Her shiny smooth calves glisten in the light as she steps into my cum filled underwear and very slowly pulls them up over her knees, then up her thighs, teasing me with the speed and sensual, graceful way she pulls them up. Just before the crotch touches her pussy she looks me in the eyes and says "Once these are on I want to lock that cock up tight and think about how much you wish you were able to have shot this cum into my pussy" She starts pulling the boxers up and stops again quickly, "Oh and since were on the topic of being locked up, I think you will be getting a choice this time on how long you will stay locked, either you'll be giving me 250 orgasms or.... no... you know what, I think I'll decide again, but I will tell you one thing... you didn't get a release at 150 days this time and you won't be getting a release at 200 days next time". As she said this she pulled the boxers tight up to her pussy and with both hands she rubbed her pussy and ass, spreading the hot cum all over her ass and pussy, "Mmmmmm very hot and sticky" she groans, "If your sweet enough to me tonight, I may just let your lick all of this cum off of my smooth pussy and my soft ass"

Fuck! I thought... on so many different levels.
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