Just a start

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Just a start

Post by Cucklocked » Fri Nov 08, 2013 1:13 pm

I'm writing some short stories about Male Chastity to go on Amazon / Kindle and elsehwere (have written other stuff on there, but not adult).
In the meanwhile I started a sort of first person, longer semi autobiographical thing..... will put first bit on here and see what you think? Would appreciate feedback. thanks.

Ninety eight hours since the lock was sealed again. Numbers are part of it for me; I have no idea if they are for her. The Key Keeper could say that they weren’t but that might be part of the fun. Who knows if she’s counting?
I’ve just been exercising. Twenty minutes on the Cross Trainer in my boxers instead of a visit to the gym. The heavy, shining steel spiral can almost get out through my button fly but there’s no-one in and it's less humiliating than all that stealthy behaviour needed to get a shower at the Leisure Centre! The weighty ring around the base of my testes feels good, very good. Now and then my padlock chinks on the cage, metal on metal.
This book will tell you my story. On the way I will explain what I’ve found to be the case with real male chastity. This book won’t have any ‘Madame Sophie’, the horse riding aristocrat who likes to whip her boys and talk about derrieres in a fictional world that stems from ancient pornography. This book tells you about my journey from dissipated and disillusioned player to permanently excited and intrigued cuckold. My partner works in an office. She wears an identity badge on a lanyard. If you look very closely you can see a small key nestling against the identity badge. That’s the key to my chastity.

How Did it Start?
In childhood. I Think I was about ten years old, but can’t be sure. At a family party I wandered upstairs for some reason and came across the teenage version of the party. My female cousin, about eight years older than me, was in a room with many of her friends, all female. They were probably drinking and even more likely smoking. All I remember is blushing. The situation was electric, immediately. I felt a rush of emotions, all the stronger for being unexpected. They were teasing me. I can’t remember how but I knew it was happening. What confused me was that I didn’t want to run. I was enjoying being controlled, perhaps even humiliated. I’m no psychologist and don’t really want to know the answer but is it something in us that provokes these feelings, or are they imposed by our experience? Whatever the answer I now know I’m not unusual. The most popular manufacturer’s website will inform you that total sales of their chastity devices for men are now towards or past a million.
The next player in my chastity development was a certain Sadie Stern. In my teens I would travel to Charing Cross station in London and walk towards Soho spending my money on the best porn magazines I could find. This was the 1970s, Mary Millington was the name to know. At the very end of this time I noticed a new, darker magazine, Sadie Stern’s Monthly. The pictures were of high booted, often bored looking women who were usually smoking, or sitting on a man’s face, or both. The stories and the letters were the real treat though. I realised that the feeling of pure naughtiness and excitement increased the more I read. Queening became an ambition – I longed for one of these women to sit hard on my face and smother me. I wanted to feel owned, controlled and used. My favourite stories of all involved the man who didn’t get to service his partner or wife, but got to watch others taking that role. Creampies and chastity cages were not the vogue yet but the ideas were there, growing irresistibly inside me.
That’s all some thirty years ago, and it’s taken that long to get to where I want to be. In between there have been wonderful experiences and woeful ones too, but it’s the last year that holds the most interest for anyone with similar persuasions.
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Re: Just a start

Post by Cucklocked » Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:20 am

will put the next bit up: is this any good or pretentious waffle? Not the kind of style I usually write in so quite unsure. Feedback please? Thanks

Several years ago I met her. I can’t make up a name and I’m not giving out her real one, so this text will know her as the Key Keeper. That is one of her roles after all. One year ago I was in a relationship with someone very pleasant who would oblige me by sitting on my face now and then, usually as an end game to some more traditional sex. She loved this part, judging by the amount she came, but was essentially submissive. I knew I wasn’t fulfilled, but I was happy, in a quiet sort of way. One night I got a message of the ‘is this you?’ type from the Key Keeper. She’s slim, outgoing, younger than me by a decade or so, and irresistibly sexy. That may seem a clichéd word, but it is the one that fits. I’ve always been quite impulsive anyway, a bit of a player if you like, and was happy to hear from her.
Within a week I had separated from my partner and a new relationship with the Key Keeper was keeping me up all night, most nights. She was amazing in bed – fabulous appetite, great body, confident in every way. This was already the best sex I could remember. I think I knew that I was in the best trouble of all when she looked straight into my eyes as I came inside her yet again one night. It hit me that this woman was way more powerful than me sexually, and that I loved it.
She was already very open about using toys to please herself, and sometimes sent teasing videos and pictures to my phone to show me what I was missing. I started to feel very submissive. It took a while but we eventually discussed our fantasies. She doesn’t give much away sometimes; actions speak louder than words with the Key Keeper, but she asked lots of questions about my fantasies and helped to shape some joint ones.
I have had two genital piercings for quite some time – a Prince Albert and a scrotal piercing. I guess she knew I was curious about edgy things. The PA was not something she had experienced before and she loved it. When she rode me it would bring her to climax quickly and urgently, making her soak me completely. We joked that I needed the piercing to reach further inside her. I’m pretty sure that I have an average sized cock and I didn’t feel threatened, just stirred. I responded well to her teasing and so she gradually took it further.
About four months into our relationship I was away working and had an afternoon off near a city centre. By text I said that I might visit the local Ann Summers shop. To my delight the Key Keeper said that she would look online and see what took her fancy. As I was walking to the shop a picture arrived: a screenshot of a web page describing a three ring cock cage, the type that stops you coming but allows you to be hard. I was delighted. I had tried this level of restraint before in previous relationships but it had always been my idea. Now I was being told to get this device.
Ann Summers had a shop in the Charing Cross Road in the 1970s. As I remember it there were two floors, soft and hard. As a teenager it took courage to go into this forbidden land at all, let alone upstairs to the place of sealed cabinets and fearsome looking pieces of rubber and so on. These day Ann Summers is a very different place. This branch was full of helpful, cheerful young staff and bright displays. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the ‘Can I help you’ approach as it took me by surprise, so I rejected initial offers of assistance and walked past the rails of lingerie until I got to the ‘harder’ sections at the back of the shop. Phone in hand I looked for the three ringed cage but couldn’t find it anywhere. I told the Key Keeper by text. She replied that I should ask a female assistant, show her the page on the phone and find out if the item was only available online. This, of course, had me thinking. I was to show a young woman a picture of a restraint that had obviously been sent to me by someone. The assistant would know exactly what was going on and that was exciting and embarrassing, that ideal combination.
I went to the counter at the back of the shop. The tanned, made up, pleasant young shop assistant smiled at me. I blushed.
“Erm, I’m looking for an item that is on your website…”
“Okay, we have some extra stock out the back. What is it you’re looking for?”
“I’ve got a picture of it here in a text message.”
“Shall I have a look?”
“Yes, thanks.” Did I imagine the smirk in her eyes as I handed her my phone?
“Oh, the cage. I think we do have some of these, hang on a minute.” She handed the phone back to me. I waited and she returned with a neat white box with a picture of the cage on it. “This the one? It’s very popular. There’s only one size. Do you want to check with your partner?”
“Yes, erm no it’s okay, she definitely wanted that one.” I was stupidly excited. Not in the way that would give me an embarrassing erection, but in the way that I felt the blood rush around my body and wanted more of whatever this was; lots more. How had she knownfor sure that this was something my ‘partner’ had requested? It wasn’t until later that I realised the screen shot still had the Key Keeper’s name displayed at the top as it was attached to a text message.
I paid for the cage and left the shop. Back at my hotel a text conversation followed that developed from me showing the Key Keeper the cage and telling her about its purchase to being told to put it on, play with myself looking at her pictures and then send her a picture of the result. Stiff cock with three rings biting in, a fourth wider one biting in hard underneath my balls. Once she’d seen this the order was to find out whether I could come in it but to stop if I thought I was actually going to. This might seem like a contradiction but it made sense to me. Devices like this allow for erection and therefore allow a degree of engorgement. Past that it hurts, a lot. The battle becomes between getting release and coping with the pain. It becomes difficult to distinguish between pleasure and pain but you know when the pain is at its height that the orgasm is close and you can feel it travel from the base of the balls, trying to get through what are sometimes called ‘gates of hell’.
Within a week this test was taken to greater extremes. This simple cage isn’t secure or lockable but the large ring under the testes will keep it in place if you choose to leave it there. I was told to wear it overnight at home. I did and awoke several times with the pain of natural night time erections making me stand until gravity relieved me. The following day the Key Keeper came to see me. I gave her a massage and she stayed naked, not encouraging me to touch her between her legs and telling me to stop when I tried to. Then she told me to get naked too. My balls were swollen and gathered tight by the bottom ring, whilst the other three bit into my erect shaft.
“Do you think I could fuck you in that?”
“It might hurt.”
“You or me? I’m not bothered if it hurts you.” This was a firmer tone than ever before. “Get on your back on the bed.”
I did as I was told and she teased me with her wetness, rubbing herself on my chest and thighs, and easing the very tip of my cock against her. Then she turned around, sat on my face and grabbed my caged cock hard. Once my face was wet and she had reached several climaxes she stopped, turned around again, and looked me in the eye.
“I’m going to ride this. If it hurts me I might stop. You can try and come if you like.”
The key keeper, with her nipples erect and her green eyes staring into mine, told me as she took me how she could feel each ring cold and hard inside her. It did hurt me but I was too aroused to care. It hurt more as I became more excited and the rings bit in, especially the one at the base of my balls as she thrust hard and fast down onto me. She seemed completely oblivious as she enjoyed several orgasms, writhing more than usual and soaking me more than with the PA. Then she got off. As simple as that. She stood up, got dressed and told me that I wouldn’t be coming for a while yet as I couldn’t make it that way in time. I was frustrated, excited and confused. Another fabulous combination of heightened emotions.
From then until now she has had control over my orgasms. This was never explicitly discussed in itself, but it was obvious to both of us that this was what we wanted. The lack of security with the cage soon became a problem. Several days after taking me in it she did make me masturbate in front of her while she watched and I was able to come, painfully. The cage has remained useful until now, but as a device to use to enhance intercourse rather than a proper restraint or chastity device. We looked online at chastity devices and decided to buy a steel spiral. This looked great on the site: shiny and severe with a design sitting happily somewhere between medieval torture and modern fetish.
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Re: Just a start

Post by mellyshubby » Sat Nov 16, 2013 3:26 pm

Very interesting to read. Your key holder in this story has the kind of sexual confidence I'm trying to nurture in my wife who has been my key holder for 3 months now. For me, seeing a transformation in her is more thrilling than anything else.
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