Psychic Teasing 101: Toy Making - Part 1

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Psychic Teasing 101: Toy Making - Part 1

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She stared at him as he walked across her and sat next to his girlfriend, her FORMER best friend. She closed her eyes, and contemplated her next move. He had been her first boyfriend in college, and he had been HERS first. She still couldn't believe he had left her for the sole reason that she had refused to fuck him. She still remembered the feeling, the size, and the texture of his cock, and had it imprinted in her mind. Whenever she closed her eyes, all she could think of was his big cock, begging to be sucked, cradled, and fucked. She had wanted to do him, but had thought having it inside her would hurt. Anyway, there was no way she was going back to HIM, he would have to come back to HER. Besides, everyone agrees that she is the hottest girl on campus. She was tall, had black hair, green eyes, and was voluptuous. Her big perky boobs were only matched by her round and perfect ass. Her lips seemed to always be full and luscious. Even her nipples were big, sticking up no matter what she wore, begging to be sucked. In fact, since she had figured out everything made her look like a slut, she always wore sexy clothes. Her tops always showed off ample cleavage, she always wore six-inch heels, never covered up her thin waist, and wore skin tight pants that showed exactly how her ass moved. Sometimes this is all it take to get a guy, but HE was different, HE had cared about her. She would get him back to matter what.

Suddenly her eyes flew open as her mind started to form an idea. Her parents were always against it, but she had always used her powers to subtly influence others. Most of the time all she got was college acceptance, job offers, or dates, but this would be completely different. She would drive him crazy with passion and lust. Her devious plans left a warm dampness in her pants, and her nipples hard, but nonetheless with a satisfied mind.

Getting to work quickly, she tweaked his various "settings" turning Orgasm, Masturbation, and Sex to OFF. This way, he wouldn't be able to cum, pleasure himself, or let others touch him. Next, she turned up his arousal level to 20x normal, and watched him perspire and squirm. If he only knew what was happening to him.... Then, to give his cock something to think about, she loaded the sexiest pictures he had ever seen, models, girlfriends, ass, boobs, in his mind to play on a loop. But, she inserted a picture of her wet dripping pussy in between each of the pictures to remind him of her. Finally, she started a teasing sensation that slowly worked its way up to the head. Hours upon hours of this would wash over him a wave of lust and pure desperation that would break all of inhibitions. It would not give any real pleasure, of course, but would leave him extremely frustrated, and hard as a rock. She had done this before obviously. Doing this turned her on in a way she did not understand, and definitely provided some entertainment. One time, she had left a boyfriend of hers like this for a month. Blue balls? Talk about purple cock. She almost felt pity for him. Almost. She just teased him more, brought him to the edge, and had locked him up again. It is just the kind of person she was. Confident that her plans were now set in motion, she walked across the room, half the boys staring at her ass, and slightly teased the back of his neck as she walked out.

All of this would do nothing to get him to come to her of course, just makes him more frustrated.... what she needs is a psychic trigger. This trigger, every time the pictures reiterated, or his cock faltered, would provide him a clue, but start the teasing all over again. This clue, and the trigger, would be her finger gently teasing her neck. It might take him thousands of times to even recognize the clue, but she knew him, and knew it would only take him a few days to figure out it was her, and hunt her down. But, by that time, he would be so aroused and horny, he would do just about anything for her. Wouldn't You? But, the only thing we can absolutely be sure of is that she has finally found her perfect Boy "Toy."

*If you have read this story so far, maybe you are willing to go a little further. I originally had planned this as a series, but I'm not sure how much people would like it. It would mean a lot to me if you guys would leave your comments down below, whether it be praises, or any criticism on how to improve the story. Again, I am only a novice author, even in the realm of erotica, so any tips to improve my skills would be greatly appreciated. If you like my writing, or want to read my other stories, check out my blog at :

**My story here was based on these two. Check them out if you liked this one.

***Thank You Very much for reading, Take Care, and Good Night!
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