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Post by kpb57 » Tue Feb 07, 2012 5:57 am

This is a story I wrote when we had our first one-week (well, almost ...) lockup.

I hope the translation is readable.


I really did not anticipate this.

When she wrote in the chat "I have one more wish for Christmas", the thought came to my mind "would you remain in the cage for me till Christmas". Well, of course she did not want that, but something completely "normal", and it would have been much longer than all our lockups up to date, anyway. Whatever, I could not avoid to tell her about my thoughts later that same day, but she did not sound impressed, to say the least.
After all, she loves to use her control to make me cum whenever she likes, preferably inside her. And she really enjoys that feeling of power whenever she does it. I've never managed to keep from coming when she wanted me to. She just knows what she has to do to get me over the top. No miracle there, several decades of marriage will do that; and I know some of her "places", either ...

Still, something must have "clicked" inside her, because since then I was only unlocked for cleaning, and no orgasms, of course. This new (at least in this duration) state did have some interesting consequences for me.

Today there are still some days left until the celebrations start, and the "pressure" is quite noticeable. But the feeling is also quite comfortable, and the anticipation of what will happen on 24th or 25th is really pleasant.

"Go clean yourself, and take this with you. And put it on, before you come back to the bedroom".
"This" is our spandex hood, which only has an opening for the mouth. What is she up to?
I do as told, put the hood on right in front of the bedroom door, and blindly feel my way in.
"Stop there!"
I remain standing, naked but for the hood and my cage. I can feel it when she steps in front of me. She hugs me, and presses against me, so that she can feel the cage.
"I love you", she whispers in my ear, "and although I wouldn't have believed, it does make me proud how long you can go without coming, for me and for us."
"On the other hand, though, there's a lot I have to sacrifice, since I haven't had you inside me for days now. That calls for punishment!" Now, that doesn't sound too good, does it?
She directs me to the middle of the bed, and has me sit there. I can hear how she rummages through or toys.
"Open up!"
I open my lips obediently, and a gag is put in. This one is definitely new, I never knew we had a penis gag! And somehow it feels awkwardly balanced. Without thinking, I try to reach up.
Smack! OK, OK, I better keep my hands down.
She fastens cuffs to my wrists and ankles.
"Lay down."
She takes one hand, attaches a chain, and pulls it to the side. The chain is fastened to the bedpost, and the other hand is treated the same. I lie there with my arms spread wide out, immovable, but still comfortable.
Now she continues with my feet, but instead of attaching them to the bedposts, she pulls them up and to the sides. A canopy bed does have its advantages.
Well, that must look inviting. I am so spread out that my complete lower region is free to the look and the touch, even my behind is slightly raised from the bed.
For a few moments, nothing happens, I can only feel and hear her moving about on the bed.
"Everything OK?"
She touches me with her fingernails and moves them slowly along the inside of my thighs. Before she even comes close to my crotch, I can feel how my "little one" starts to strain against its container. Now she moves to the other leg, and then her hand goes away. Suddenly I can feel a light breeze against my skin, but it is just her fingertip gently moving along and touching the tips of the little hairs.
Right in the crotch, on the dam between scrotum and anus. Man, does that feel good! Again and again she does it, slightly coming against my balls, and touching the thighs. I feel like exploding.
"Feels good?"
"Mpfh, mpfh!"
If she continues much longer, my penis will ooze out of the cage, in pieces, like an egg out of an egg slicer.
She fiddles around with the cage. Will she, or won't she?
I feel the lock opening. Carefully, she pulls the cage off. It is not easy right now.
"It is really stuck in there."
In the end she manages to get it off, and now her attention turns to my "best part". Her fingers glide along, not one spot is left untouched, I can see how it must look before my inner eyes: the hard rod crowned by a purple head, ready to blow like a balloon. What a few days of abstinence can do for you!
Something slips over my penis, I can feel her lips. I start to move as good as I can, because I know how she gets off on being taken in her mouth. But she retreats before I come too close to having an orgasm.
She moves to another interesting place. Something presses against my anus, and soon I can feel my special vibrator pressing against my prostate. But she does not turn it on.
"Now it's my turn."
She moves again, and sits down on me. Pressure rises against the gag, and now I realize that it is one with a dildo outside, and she is going to ride my face!
When it is completely inside her, she starts to move, up and down, back and forward, her clit rubbing against my nose. Her scent becomes more and more pronounced, I can feel her juices dropping from the gag down on my face.
In the thick of it she rises, only to turn around, because as soon as she has impaled herself again, the anal vibrator is switched on, and she grabs my cock again, but only holds it. Obviously, she does not want me to come. The feeling of being ridden, while all kinds of spectacular things are happening to my intimate region, is indescribable.
She starts to move harder, and with lots of sound she goes through one of her strongest climaxes. Completely spent, she collapses on top of me.
The next minute I have to spend alone, with just her smell and the vibrations in my behind. Sweet frustration.
Slowly she regains her consciousness. She turns off the vibrator, separates herself from the dildo, and lays down beside me.
"That was extreme. I love you, my chaste darling. And? Do you want to come, too?"
"Mpfh, mpfh!"
"I know. But on the other hand I also know ho much you're looking forward to Christmas. And I don't want to spoil that for you. So the both of us will have to wait for things to calm down now."
No sooner said than done. Her hands keep caressing me, running up an down my body, my face, my arms, but she stays away from my private parts, and I can feel the outward signs of my arousal subsiding.
Some time later I can feel how she puts the cage back on and snaps the lock shut.
Now she also removes the gag, and kisses me. Intimately and deeply. She releases me from the chains, but before she can remove the cuffs, I grab her and hold her close to me.
"You're the best woman that any man could wish for. Even as I am murderously frustrated, the prospect of what we will be doing on Christmas Eve is more than just offsetting. Thank you, you keeper of my key!"
"You're welcome. I have enjoyed this like nothing before. I think we should do that more often."
"Riding on the gag?"
"That also. But especially keeping you chaste and excited for more than a few days. I could feel the energy flow."
"But now you have to be very careful until Christmas. I'm horny like a stag in autumn!"
"Don't worry, darling, the next few days I won't let you shower alone," she grins, "I am going to be very strict about it!"
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Re: Christmas

Post by TwistedMister » Tue Feb 07, 2012 4:06 pm

Damn, that was pretty hot. Of course, I haven't cum for a month, I haven't been out of the cage for more than 3 weeks, and my wife has had me wound up all day- blue-balled and literally creaming in my jeans (at work, no less).

But, no, really- nicely done.
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