Orgasm-less wife. Life before chastity

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Orgasm-less wife. Life before chastity

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A few years or more have passed since this tale, but the moral is as strong now as it was that very day. Some people only see themselves in a positive light contrary to all the evidence.
Maybe you will see the humour in this?

My lovely wife and I had sex very often and it was fair to say I always shot my load, but alas the wife could never get there. She had in point of fact never experienced an orgasm.

So off to the doctors we did go with our concern of the above, and the doctor, who was kind mannered, and far too polite to suggest a lack of male equipment or performance said "It is a very simple matter Mr P. I belive your wife is overheating when you copulate, she is too hot, and this prevents her from having an orgasm"

"Is there a cure for this odd condition" I ask. And the good doctor provided us with a simple solution.

"Buy a fan of decent quality and point it towards the bed, When your wife is sufficiently cool, the orgasm will surely follow" .

So we thanked the good doctor and took our leave.

I was ever the skinflint and cooling fans of this quality are expesive, so yet another dilemma did this cause, and like the good doctor I also had a simple solution.

"Wife, the cost of this fan is beyond me, so I will ask our very good friend Brian to stand by our bed and flap a towel to keep you nice and cool".

And so we arranged a suitable evening for copulation and asked Brian to attend.

Brian was a wise choice. He was young, energetic and had stamina, the perfect choice as a towel man.

For near an hour I made love to my wife, Brian flapped his towel, I tried harder and the towel flapped faster until both I and my good friends arms were totally knackered.
My wife had still not experienced an orgasm so yet another solution was needed.

"I say Brian my good friend, I Think changing places may be the best course of action, would you oblige?

"Why yes, it would be an honour" replied Brian.

So my good and reliable friend (and rather well endowed I notice) climbed aboard while
I flapped the towel using a technique I belived to be most efficient for arm, and airflow.

Low and behold my wife came to her orgasm quickly, and then continued to orgasm no less than twelve times before both orgasmed together and were too fertigued to continue.

Brian faced me with a slightly concerned look, waiting for my comment.

It was clear to me of course where the problem had lain after considering all of the facts.
I was not upset by this because I realise.. And here comes the morals of My tale. There is no substitution for experience.
And Credit where credit is due.

I gave myself a mental pat on the back and said..

"Now That!' young Brian, is how to flap a towel".
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Re: Orgasm-less wife. Life before chastity

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Oldie but goodie. 😅
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