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Security Inserts from

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I am new to this board, but not new to using male chastity devices. I have been using the CB-6000s for a couple of years. While I love the CB-6000s, pull-out is just too east. I use a KSD-3, but (a) it makes nocturnal erections extremely painful, and (b) is easy to defeat.

I am considering purchasing the Security insert for CB-6000, from Does anyone have any experience with this device? How effective is it? Does it have any drawbacks?

This device looks interesting, but there doesnt seem too by too many reviews/chatter on the net. What experience/hearsay do people have about his product?
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Re: Security Inserts from

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I have only ever seen one review on this and it wasn't very positive. I don't remember the details or where it was though, sorry.

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Re: Security Inserts from

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I purchased the security insert from lockeduplove, because I had trouble with pull out. The device does two things; first, it creates a smaller diameter entrance to the CB6000s tube and second, it provides additional resistance (drag or friction) to hold your penis in place with its tiny rubber pins. You can custom fit both the number of rubber pins and the length of those pins very easily with a pair of dykes or good scissors. A word of caution however, those rubber pins are not as harmless as they look...after a day of normal wear you may get tiny marks where they make contact with your penis. If you have an erection(s) you may even notice some slight pain and even tiny bruises. After a few weeks I wound up reducing the number of pins from 6 to 4 to 3 and finally Zero. I found that just having the smaller diameter opening of the ring was enough to make pullout difficult. The other issues I encountered were a) getting pinched while sliding the insert into the tube and b) less room (gap size) between the tube and the back ring. I should also mention that I wear a pearl or beaded cock ring inside my tube. You can get one of these for about 10 bucks. I slip it on behind the head of my cock, then use a shoelace to pull it (and the head of my penis) up to the end of the tube. This little cock ring does 3 things; it helps me pull the penis skin tight so the security ring doesn't pinch me when inserted in the end of the tube, it helps extend my penis all the way into the tube, and lastly it holds the head of the penis exactly in line with the pee slit in the tube. A side benefit may also be that it makes it even more difficult to pull out of the tube especially with the smaller diameter opening from the security ring. Having said all that my ball sack has stretched a bit from wearing the device for so long I have been able to move to the smallest ring in the CB6000s kit and don't need the security device any longer. I still wear the pearl cock ring however, since it makes urination much cleaner. Oh the cock ring does one other thing, when you start to have an erection it puts some gentle pressure on your penis that restricts growth. I will also say that I don't wear the device 24 x7 just during the day, so nocturnal erections may be quite painful with this configuration. Bottom line: It's worth giving it a try because you can customize the design to fit your needs. Good Luck! JP
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