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Re: The Perfect Device

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The security posts seem to get mixed reviews. Some say that they work great, others that the single point of contact gets painful over time (chafing the skin or creating a pressure point that causes a bruise). I was thinking that since the goal of the anti-pull out device is to reduce the inner diameter of the tube why not use a circular or arc instead of a pin. You could easily weld a partial ring (arc) to the end of the current device at a right angle. To insert the device, you would turn the arc piece 90 degrees so that it can slide inside the tube, then when it's inside the tube turn it back 90 degrees so that the locking bar can slip into it's place and be locked (just like it is currently). You may have to create a longer opening in the top of the tube depending on how big you make the arc. If the arc is made of a ring and not a flat metal piece the chaffing will be at a minimum and the pressure will be spread more evenly. (see picture)
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Re: The Perfect Device

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That is basically the idea of the "foot" :)
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