chastity cage size

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chastity cage size

Post by jasper100 »

I bough the biggest cage and ring size I could find and the one I got seems incredibly small.
I have a metal cage 3.15 inches long with a ring size of 1.97 inches and I'm barely able to put the ring on and I have to take it off ring away because it squeezes tight.

I'm thinking about buying a custom cage and used an online calculator to figure out the size by measuring circumference, length and ring size with flaccid dick.
It came out with the following dimensions:
1. Cage Length of 4.75"
2. Cage Diameter of 1.7 "
3. Base ring of 3.11"

They seem way too big comparing to everything I've read on here. I do have an above average dick, but nothing crazy, do you think the size above is reasonable for a well sized dick?
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Re: chastity cage size

Post by JimR »

While I am certainly no expert, and consider myself somewhat above average, dimension wise, I find the cage length and base ring diameter very suspicious. According to conventional "wisdom", the cage length should be 1/4-1/2 inch shorter than your most flaccid state. No cold shower or scared size, but totally flaccid. As you probably know, most off the shelf cages are supplied with a base ring in the range of 1.5 to 2 inches. I would re-do measurements over a few days when in a totally flaccid state. Check various sizing charts for guidance regarding proper base ring gap when flaccid. Just my thoughts and of course YMMV.
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