Looker 02 (Steelworxx)

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Looker 02 (Steelworxx)

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I've read a few places that despite the urethral insert, the Looker 02 can be somewhat messy when urinating because the urine goes both down the tube but also in between urethra and tube and out the holes at the end of the cap.

Interested in cleanliness and hygiene but also not wanting to be removing the device every day or every couple of days for cleaning (I live 2 hours drive from my girlfriend and we see each other once or twice a week at most), I've spent a bunch of time considering how the device can be easily used so that 99% of the urine is evacuated down the tube. And I have found a solution.

For those whose tubes are longer such that they extend beyond the back of the base ring, its an easy technique.

When you go to pee, have something you can tighten around the base of your penis, immediately behind the stainless Steel base ring. (I've experimented with a slipknot piece of rope and a silicon cock ring and they both work). This works to tighten your urethra temporarily around the end of the insert. In doing this, I've succeeded in having 99%+ of the urine leave me via the tube and not around the outside of the tube.

If this is a solution others have previously promoted, apologies for the repeat. I've been reading about the Looker 02 for many months, possibly years (given I've used one myself for a while now) and have not previously read similar suggestions.
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Re: Looker 02 (Steelworxx)

Post by LuckyEddie »

Its an issue, thats for sure, one that nearly everyone who uses a UI has to deal with. Thanks for the info, I'll be giving it a try this week.

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