Comfiest cage you've experienced?

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Re: Comfiest cage you've experienced?

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jth40s wrote: Tue Aug 30, 2022 11:26 am Mine was a Cobra.....but I quickly found out that I'm allergic to the plastic :(
I print my own custom rings on a 3D printer.
Currently because I don't like the hinged rings. They are fidley when fitting.
Black is fine. Grey is fine. White looks good but I got a slow allergic reaction.
So some plastics do this.
Having said that. One of my stainless steel rings gave me a real bad reaction right out of the blue. It was fine for two years and then wham!
I Hope that doesn't happen with the urethral tube 😱
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Re: Comfiest cage you've experienced?

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Jailbird here.. after buying about 20-30 knockoffs. Would have been cheaper to just start with the Jailbird.

A271 was the closest cage. That was almost perfect. She figured out I was picking the lock and taking breaks. That day a the jailbird was ordered with the security screw. 6 weeks later to the day I was locked up and have been constantly for about 18 months.

Ive lost 48 lbs since I switched stressful jobs she is shopping for a new jailbird because she really wants the punishment pins. Her infatuation with those pins is pretty bad.
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