AliExpress full belt sort of review

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AliExpress full belt sort of review

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Preface: I’ve owned a CB3000 for years and mostly hate it. I go through spurts where I’m into it until the discomfort and lack of security bum me out and I throw it in a drawer for a year.
Fwiw this is a toy-I’m way kinkier than my wife and the intent is more “keep my hands off me” and some clandestine fetish time than anything else. When I first got the CB she was game to keyhold but I couldn’t even wear it overnight so kinda fell aside. I can’t wear this at work so it’s evenings and weekends, long term is overnight for me.

At one point I’d ordered a knock off Holy Trainer which sucked and never fit. I also have a varicocele, plus I’m a cyclist so ball capture devices are tough so I wanted a full belt. After cyber stalking eBay and such I finally pulled the trigger. I figured if it sucked I’d be out $60 bucks or maybe I’d get lucky and it would at least be usable. I decided on a design and shopped around. Although I’m partial to eBay they’ve gotten pricy so thought I’d go direct overseas. Link below.

Fast forward to the thing. To be fair I’m biased, I loved the device out of the box. It’s heavy, about a pound and a 1/4. First fit was much too loose. I ordered the “up to” 34 waist and typically wear a 33 (or a 34 and a belt). I’m 5-10 180-ish.

One of the best parts is the range and ease of adjustment. The Torx bolts act on the gold pinch blocks which the cables ride under. Loosen the bolt, slide cable and tighten. I spent an evening making micro adjustments until satisfied. Once fitted, it literally barely moves and the weight is unnoticeable. There’s almost too many options and you can get lost farting around. I found that tight is right, although it was kinda committing getting the butt cable all up in there.

The tubing is a soft rubber, maybe neoprene but not sure, and it’s tough-ish to cut. I might have had the waist too tight and my hips were pretty irritated. See how that goes with some fiddling. The cable ends cleverly slide into the next section of tubing and are nicely finished, no frayed or loose strands. Cable is quite thick, didn’t think to take a photo.

So the shield. Frankly that gets me the most excited. The face is perfectly smooth and I sorta can’t keep my hands off it. The edges are nicely done also. It’s THICK, there’s no way to bend it or flex. My junk is all tucked in and out of sight. The CB stuck out yet flopped around, this it’s all just gone. It also gets nicely warm to the touch.

With the CB getting aroused felt good, almost like my cock was getting squeezed. This there’s almost no sensation although you feel some pressure when erect. The tube is similar in diameter to the CB and works better than I’d thought. I was worried I’d slip out as I’m not large. My sack just kinda gets smushed down, a little bit of pinching the other night. The shield is narrow but does rub on my inner thighs a bit. The CB made me bow legged so I’ll take that.

Security- I mean it looks and feels like Fort Knox. Maybe I could pull out but it would suck. Otherwise it isn’t coming off without power tools. Although the plan is maybe my wife will hold the keys one day I’m kinda terrified, there’s no going back. Oh, the padlock is cheesy, hopefully there’s a better quality one out there that fits the post correctly.

The bad. Sitting down sux. It kinda rides up and shoves into my belly plus there’s pressure on the sac. Pooping while holding the cable aside isn’t fun. I don’t mind peeing sitting but it doesn’t have a tube or channel just runs out the bottom. The cable ends that engage the post are a little meh, thinner than expected washers crimped and welded onto the cable. Showering in it fills the sheathing with water.

Overall I’m thrilled for $58.00 shipped. If I’d spent $4-500 I’d likely be content. It has drawbacks but works shockingly well for the cost. I’m the worst with post purchase regret and I’m thrilled.

TL;DR? If you want to try a full belt, get one.


If anyone wants a photo of it being worn let me know, I can attach. ... 1802mbdbX6
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