Is the Vice worth it?

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Is the Vice worth it?

Post by RandyAndy »

Hi all, thanks for the ad.
We've dabbled in chastity a little with some of the cheaper unbranded copies, off Amazon/eBay with limited success, the heavy metal one slipped off entirely, I guess the back ring was actually too big. The main issue for me as wearer, with the plastic cages is being able to pull penis out, between the ring and tube, when desperate.
Looking at the Vice, it seems to have another ring to prevent pull out, without using spikes and seems secure.
So is the vice really secure and not able to.pull.out?
Are there any cheaper "copies" of the vice or similar? Ideally plastic type, not bird cage type because as a grower, I don't want gland getting pinched between the bars or be able to.stimulate the gland.
Anything like the vice but with an integrated lock too?
The Mrs wasn't that into it me wearing chastity at the time so didn't really want spend +£100 for it to be left in draw like the other cages I've given up on. We also have kids around so have be discreet.
I did have a PA but Mrs wasn't keen and didn't really give it a chance but the captive need dropped out anyway over the weekend and it pretty much closed up before I could get back
Thanks for any help
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Re: Is the Vice worth it?

Post by inchastityat127 »

I wore the Vice for awhile. It basically has “tabs” angled inward that help prevent pullout. You COULD probably get out while flaccid, but you would never get back in without unlocking the cage.

The anti pullout “tabs” - which are optional- also rubbed and pinched - especially with erections. To the point of raw skin. Also, I found it difficult to keep clean with prolonged use.

Others like it. For the money, I personally would look elsewhere.
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