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cage guide

Post by jsmith12 »

I think there's lots to learn with guess & test for very long-term that I'm not sure I've seen in a guide.

Sure, it's important to get length, ring, gap correct. but how about these:

1 the bars should run lengthwise; not be rings; keeps skin from getting stuck/pinched w expand/contract
2 small opening at end, or painful push-thru when expanded
3 vertically open at end for angles - or urination is messy (getting #4 right could nullify this)
4 headlock feature - anything to keep the head in the same position all the time, helps in bathroom
5 furniturelock (magic lock) for no motion/noise - padlocks jingle
6 if hinged, rubber sleeve mandatory - no pinching in joint (backup sleeves for cleaning/replacing?)
7 more than 1 POC* from cage to ring (point of connection) so it doesn't torque/twist
8 should be as open as possible for cleaning - CB6K/plastic is no good
9 metal is better for less chafing/less need for lube, but plastic lightness is good for exercise - pick winner based on lifestyle
10 if the width of cage is just snug enough, tension goes outward instead of longways, which is much less painful when expanding - won't pull the bar out, biting into sensitive places
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Re: cage guide

Post by slave d »

Whilst i agree with a lot of what you say i really think it’s a case of “your results may vary” !! Many people stay in plastic for years, many use full sleeves rather than open bars, some (me) find new hinges don’t need covering, some (me) enjoy that i have to sit to pee and that it is messy and tricky, reminds me of my place in MsM’s FLR. So i honestly don’t think a list like this ends up being very useful as it is only one persons view and findings. Interesting though to see what others have found.

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Re: cage guide

Post by Sashauk »

I have a number of metal devices all differing in style. Personally I'm not a fan of the solid tube type, be it plastic or metal.
I have one device that has a hinged ring that is covered, but I find that even with the covering it's not as comfortable as a solid ring. I know it's trickier to put on but once fitted the benefit of a solid ring shows through.

As 'slave d' said I have found that whatever cage I use I have to sit down to pee. So much so that even if I'm not wearing a cage I still sit.

I doubt if there is one device that would suit everyone - we come in all shapes and sizes such that what works for one does not for another.
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