Urethral Tubes

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Re: Urethral Tubes

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Lock me wrote: Mon Oct 18, 2021 3:31 pm
JimR wrote: Mon Oct 18, 2021 12:57 pm Not to throw too much coal on the anti-UT fire, but any thoughts about the insurance payment implications, if the cause of the infection/injury were known by medical personnel, and judged "self inflicted: ?
I don't think that would even be a consideration as to whether a UTI could be "self inflicted". All you know is you have a UTI 🤷‍♂️
If you were to arrive at the doctor with your cage and tube on, that might be different :lol:
Yep, I was freed before going to the ER, probably shouldn't have, but I also took the time to take a shower so I was all-over clean as well. I was so sick that I could barely stand up and it took me much longer than usual to shower. My heart rate had climbed to over 90 and my O2 had dropped to 90. I was breathing like I'd just run a marathon, dizzy and feeling like I was going to puke.

I thought I had Covid...the ER thought so too- it was maybe three minutes and they had me in a negative-pressure room. Nobody looked at my junk. Nose swabs, urine sample, blood (oh, they took *lots* of blood), I had lines running into both arms and all kinds of IV bags hung up. Contrary to FarceBook idiots, they did NOT do a Covid test right off, they tested for flu and the urine sample and who knows what else...and it was *after* they diagnosed the UTI they asked if I wanted a Covid test too, which I declined because I was confident that they had it right.

But, there were never any questions as to how I might have gotten a UTI. Frankly, I'm still mystified myself.
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Re: Urethral Tubes

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I know lots of people have had issues with infection related to UTs and I’m not really here to support their use. I don’t wear my Looker often unless my wife requires it as I have a PA, but when I do I can offer my routine in case it helps anyone… Again. Not medical advice but in the event people soldier on with it perhaps these tips will help.

I clean the device and my penis with alcohol wipes. The brand I use is Webcol but that’s likely not super important. Then after washing my hands thoroughly with soap and water I use a bit of Surgilube on the tip of my penis and on the tube. I try to pack it in to the tube a bit as well. If you’ve ever packed bearings with grease that’s the basic technique - lol. After I lock up I do my best to urinate to both clear the excess lube from the tube and reduce risk of infection further.

The first day or so after going into that cage I take it pretty easy. No jogging or whatever. After a day things tend to settle down and I don’t have any issues with irritation even when working out etc. I don’t tend to stay in it more than a few weeks max. I had this cage before I was pierced and even then urine would tend to go around the tube and it can be messy. Sometimes I’m able to piss standing up but it’s pretty rare and requires luck and control. With the PA it requires tissue to clean but that’s nothing you should expect even without a piercing.

Anyways. YMMV. And I’m not a medical professional. Just my advice for what it’s worth. Good luck!
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