Adapting to a new cage

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Adapting to a new cage

Post by bobolink »

I have posted earlier that I was going to purchase a new cage. That has been accomplished, ordered and received from China in 14 days. That in itself is amazing.

The goal is to find a cage where I can be locked 24/7 for an extended period of time. I self lock so when my wife wants it off, off it comes.

This is my first device. It was comfortable and inexpensive but it was a sanitation nightmare. When I had to go, urine went everywhere. ... 80897.html

That is when I looked for and purchase this cage. Honestly, I didn't pay as much as either link shows so shop around if interested. ... 43919.html

Urination with this one is greatly improved but I quickly found out that the spiked "anti pull out" ring was impossible to use. I ground off the spikes and it was still to tight. Other than that, the cage is fairly comfortable. There is a bit of pinching that I didn't have in the other cage and that will take getting use to. I ride a bike to work so that was a bit of a challenge. My only worry is that the ring is a bit too big. I measured at 50mm but it did come of when I was working outside, clearing brush. I am thinking about finding a ring that is closer to 45, and grind, and drill holes in it so I can substitute it for the spiked ring.

I was also wondering about reducing the gap. I reduced it slightly but I don't want to go too far until I check into the other ring I will make.

Open to any thoughts or ideas.
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Re: Adapting to a new cage

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I also had that first cage you posted (except in black and red). It was light and gets me thru metal detectors lol (I still wear it for those occasions). I agree on the urination issue though.
My current metal cage is more open than what you currently have but I also had the issue with the ring being too big and ordered the next smaller size. Now it fits great, is snug and wearable long term.
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