Spiked Chamber

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Re: Spiked Chamber

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Tom Allen wrote: Thu Oct 07, 2021 9:07 am@Keyholder_V Huh. And all this time I figured that Brits automatically defaulted to caning as punishment.
Haha, only when the neighbors are out of earshot.
TwistedMister wrote: Thu Oct 07, 2021 9:18 amWell, it could be a 'reward' *and* a 'punishment' at the same time, that's how I think of it anyway. But, it must be noted that I have some masochistic tendencies, and I find the combination of a pleasurable activity with the knowledge that there will be a certain amount of 'torment' that goes along with it to be...intriguing...its an additional element of 'wanting' one thing while knowing that there is a price to be paid for getting it.
Very interesting. I get it as part of play, but my aim is more to associate the act of (permission to) pleasing me as the reward in itself rather than concentrating on his own sexual pleasure as a reward.
TwistedMister wrote: Thu Oct 07, 2021 9:18 amHave you done much electrical play? I have found that a TENS unit can deliver pain or pleasure, depending on the settings, and in some cases one can merge into the other.
Never, but I'm familiar with TENS machines. Is the experience the same with the dreamlover system?
TwistedMister wrote: Thu Oct 07, 2021 9:18 amDoes that include intentionally causing him to become aroused, in order to ensure *full* 'consideration'? If you don't want to mix it with your 'reward' program, there are other means- video, audio, hypno-erotic recordings, etc.
Certainly. Our daily lives contain enough to get him going that I don't think it would take much effort. We watch porn together quite regularly, and I allow him to watch porn on his own on the condition that he shares any ideas he wants to try out. I also enjoy teasing whenever the mood takes me. And I'm often in the mood.
TwistedMister wrote: Thu Oct 07, 2021 9:18 amI'm not a fan of the 'honor system' either, my kink leans more toward forced/enforced control, and not having a choice. Having a degree of 'free will' and saying "I 'choose' to do/not do [this]..." feels much different from "I have to do/can't do [this], I have no choice and no control." The one feels more like 'just playing at it' while the other is more of 'this is my reality and I can't do anything about it', which is much more intense.

Of course, it all depends on the people involved- for some people, 'just playing at it' may be all that they need/want and is perfectly satisfactory. Others, like myself***, prefer a greater degree of 'realism'.
Absolutely. The whole premise of our relationship is (well, based on chastity first) that it is a FLR. I'm hardly leading if he can just decide to change the rules himself.
TwistedMister wrote: Thu Oct 07, 2021 9:18 am ***(I have a history of engaging in 'risky' activities, in which 'mistakes' had very real (and often painful) consequences- riding and racing motorcycles and cars, enlisting in the Army and volunteering for 'special services' {as if my primary MOS wasn't dangerous enough}, working for the government after the Army, becoming a detective and working long-term undercover operations in some very nasty organizations, etc. I've had a very exciting life/career and it takes a *lot* to match the 'high' I got from doing the things I did.)
Wow! You certainly have had an exciting life! I bet you have some impressive stories to tell! I'm so boring by comparison. Middle of the class at school, un-dramatic job, etc etc. There's only one side of my life which is pretty "rock'n'roll" and I can't tell anyone about it outside of the bedroom and this forum lol.

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Re: Spiked Chamber

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I have the Spiked Chamber on now and am trying to break my previous record of 3/4's of an hour. This device would be great as a punishment / time out. Intermediate and long term wear would not be an option, at least not for me! Hoo boy! I don't think any records will be broken today.

(In answer to an earlier question, pull out is not possible.)
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