new to it all, HTv4 hurts !

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new to it all, HTv4 hurts !

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hi all -

what a great forum!
it's rare to find a positive and vibrant online community.

I'm a chastity noob w/ a vanilla wife who doesn't know yet.

I was in SF recently and got a HolyTrainer v4 at Mr. S.

I think I got the sizing close to right: 55mm ring and "standard" tube, which my penis fills snugly. I've been wearing it ten or so hours a day, to make sure I can follow through with my side of things if I get into this with my darling wife, and I'm not sure I can. It hurts! I apply lotion about ten times a day, especially in the AM. I'm trying both regular hand lotions and silicone lube. I think I have moderately large balls: a 50mm ring I tried on an HTv3 was barely large enough to get them through.

The balls hurt sort of all-over, I expect due to the skin being stretched in a lot of places but then also folded where it passes through the ring. Then where my belly meets my penis is sore as well, from that back-pointing wedge thing on the device. I'm not nearing physical harm yet, but it's not something I could sustain and with prolongued use there might be some actual sores.

I've looked at reviews like this: and it makes me think I'm missing something.
If it's something my body will adapt to, like shaving, then great I'm in no hurry and can do this gradually, but if there's a change I should be making, sooner is better.

I'm also wishing i'd gotten maybe a size down in the cage, to try to stop reactions from getting going and pushing the whole works forward.

thanks for reading !
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