Universal headlock?

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Universal headlock?

Post by crated51 »

Using a properly sized rubber "o" ring as a glands ring and strong / thin string - perhaps dental floss, a makeshift headlock is possible. Each cage style being different, some creativity may be needed, but the string attached to the ring; ring positioned behind the head; the excess string is threaded thru the cage; cage is locked in place; string is tied to the front of the cage ( I'm wearing a A273 cage) is preventing me from turtling.

Finding the right ring and getting used to not being able retract is taking some time but is looking promising. Really doesn't give any added security since it would be easy to cut the sting.
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Re: Universal headlock?

Post by art4bux »

I seem to remember that Pedro69's KHD cages through shapeways had a slot on the underside of the glans for a thin O ring which would hook over the top of the glans, then run up alongside and fit into the locking block. Don't recall what the diameter of the ring was, probably varied with length of tube. cross section was about 2mm (3/32")
Think it was just on the X3 and Q4 series. Might be worth a look just for ideas
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Re: Universal headlock?

Post by Tom Allen »

My only concern with a ring behind the head is being able to clean under it. I've been tempted to try this out for a while, and maybe I'll find an O ring that could fit easily into my A272 without getting hung up and pinching my tender skin.
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Re: Universal headlock?

Post by locked4her55 »

I had this 316 grade stainless steel glans ring custom made several years ago. It was very effective in keeping me positioned correctly but it also provided a very secure system. If I was able to pull myself out through the back I found it impossible to put myself back in and get the ring back behind the glans. I attached a stainless steel chain which I secured to the padlock thus enabling the ring to only travel back 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch inside the cage. If I had attempted an escape my lovely wife would have noticed upon inspection and well. . there would have been consequences.

The issue I had was that several times while wearing it my wife left me in for 2-3 weeks. With the MM device I was wearing I had no issues with keeping myself clean. The issue I had both times was that I developed a rash in one or two places where the ring came in contact with the glans.

So, works really well with being let out for cleaning weekly. Not so good for long term wear.
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