Smallest MCN Contender

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Smallest MCN Contender

Post by Naljeans »

Two and a half years into chastity, I’ve found my way into what is likely the smallest Contender. For those of you familiar with my story, I’ve gone through a few cages with the Contender always being my favorite. Long story short, due to weight gain and shrinkage combined, my owner and I realized I was kind of able to get erections in my old cage. Not full ones of course, but they felt full and thus defeated part of what my owner enjoys about chastity - completely controlling my ability to get hard.

So I contacted MCN with a request for a 1/2” shorter cage. Mark responded with a 1” cage with a 1” diameter (down from 1.25”). This thing is like a thimble. Neither of us thought it would work, since my glans is bigger than that when hard.

After two weeks in it with zero removals, I can say it works. It’s so narrow, it stops any attempted erection immediately so the glans is never big enough to push it off. It’s like an immovable vice.

As always, comfort is perfect, except it leaves everything entirely pushed into my balls. Urinating is more complicated, but it also accounts for turtling. By being so snug, it doesn’t matter if I turtle or not. It doesn’t rotate and stays in place.

To some extent, it’s required a mental reset back to my early days in chastity. Zero movement, occasional claustrophobia.

Overall just incredible build quality we’ve come to expect from MCN. Just be careful what you or your key owner wishes for.
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Re: Smallest MCN Contender

Post by Jon Descer »

I've thought of sizes like that but the issue of cleanliness always concerned me, having all that skin folded up and pushed together; it would be so easy for something nasty to get in there and start breeding in mere days. Maybe I am paranoid but it gives me the willies, no pun intended.
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Re: Smallest MCN Contender

Post by cshorts »

I got a second Contender last year that is significantly shorter than my original -- wasn't that I was shrinking but that the original allowed me to get sufficiently semi-hard that it was too tempting and easy to get off by stroking through the bars.

I haven't had any problems as far as I can tell with cleanliness -- for one thing, it's possible to pull out the back as with all ball trap cages and though I never pull out all the way, it do pull enough to allow for good cleaning.

But I have had a couple of incidents of moderately serious abrasion, I think from the skin being folded up on itself, and rubbing against itself (near the base of my cock), both times when I was locked up without respite for over a month. We're now unlocking me every couple of weeks to inspect and get an hour or few of air time (and deep cleaning) and that seems to be working.
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