Ring Size Dilemma

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Ring Size Dilemma

Post by Mr_Circle02 »

So i learned something, i straight up pulled my cage off, not good. I already knew the ring was too big but when i first tried the smaller ring it gave me that purple ball color. Should I try the small ring again or just look in to a better device. I have this metal one called Intimate Inmate, any other suggestions for what i should do or devices I could get would be appreciated
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Re: Ring Size Dilemma

Post by cuyahoga »

A search of “intimate inmate” did not produce anything relevant, so I can’t speak as to what you’re working with, but...

The ring size has nothing to do with your testicles coming out of the device. That’s totally the gap between the ring and the cage. Yes, a smaller ring would decrease that gap, but that’s not the solution you should be seeking if you’ve found the right base ring size. The base ring size stays as whatever you need, and you need to find a way to reduce the gap.

I personally went through at least six off the shelf cages, all with different good and bad aspects. I finally found one that worked best, but it was still far from ideal. Each purchase taught me something new, and made the next purchase better. Length, width, base ring size, structure, etc, all taught me something new.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you’ll probably not find a “perfect” fitting off the shelf cage, and you’ll probably have to experiment with multiple tries to find the closest best thing. And see if what you can successfully modify to make it better.

And I don’t think anyone should try to get a custom one made without trying multiple off the shelf cages first. The learning process helped me so much to make sure my first custom was “perfect.”
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