Most comfortable cage for long term wear

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Most comfortable cage for long term wear

Post by cantcum »

Not spiked. I'm looking for a custom cage, long term permanent use. What is the most comfortable cage in your opinion? So far I've heard mature metal Jailbird is the best, essentially.
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Re: Most comfortable cage for long term wear

Post by WifeIsVanilla »

I have a Jail Bird, a Watchful Mistress (also by Mature Metal) a Curve by CB and an HT v3. I wear one of those cages most of the time. (I am only uncaged for golf, massages, doctor visits, metal detectors, etc). 90% of my caged time I wear the Jail Bird because it is so comfortable and easy to clean without removing it.

First of all, Mature Metal products are made of highly polished, high quality stainless steel which feels good against my skin.

Then there is the critical matter of fit. Most guys must be reasonably OK with the 1 3/8" inside cage diameter of most off-the-shelf devices, including the Holy Trainer. However, I need 1 1/2," so I only wear my HT short term for a change of pace.

The Curve actually is 1 1/2" in diameter, but the trade off is that it is freakishly long. I like to sleep in it after a Viagra / intercourse session. The device's length allows partial erections which are forced downward by the shape of the Curve. It's a very different sensation which is pretty cool once in a while.

Unlike the off-the-shelf products, Mature Metal products are custom made to fit perfectly so they are perfectly comfortable.
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Have worn: Curve & CB 6000s. Both broke, were repaired, broke, were repaired and then broke beyond repair.
Now mostly wearing my MM Jail Bird, occasionally alternating with my MM Watchful Mistress, Holy Trainer v3 & a second Curve.
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Re: Most comfortable cage for long term wear

Post by cuyahoga »

I had no idea what I was missing in terms of comfortable and easy long term wear until I got my Mature Metal Jailbird. After multiple off the shelf cages of various designs and materials, I will never go back. I’m sure there are other custom cage options that might also be great, but I’m done shopping.
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