Learning from trial and error

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Learning from trial and error

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Hi forum,

I wanted to start this topic for the people new to chastity who are looking for the perfect chastity device to begin their journey.

First the disappointing part: You will not find the perfect device with your first purchase, so don’t waste your money on prime or even custom devices. Why? You have most likely the wrong idea about how a chastity cage works and what they don’t do. Do not expect an escape proof device. Unless you are willing to get a piercing, any ball trap device can be defeated by pulling out. So then whats the point? Firstly, a good fitting cage requires a lot of effort to pull out, so much so that it should be impossible if you are arroused. Secondly, it cannot be removed non-destructively, meaning that you must not be able to slip your balls out of a locked device. Last but certainly not least, a chastity device locked around your penis is not merely a physical restraint but an undeniable reminder that your keyholder is in control and that you have absolutely no permission to do what you are contemplating to do at that moment. The next big challenge for newbies is this: You know your little friend less well than you think. As a result, all advice that you find here on size and cage design is not getting you where you want to be.
So you are doomed to fail? Yes, but just like the chastity lifestyle is a journey, so is the quest for a chastity device that will suit your needs.

So, here I will describe my journey through several cages and what I learned each time.

My first contact with male chastity led me to the holy trainer website and I ordered a small HT v2 with two basering sizes. As I describe above, buying such an expensive device in the beginning is a mistake but at the time I had no idea that male chastity is on the verge of mainstream and choices are plenty. I learned that closed sheath designs are not working for me as uncircumcised man with a pretty long foreskin. Hygiene is problematic and I always struggled with loose skin finding its way through the pee hole and pinching badly between cage and pants. I also learned what nighttime erections are and ball burn... Although, the build quality of the HT was ok for the price, I find the design flawed with the tube sticking through the base ring. That was so easy to pull out. I learned that I am a grower with a substantial size difference from flaccid to fully erect. After some reading, I decided to get a shorter cage as this was supposed to stop erections more effectively.

I got a steel cage with a hinged base ring like this one: https://www.dhgate.com/product/new-open ... 5995830035 . I liked the aesthetics but it gave me unbearable ball burn at night and my foreskin would be squeezed through the bars and pinched. Also the hinged basering made this very fiddly to put on.

Then I made my next purchase: a Custom Chastity Saint. It is a 3D printed device that has a very open design at the tip that could help with my unruly foreskin and ease of hygiene. This part was absolutely true. The build quality was excellent. The cage is super light but feels very sturdy. I ordered a double base ring and this device was nearly impossible to pull out of, which might also be due to the egg shell surface that seemed to grip the skin. At the time, I was in a long distance relation and I wore this cage for 4 months strait with no release. It still had problems: 1st, the cage has a very narrow tube with large windows where I noticed my skin swelling due to pooling tissue fluids. Also nighttime erections were strong and ball burn was still bad. I adapted by shifting my daily routine to get up early with the morning wood. Lastly, the egg shell surface would lead to abrasions and irritations around the base ring and I used a lot of lotions and lubes before settling on Vaseline to cope with this. Not ideal.

Next I decided to go with an even shorter steel cage like this one: https://www.dhgate.com/product/304-stai ... 5995830035 . The Idea was to stifle erections as soon as possible. This cage was a disaster. Nighttime erections were unbearable and the bars of the cage were too thin, cutting into my glans. So no good.

So I had to find a cage that would somehow restrict growth but leave enough space to accommodate my foreskin and allow for hygiene. I found this one: https://www.dhgate.com/product/2019-new ... 6322712991 . This was a good fit. I could manage my foreskin by pushing it back once a day. It would work its way to the front and then get pinched between cage rim and pants but that was manageable. Hygiene was easy enough and I could wear it for weeks on end. Still it was not perfect. I still suffered from ball burn due to nighttime erections and the large tolerances of these cheap steel cages mean that there is a lot of movement between the cage and the basering even when locked. Since I have a lot of loose skin in that gap I would suffer nasty pinches from time to time.

Then I tried something new, a steel cage with a urethra tube: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01KBIMJUO/ref ... nkCode=df0 . I really liked the non-shiny brushed metal look. It took some courage to insert the urethra tube but it was easy enough. The closed off cap was great for my floppy foreskin but things were not great. The urethra tube was ribbed which punished unsanctioned arousal but since the entire cage was rather heavy, it would also irritate the urethra while walking or moving around. That was not working out for long term wear. But worse was that my balls would be clamped so tightly that the cage never sat comfortably. That reminded me that I never solved the problem of ball burn.

To address this issue I wanted a cage with a bigger gap between the tube and the basering. Also I wanted a closed tip and a wider diameter for the cage itself. I reasoned that this would decrease the force of an erection pushing the cage outwards because my penis would be allowed to nearly reach its full girth thus dissipating some of the pressure. Since No off the shelf device would fit these requirements it was time to go fully custom.

I ordered this cage: http://rigidchastity.com/index.php?rout ... duct_id=65 . I asked for an anatomically shaped base ring which is bend backwards starting in the middle of the ring giving a wider gap. Since I ordered a wide diameter for the cage, this increased gap is still too small to slip my balls through. The length of the cage is such that the tip of my normally resting penis is just touching the tip. Since this is my current cage I start with the negative: It took 26 weeks from order to delivery. 22 weeks were scheduled and I only got a response from the company after filing a complaint with Paypal. Then I received the cage within one week. Now the good part. The device is gorgeously manufactured. Once locked there is no movement between cage and basering. Similar to the Custom Chastity Saint, this device feels like a serious restraint not like a toy. The combination of a wide cage diameter and a wide gap greatly reduced the ball burning issue during nighttime erections and my previous experiences enabled me to smartly choose the dimensions resulting in an almost perfect device specifically for me.

I hope this account of my choices during the journey will help newbies to make smart decisions with reasonable expectations, and by learning through trial and error, avoid some mistakes that I made.

Have fun on that journey!

Maybe other experienced members can chime in and add to my subjective observations.
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