Need advice on finding the right cage

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Need advice on finding the right cage

Post by Azal012 »

Hello everyone!

I'm fairly new to the chastity kink but for a while, I wanted to get into but I have some trouble finding the right cage. After 3 attempts with different cages, I'm a bit desperate (and honestly I don't really want to waste more money on trying and failing) so I decided I ask for help here hoping some of the more experienced people could help me find the right one for me.

About me and my attempts:
So with cages so far my biggest issues are the size and the fact the I'm uncut. These two factors made it really hard to find the one I could comfortably wear for a longer time. I'm about 11cm (4.3 inches) flaccid. Most cages I found are much smaller than this so I didn't even dare to try ordering those.
My first attempt was with a silicone cage. While the size should be good I just couldn't get it in even with plenty of lube. The biggest issue here was probably the foreskin which prevented the shaft from properly getting into the cage.
The second attempt was a metal bird cage like one. This one ended up being a bit big but also made me realize that I don't like either the style or metal cages overall. For me, it was too heavy and extremely uncomfortable to sit with.
The third attempt was something I found a move in the right direction. It was a plastic cage. The size was right, I could fit in well. I was happy. All was good until I started feeling this burning chafing pain around my balls. Normally it happened when I was trying to get hard or when sleeping, making me wake up in the middle of the night and had to remove it. What I think is happening that the ring slips over my scrotum (even though I'm wearing the smallest ring I could fit safely) and starts terribly chafing it.

Overall I would like to have a plastic cage as I like the design of some of those they are not too heavy either like the metal ones. I would like to get some advice on what I should look for and how to find a cage that I could wear for longer time periods.
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Re: Need advice on finding the right cage

Post by Schnoff »

You could try an Evotion 3D printed, there’s a review I stuck into this forum. Make sure to give them the measurements they don’t ask for, those are needed :). If memory serves glans height and width as well as pin height they don’t ask for, and it tripped me up.

I can wear mine for about a week, maybe 10 days, before I need to give it a rest so the foreskin can recover. Your mileage will vary of course - personally I get water inclusions in the foreskin, even with the large tip they made for me. Maybe an even larger tip - but I’m done going back and forth on the thing.
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Re: Need advice on finding the right cage

Post by TwistedMister »

Also, if you're going plastic, make sure you buy the real deal, not a Chinese fake- the fakes are cheap, but they take shortcuts that make them a waste of money.
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Re: Need advice on finding the right cage

Post by Qweenbsubi »

Rigid modular 5 with pa hook for security very confining and cannot access glan but can clean easily just make sure measurements are right for pa and expect a long wait ,but we use this device for long term no problems.
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