Which MM?

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Which MM?

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I have a problem with pop out. I am looking to transition from The CD6000s and HT Nano to a MM device. Which one do you think is best to keep ball pop out from occurring? Thanks to all!
CD6000 no spacer with mid second to largest ring. HT second to smallest ring. Thanks!
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Re: Which MM?

Post by WifeIsVanilla »

Any of their devices should do that. Gap size is critical to security / comfort. Too large and a testicle can slip through which is not a pleasant experience and defeats the purpose of the device. Too small and you get "ball burn." Ouch!

3/8" is the "average" for gap size. Eight years ago, I ordered my first MM device, my Jail Bird. I had such bad ball burn that I could only wear the device for an hour or two at a time. I corresponded with Mistress MM who advised me to send it back for adjustment. A week later, I had my JB back with the gap at 7/16", only 1/16" larger. That one sixteenth of an inch made an incredible difference. Now I can wear the JB in perfect comfort for weeks at a time. I could truly wear it 24/365 if real life didn't get in the way.
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