Looker 01 titanium

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Looker 01 titanium

Post by Tessasissy »

Hi any o e have any experiences and reviews of this device and its wearability long term especial with the urethral insert. Did you have the cage with the removable insert if so how is it attached to the cage?

Also how inconspicuous is it? How much smaller than your average flaccid lenght did you order for a good fit?

Hope some one can help due to Ms Lori's difficulties with production I am looking for sn interim (posibly long term cage) until she is back in production.

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Re: Looker 01 titanium

Post by slave d »

Jeez i just had a look on the Steelworxx site to check this out and it appears to have been written by somebody with English as a third language !! I assume it is the Steelworxx one you’re talking about ?? Would have been good to have a link !! Anyway, whatever, personally i wouldn’t trust a company that can’t put a sentence together, plus the idea of a permanently fixed urethral tube is just crazy (yes i do see it can be ordered with it removable).

Here’s what i was reading:

This product is made by your exclusive size ! It?s like a second skin at your penis.
The plug is finest handled and locked on a special way
You wear the ?Looker 01? in an enjoyable way.
The curve plug save and preserve your urethra!

Please read the many threads on urethral inserts in the forum before going down that track.

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