PA Jewelry

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PA Jewelry

Post by gungadn »

I have a PA. Wear a segment ring (full enclosed circle) for security when locked in my device. No pull out.

However, when I have PIV sex with my wife, she does not like the segment ring. She makes me remove it before entering.... I remember reading that different types of jewelry can be pleasurable for the female. And, I think I have seen comments in the past about the segment ring having issues...

So, looking for recommendations on replacement jewelry for my PA that my wife would enjoy.

For those that have a PA, has anyone else had an issue with the segment ring? And, for those that have a partner with a PA.. or those that have a PA.. is there a certain type of jewelry that you enjoy during PIV sex?
Circular Barbell?
Curved Barbell?
Straight Barbell?

Thanks for any experience you might be willing to share.
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This is just my experience, yours can.... and probably will.... vary!

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Re: PA Jewelry

Post by coffee2sugars »

I have an enclosed circular ring that is ok however toe more I have gauged up over the years the less pleasurable it has been her as it rubs more.

I recommend lube as it does help with the rubbing act And also plenty of foreplay. A lot of the time our headspace is far more important that what's happening physically.

Curved and straight bar bells were discarded of fairly quickly as they were uncomfortable for her and actually damaging for me.
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Re: PA Jewelry

Post by Schnoff »

I’d actually say curved barbell, 2ga or thereabouts, with large end balls. The larger surface area of the barbell means it’s not damaging to you, and the larger balls mean its more likely to be pleasurable for her.
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