Problem: Sharp little padlock

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Problem: Sharp little padlock

Post by CanuckInNJ »

I'm locked up with one of those small Chinese Wolf Dog padlocks. The padlock hangs in such a way that at least one corner is always digging into my flesh somewhere or other.

I could Dremel the corners down, I suppose, but that feels like overkill. And I'll have to do it with every padlock we use.

I have this fantasy that somewhere out there there's a tiny drawstring bag that I can put over the padlock so that it's edges aren't digging into me. That, or maybe a small rubber bag like a tiny condom that I could draw over the padlock (and easily pull off again when m'Lady wants the padlock unlocked).

And, of course, there's aesthetics. I'd love to find something that covers the padlock so that things don't look so . . . padlocky.

Solutions, anybody?
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slave d
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Re: Problem: Sharp little padlock

Post by slave d »

Think you’ll find this has been discussed a few times here, try searching. i did remember people using dremels etc and using tape around the base too mainly to stop the noise. Making a little bag sounds like a good idea to me, perhaps a task your keyholder could give you as the pain is only yours lol !!

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Re: Problem: Sharp little padlock

Post by locked4her55 »

A piece of heat shrink tubing worked for me, back when I used a padlock.
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Re: Problem: Sharp little padlock

Post by Homebody »

I have found electrical tape good for this. You can get many different colors and it sticks to metal really well.
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Re: Problem: Sharp little padlock

Post by Tom Allen »

Filing or sanding the corners is most assuredly not overkill for something that you'll be wearing all day or night.
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Re: Problem: Sharp little padlock

Post by WifeIsVanilla »

I agree with Tom Allen. Years ago, I had a lock with a sharp spot. It took less than a minute to fix with a few well placed strokes of a file.
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Re: Problem: Sharp little padlock

Post by TwistedMister »

My Master lock is so old and has been worn so much that the edges have just worn down naturally.
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Re: Problem: Sharp little padlock

Post by SteveOD »

I simply used a file and worked on the corners and problem went away. I advise you to get a better lock like an ABUS 65/20. Very reliable and fits all devices. Mine is 10 years old. I have had the cheap Chinese locks fail to open requiring tools to pry open. I wear my lock in the shower and 24/7 and it just keeps on working as if new for 10 years. The Brass is easy to round off on the corners with a metal file or Dremel.
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Re: Problem: Sharp little padlock

Post by sirmebane »

I wondered why some cage manufacturers bundled this lock with their product. Looks like they make a MARINE version as well but I cannot find one in a 65/20 sizing. 10 years of service is way beyond the 12-18 months I get out of most Master locks.
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