Trying Micro-Chastity

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Re: Trying Micro-Chastity

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I had that cage and it is not micro for me. Too big. I went for this instead and it is a perfect fit for my less than an inch penis after 10 years of lockup and 50 lb. weight gain. This is the only thing that fits me now and what I wear 24/7, even when showering. ... _1007.html
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Re: Trying Micro-Chastity

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I've been wondering about the Castrate Cage...does it push out when you get an erection...and does the version with the Inverted piece really work ? I can get an Erection even if it is inside my body.
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Re: Trying Micro-Chastity

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I prefer the Nub for now and cherry keeper for later when my cock will become smaller and I'll gain some more. That thing looks terrible to pee in.
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