security of electro shock add-on

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security of electro shock add-on

Post by bobby_rogers »

We have been thinking about getting something like the DreamLover 2000, but it is very pricey. We have used a dog collar, but it doesn't really lock on well.
Any feedback on other brands or types of shockers that can be added on to a device. I have a PA, so I would really like to find something that goes with a PA based device, but have not found any?

Ideas? Thanks.
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Re: security of electro shock add-on

Post by TwistedMister »

I don't know about add-ons, but there is a CB-3000 'type' device with contacts built-in...I think I saw it at

I have been contemplating the idea of disassembling a dog shock collar and installing the electrodes into a CB-3000.
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