Cell mate chastity device

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Cell mate chastity device

Post by Wheelman40 »

Has anyone tried the new cell mate chastity cage? I have had one for a few days. It seems ok but the remote unlock feature doesn't work from a distance as advertised. You have to be in Bluetooth range for it to work.
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Re: Cell mate chastity device

Post by Schnoff »

I’d expect that remote unlock works thusly:
Cage in Bluetooth range of cell phone with app
Second cell phone with app somewhere on the interwebs
Send unlock signal from second cell, relayed to cell in bt range, which unlocks the cage.

The unlock has to “get to” the cage after all, and that’s Bluetooth.
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Re: Cell mate chastity device

Post by mikel2411 »

i have a cell mate liked it a lot, timer feature was great, the rings seemed to be too thin for me to get comfortable with but was able to wear for for up to about 12 hours. Only had difficulty with the APP once but I think they were doing an update or something.
Mine finally stopped ejecting the pin, it made the noise but didn't eject fished it out with my fingernail and pin came all the way out.
I'm not going to use it again but am thinking about using it, If I can make it work, as a time lock for a small metal box I'm making. lock keys in box set timer and forget about it for a while.
Phone does have to be in range for blue tooth to work, I do not know why they say someone from around the world can unlock it, they can only give permission for you to unlock it if they are not near by.
If they improve ring I would buy another one.
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Re: Cell mate chastity device

Post by sirmebane »

I can see it now...

"He looked at her with lust in his eyes, she felt his desire had reached a peak after six months and it was time to satisfy his animal desires."

CellMate is having a planned outage to update our infrastructure to serve you better! The ultimate denial.
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