Cherry Keeper -- any current users

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Cherry Keeper -- any current users

Post by Stephanie »

I see where the developer asked for testers here.
I am considering a purchase and am not sure which style to order ...
also would like to know how any users here feel about it. does it really wear well for long periods as the published review says?
Am considering for the first time trying to fit into a smaller length one -- am not really small.
tell us stories.
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Re: Cherry Keeper -- any current users

Post by nosaint »

Here is a thread on the Cherry Keeper ... lit=cherry

My comments are towards the end of the thread. However, I like it. I particularly like the "touch stop" feature and the headlock. I've worn the short and the small, the short was just a few MM's to short for me to get my glans fully beyond the headlock, the small leaves a 2MM or so gap between the very tip of my flaccid penis and the cage. It's not worth the $150 custom length expense for me to worry about it. Besides, I've found that I like the feeling of getting an erection and having it stopped, quickly. Ring size is tricky. You can buy a cheap $10-$15 caliper from home depot to help you measure the cage length and diameter. I like as small as possible a cage. The nub really didn't work for me for several reasons. The headlock feature is an added layer of security.
I've been wearing it for months 24/7 except for a few hours on Sunday for a little fun, rarely I don't lock up until Monday morning, it's almost always Sunday evening.
Any of the colors can dye your skin at first. I took a toothbrush and scrubbed the inside of the cage, so I didn't have an issue with my new black Small cage. White is the only color throughout the device.
According to most statistics you read, I am about dead average for penis size. Early on, my wife said I was large, but I think she was just stroking my ego :lol: The vixskin mustang dildo is a bit longer and probably a touch girthier than I am if you really want to get an idea.
You can order it here ... -jewellery
The page is not designed for easy shopping, you pretty much have to click on each cage to get an idea of what is available Josielynn does respond to questions, I never found her particularly helpful, others have.
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