Custom Device Order recommendation

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Re: Custom Device Order recommendation

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Hi, yes she has shut up shop. Mike and Lori had a major falling out.
I seems unlikely she will get back up and running as truley skilled craftsmen who make chastity devices a few and far between.

Mike may set up on his own, but I think that's a way in the future sadly
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Re: Custom Device Order recommendation

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Naljeans wrote: Mon Aug 24, 2020 7:47 am Check with Mark at
I second this. He doesn't advertise it, but if you contact him and are willing to pay, he will do pretty much any custom stuff you want, even making something completely different from anything he offers (not a chastity device). I can say this from experience. He's also super nice and detailed and will work to make sure he knows exactly what it is you are asking for. He's US-based and also fast, so if you end up having to send things back and forth to get them right, it's pretty easy.
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