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When I do searches on this forum, not much comes up about them. This is where we purchased our device from, does anyone else have experience with this site & what did you order?

The one we ordered was...


https://lockthecock.com/collections/fle ... ity-device

I like it so far, but we are thinking about getting a metal one in the future.
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Re: LocktheCock.Com

Post by TwistedMister »

King Hippo wrote: Tue May 19, 2020 12:07 pm When I do searches on this forum, not much comes up about them. This is where we purchased our device from, does anyone else have experience with this site & what did you order?
I don't think I ever visited the site before. Odd, some of the spelling and writing styles made me think they were UK based, but it says they're in the US.

Looks like they sell the same stuff as you can get from China on dhgate, for a little more money...might be worth it for fast shipping and having someone local to gripe to if something isn't quite right.
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Re: LocktheCock.Com

Post by DharmaProject »

I ordered my first two devices from them and received them quickly. I think it was the undeliverable package and was between sizes so I ordered the small and medium to see which one fit better. I received two devices, one longer than the other with identical base rings and locks but the heads were different. I liked the head of the medium but the small fit better. The price was right at $30 each so I didn’t feel bad about getting two. I then decided to try a different model with the hopes that the cage would work with the base ring of the first two that I ordered. Again the price wasn’t bad and I had a 33% off coupon. Again I ordered two devices, a small and a medium and that was on March 17th. It is now May 25th and I still don’t have the devices. I’ve emailed them twice and they’ve responded both saying that the delay was because they were coming from China and COVID has created some delays. I’ve thought about doing a chargeback and may end up filing one if I end up at the three month mark with no package.

I wore the first device pretty consistently for almost 2 1/2 months with no issues. It could have been more comfortable. I just received a Mature Metal Jailbird and it is much more comfortable than the devices from Lock The Cock.

My first experience with Lock The Cock was good as it allowed me to experiment so I could order a custom device that fit but my second experience has been disappointing. I thought they were based out of San Francisco and my first order came from there but my second order is clearly coming from China, if it ever actually makes it.
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Re: LocktheCock.Com

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My one experience with Lock the cock was a very pleasant one. I ordered the undelivered package and I received it within 2 weeks. Of course this was pre-covid. Since then I ordered some things from Oxy shop and they’ve been stuck in limbo since March. The last day anything traceable happened with my cock cage was April 13! So I’m thinking it’s the same for any company that is sourcing from China.
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Re: LocktheCock.Com

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The main thing with lockthecock is pricing. For example, they sell a wolf-head chastity tube for $170, $85 on sale (https://lockthecock.com/collections/met ... onstrosity) which goes for $23 (ish, several sellers) on DHGate (https://www.dhgate.com/product/latest-d ... 78216.html).

Since they are drop-shipping from China, you are literally paying for a) having all those devices on one site dedicated to chastity devices from China, instead of using the DHGate search engine and b) dealing with a local payment processor rather than DHGate directly.

I can see a markup for those services. I'm not convinced it warrants a x4 to x8 markup.
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