World Cage (Kept for Her)

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Re: World Cage (Kept for Her)

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Keptforher is good at replying but they are not helpful in any way. The way they operate is disorganized and they cannot help you order something because they claim they get orders but cannot keep a log of their stock supply to make customers aware if a product is still available! Poor management
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Re: World Cage (Kept for Her)

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Shoeslave88 wrote: Fri Apr 10, 2020 7:05 pm The difference is that the world cage offers sizes in regards to width of internal diameter that the cbx products do not. I generally use a 38 mm to 40mm product and I haven't seen a cbx offer that.

Is kept for her American based? I ordered some new stuff from red chili a few weeks ago but it's caught up in customs. Are there any Custom Metal designers that are American based?
They don't show a physical location on their web site but Male Chastity Now ships via USPS, indicating they are US based. Mature Metal is located in Weatherford. Texas.
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