Heavy balls do not fit

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Heavy balls do not fit

Post by blubb »

Hello guys,

I have a small problem with my large balls: They do not fit in any device.

I tried so far
  • CB 6000
  • CB 3000
  • Holy trainer v3 (most comfortable)
I always order size "standard". My dick fits to this size and I can get my balls through this device. But after 2-3 minutes my balls become blue. That is not a healthy sign.

Nature gave my very large balls and a large scrotum, but a standard size for my dick :)
(yes, I do have a freaking libido. I can jerk up to 3 times daily, 7 times is my record)

Is there something like an extra-large RING? I use the largest (out of 4), but it is not large enough.
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Re: Heavy balls do not fit

Post by Schnoff »

There are some off the shelf devices with a 55mm ring, that’s the largest I’ve seen.

One size does not fit all. I have an average length and above average girth dick, most off the shelf devices wouldn’t fit, and a lot of dick toys don’t fit.

The solution is bespoke. Now before you run out and spend a huge amount, you could merely spend a lot, and take a look at Evotion Wearables. They 3D print, so they can make a device to your measurements. Be sure to measure the glans width and height flaccid as well and give that to them. They don’t ask for it, and they should. Experience talking here :).
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Re: Heavy balls do not fit

Post by LockedDaddyWolf »

Also look at a cherry keeper. Lots of different size cages, the headlock works great.
But, also a lot of different size rings. I'm like you, the rings that come with the devices never fit. Most top out at about 50mm diameter. I got the 57mm ring for the cherry keeper and it fits me.

But, there are even bigger rings. And, for a fee, JosieLynn will custom design one to fit you.

https://www.shapeways.com/shops/josiely ... -jewellery
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