urethral plugs

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urethral plugs

Post by thewave22 »

so just from reading around, i realized that Urethral plug + long term wear = UTI.
but im still wondering, since most of the plugs i see are usually long, and they create a lot of frictuin inside the urethra.
my idea is- really short urethral plug, when the goal is to keep the pee hole in place and get a cleaner piss.
this will be good for really snug devices like such:
https://www.ebay.com/itm/Micro-Chastity ... 3i2SUL98hg
(random product just to show the model concept)

Am i making sense at all?
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Re: urethral plugs

Post by Curtis »

Interesting... I've always been curious about urethral plugs but have been reluctant to try because of the UTI risk. This might be a good alternative.
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Re: urethral plugs

Post by Excited+Scared1 »

Despite the tube’s 52mm (2”) length, the cage shown above still goes back beyond the base ring, so it’s actually in quite deep.

I have this item:
https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre ... 3997719239

It goes back only in line with the base ring, so is less deep. It’s comfy too and allows easy hygiene.
It seems a little risky to leave important places open to germs, so I’ve never slept in it, but have worn it through the day and to work - and urination is tidy.
However, I think it would be possible to generate an orgasm whilst wearing it - so maybe only in the company of your KH. For what it’s worth: Mistress T loves me wearing it and not only knowing I’m caged, but that Junior’s being stimulated from the inside too!
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