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Retail Sellers

Post by Want2B_Locked »

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a place to by a new device. I am thinking of a legit version of the one I have a CB6000 (maybe the small version) or a birdcage.

I am "blessed" with a bit more girth than some.

Thinking about 7 cm length (prefer one that curves down)

50mm ring. Also prefer if the ring isn't solid.

So anyone have suggestions.

Plus a few questions.

1. What would be best one?
2. How easy it to get the "old fella" in a solid ring?

Forgot to mention I am in the UK
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Re: Retail Sellers

Post by TwistedMister »

Here is the manufacturer and seller of the genuine CB-3000/6000/6000s/Curve:

They have several different colors/finishes now. When I first purchased my CB-3000 (almost 20 years ago?) clear was the only option.
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