Short Device for PA Piercings?

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Re: Short Device for PA Piercings?

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This thing is a menace. It arrived and of course I wanted to try it. Pushing it down and trying to lock it, I very nearly came. It’s so tight and applies so much pressure on the glans that it’s just too much sensation. So I’ve put it aside for now. Bought from dhgate it’s a cheap thing to try.

A PA will fit between the bars, up to around 9mm wire thickness. Anything above that won’t fit through. That’s fine, it wasn’t designed for a PA.

I can see the fun of this thing for a play session, maybe use the fact that it provides so much sensation when putting it on and deliberately risk the caged guy coming as it’s being put on, then laugh about that :). But outside of mischievous play, I can’t see it.

Folx with dicks on the thinner side may have a very different experience.
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