DHgate Stainless Steel Nub

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Re: DHgate Stainless Steel Nub

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In the end (i has been using a genuine 36mm resin A-ring with a s/s knockoff nub tube) i found the s/s was too heavy and i just fell out the back easily. That combined with the difficulty maintaining hygiene led me to this:

https://www.chastityforums.com/viewtopi ... er#p130186

which has proven to be the solution for me. What i’ve learned over the years is that solutions vary and may well change over time and due to circumstances. Part of the fun in my view is trying different options and so keeping chastity new and exciting !!

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24/7/365 DHGate tiny s/s with hinged A-Ring
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Re: DHgate Stainless Steel Nub

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365Daytona wrote: Sun Jul 12, 2020 9:05 am I have the 50mm ring for the DHgate Stainless Steel Nub. I have worn it now for extended periods. The Nub is very emasculating and the 50mm ring is the right size if you wear a 45mm ring with other devices such as the A273 from DH Gate.
That's good to know, thanks. I was contemplating ordering the small version of that instead of the nub, but was wondering about the sizing since it goes inside the ring. How do you find cleaning to be? Think it could be worn 24/7 for extended periods? Do you have any slip out or ball burn with it at all?
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Re: DHgate Stainless Steel Nub

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It is difficult to keep clean, you must remove the nub to clean your cock. I don't have any slip out but some ball burn in the mornings. As the day wears on, it is more comfortable. I wear a A273 from DH Gate 24/7. I don't have many problems with slip or burn with the A273. However, I am looking for a shorter cage. I have not tried the stainless steel nano, it might be the solution. I just can't wear the nub 24/7 due to cleaning issues. The A273 is easy to keep clean if you have a handheld shower device.
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